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Monday, March 29, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Excellent Week!"

Family, Friends and Loved ones alike.

It's me Elda G. Today I was asked to speak on the 8...Yes the 8 baptismal dates we have. 5 of which will be happening next week. Hopefully anyways...Their interviews will be tomorrow. We are pretty excited about them. Teima Tillman, Adrianna Goggles, Josie Trosper, Le'andre Trosper, and Re'al Trosper. I'm starting to think I will never be a part of a man being baptized. Just a bunch of girls. That will be my goal before the end of my mission to baptize a MALE!!!! :D Things are going really well with them. They are changing little by little and progressing really well too. It's been fun to watch. Teima and Adrianna we teach together. They are cousins. Teima is 14 and Adrianna is 11. Neither of them have ever really had a cocept of God so we have been teaching more simply than I have ever had to do before. It has been a lot of fun though. They always forget the pattern of prayer so this last time we taught them we went over it about 20 times right in a row. 1. Dear Heavenly Father 2. Thank him for things 3. Ask him for things. 4. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen! We would say it just like that until they could remember. We even got Adrianna to say the closing prayer. It was pretty cool. The Trosper's have investigated before. Josie's husband Ty is a member, Not very active though. He, like a lot of natives has a drinking problem. He is actually in Re-hab right now. Trying to straighten up. Josie and the kids we have been teaching. They are doing awesome. They ahve 4 kids altogether. The two oldest are the 2 girls being baptized. WOO HOO!! Time to REAP!!! been sowing for a long time. Fruits of our labor.

ow I would like to tell Tiffany that the tie I burned when I was out 6 months was not one of the pretty ones I got form her. It was a tie I had no idea where it came from and I hadn't wore it once in my entire 6 months. SO no worries. Also thank you for the new tie!!! It's my new sunday tie. Blue and Purple. The Mangums could tell you I wore the same Purple tie every Sunday to church. It got a lot of compliments. Everyone always asks where I get them and I say Ebay. Then they say what are you doing on Ebay. Then I say, "NOT ME!!! MY WONDERFUL SISTER!!!" :D

I got a package from Sister Mangum this week too. Which sure did put a smile on my face. So I had better give a shout out to Sister Mangum. I have some letters I need to send off to them today. Beth Mangum the Second oldest wrote me to tell me about her giving away a Book of Mormon. Which was way cool. I was excited to hear about it. So I wrote her back this morning i just need to send it off. I got a letter from Jessica Mangum as well. That family Might adopt me if they had the chance. ;) haha I'll bet as Sister Mangum reads this she is going to have a big smile on her face. She writes me on Fridays during her Friday free time at School if she is subtituting. I was telling Elder Kuck that I get more Mail from Helena than from home. ;) haha The Wilcock's sent me a letter too. and A sweet picture of my name on Canyon Ferry Lake when it was frozen. :D Pretty sure Tiff is the only Diligent one from home about writing me. :D Way to go Sis. you are the best.

We were on foot again this week. I'm walking a little faster now. :D Last P-Day when we came to play basketball I ran 35 laps and DANG was I sore. It's been since I was in Hardin that I actually ran hard. My poor body was telling me i was a jerk for a couple of days. It was good though. Cant come home looking like a blimp. Gotta look fly for the ladies. :D Today I'm going to try to run 70 laps. We will see if I can make it happen. Just before I left Helena Elder Newman and I got a Weight Bench from the Campbell's a Family in the ward. I didn't even stay long enough to get a good use out of it. And Here we don't have anything to work out with So I am back to push ups and sit ups all the time. They get old real fast. I wish we could go to a Gym and work out.

Now Glen, 25!?!?! WOO HOO! haha I wrote you a letter this morning. I would have done it last week but I forgot so It wont get there on your B-day. I can only write letters on P-Day though so I mean come on. I cant go breaking rules. It's not good for me to break rules. :) I hope all is well in your home towns. Everytime I get asked where I'm from and I say Mesquite, Nevada and everyone says we just drove through there. Or we are going down through there next week. I always tell them to wave as they go by. One family even said they stopped at Wal-Mart and got some things and I told them they probably saw people I knew. :D Pretty funny. So Close to home, Yet so far away. Love you all and Pray for you everyday. "Still all my song shall be, Nearer my God to thee. Nearer my God to thee Nearer to thee." Always growing closer to my God and I'm always growing close to the people I'm surrounded by.

"Adapt yourself to the life you have been given; and truely love the people with whom DESTINY has surrounded you" -Marcus Aurelius.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area:  Lander, Wyoming
Current Companion:  Elder Kuck

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