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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff has been serving for 1 whole year today!

One year ago from today, we were dropping Soyboy off at the MTC.  Wow!  We are half way there now!  We are so proud of him and love him so much.  It has not been easy for him but he has come to love serving in Tampico and loves being a missionary.  He is such a strong young man.  He has an amazing testimony and always strives to do what is right.  It is so hard having him gone for this time but it is so wonderufl reading his letters each week and seeing the growth in him.  We love you so much bro!  We know you are in the right place.  Keep up the hard work and know that you are constantly in our prayers!  Make this next year a good one!  Work even harder!  Love you lots!

Monday, July 26, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Another fine week as a servant of God"

"Remember, Rock Creek"
Elder Searle and Elder Goff

Hey Everyone,

So to start off I would like you all to know how extremely happy I am. We got our Dodge Caliber out of the shop this morning. It has truly been a pain not having a car. So we have been switching with elders Ika and Catron riding the bikes. Everything in our mission is so spread it makes it hard to be everywhere we need to be without a car. We have relied on members a ton this last week and a half and they have provided. We have great members here. Anytime we need a ride we can almost always get a hold of someone to help us out, and if we cant we just pick up the pace by a lot.

Last Sunday we knew we needed to find a ride to Cody, Wyoming for a 2 day training. So during P.E.C. We asked around to see if we could have anyone take us up there on Wednesday and someone to pick us up Friday afternoon. Brother Cole drove us 3 hours to Cody on Wednesday night. We stayed at a member's home in Cody. Then Thursday morning we got to the church at 8 and the meeting started at 9AM. It was incredible. We have what are called the Preach my Gospel videos, "The District". And during this meeting we watched videos from "The District 2". We have been focusing my entire mission on what to teach, and how to teach for needs of those we teach. And this training focused more fully on How to teach the things we know we need to. It was INCREDIBLE!!! I have learned so much. On Thursday we got done at 9PM. We only had an hour for lunch and an hour for dinner like we do any other day, but for training we mostly SAT, and SAT and SAT some more. We did tons of role plays though and were able to practice all the things we were learning. Friday Morning the training started at 8:30AM and went until 4PM. Which was another great day. Brother Anderson picked us up in Cody this time to bring us back. He took all 4 of us to a buffet in Cody which was really nice of him to do. (Not as good as buffets back home though) Brother Anderson has eaten at the Virgin River Buffet a few times and agreed with me. On the way home we drove through Thermopolis, Wyoming. There is a place where bison roam and you can go see them. He asked if we had and we said no so he stopped over to see them. They were a ways off when we saw them, but we sat there for a few minutes and they came right over to us. We were standing in the back of his truck so we wouldn't die. haha It has pretty neat. I got some good pictures and videos. Then we came home. It was long training meetings and full of sitting, but I'm glad I got to learn all that we did. Now we get to put it to the test. :) And you can see what good members we have. Driving 6 hours round trip just to make sure we were where we needed to be. Elder Searle and I had a discussion together during the training we had to do. It was on "How to begin teaching". It went really well. Elder Searle did not want to plan for it at all though. I had to have a heart to heart with him to help him understand why it was important we know what we are both doing so we could teach as a team. It took a while to get him to plan for it, but he finally decided it was a good idea. He is an interesting fella sometimes. At the end of our discussion I shared Mosiah 2:9 where King Benjamin started teaching his people and applied it to how we should begin teaching. Then Elder Searle shared the Title of Liberty. haha. He is a character. :D Gotta love the fiery Red-Head.

During the training after lunch and dinner when we had a few minutes we played Wall Ball. I don't know if any of you have played or remember how to play, but it was pretty fun. President Gardner even came in the Gym and threw the ball once. He got a good laugh out of 20 Elders playing wall ball. It was a blast. Us Lander Elders are going to play it today for P-Day.

On Saturday the stake had a Pioneer Day celebration at Rock Creek Hollow. President Gardner gave us permission to go and I'm so glad he did. I have been here 5 months now and have heard so many stories about the Pioneer sites south of us. If you look up the sites you will find all kinds of neat stuff about it. Anyways, There Pioneers gave everything they owned to do what God wanted them to. Many lost their lives because of it. Many are buried at Rock Creek. Many didn't have their Temple work done either. Inspired leaders in this stake in the early 90's had a feeling they needed to do a "Second Rescue". So, Many of those who died finally had temple work done.

Brother Alexander was telling us about the second rescue and how his Brother in law was in the Stake Presidency at the time. When President Hinckley came once he visited a couple of sites in the area. one he called it sacred ground and When he went to Rock Creek he said it was hallowed ground. Not knowing the difference, when President Faust came. Brother Alexander's brother in law asked if there was a difference between sacred and hallowed. He said yes there is. Sacred is just how it sounds, something we need to know and respect. He said Hallowed ground is literally where the Savior himself has walked.

He told us this before we got to Rock Creek. When I got out of the car and started walking. There were people all over, but I heard nothing. It was silent. Well to me it was. And I felt an overwhelming peace like the temple. It truly is Hallowed ground. The Spirit is so strong there. The whole time I thought of the sacrifices of the early pioneers and of Christ walking where I was walking. All of which was very humbling. I'll be coming back next year and spending more time at these sites. Most of which are out of our mission. It seems as though my understanding is ever increasing. In more ways than I thought it would on a mission. I won’t complain though. I love this feeling.

Yesterday Elder Searle and I went to Fort Washakie for church. We helped bless the sacrament. As I sat there I noticed no one was on the stand to speak so I figured they were probably in the congregation until it was their turn. After the sacrament was over we sat down where our scriptures were and Brother Johnstone who was conducting stood and said that they were in a difficult situation with those who were asked to speak. So they were asking 4 people to speak who didn't know they were going to. They asked Elder Searle and I to speak and a couple who had been serving in the branch for 4 years and was released. So as we were sitting there with nothing prepared. I knew I was going to have to go first. So I pulled out my scriptures while saying a silent prayer and I got up and spoke about Christ-like attributes. It went pretty well. Heavenly Father hooked me up with the words I needed to speak and it worked out. Elder Searle spoke on Education. He did good as well.

Other than those things not much else has happened. I'm glad JoliAnn had a good time at girl's camp. Glad she bore her testimony too. I'm curious if she has fulfilled the assignment I gave here a while back. To read “For the Strength of Youth". haha All I want is for her to read it. Not Write a talk on every subject. :D

Thanks for your letter Tiff. I love the Tie. It goes great with my gray suit. I'm not partial to any specific color. I love them all. If you send me one I have already I'll just have a back up in case I get something on it. :D

Thanks for the e-mail Mom. It's always good to hear from all of you. Tiff has told me she is going to have you teach her all of your talents. :) not a bad Idea. I wish I had some talents like you.

Brother Wadsworth called Saturday to tell me they had dropped off the stuff I sent with them. They said they visited with Mom for a few minutes and Dad was working so he couldn't go visit. He also said Dad and I sound almost exactly alike. Our laugh is a lot alike too he said. I laughed when I was talking to him and he said It made him laugh because I sound so much like Pops. I just want to make sure you guys put it with my other things. I don't want it to get misplaced. That stuff is worth a lot. Well to me it is priceless. Lots of letters. And they are personal as well so please just put them away. Thank you :D

I Love you all mucho. I hope you are all doing well. You are in my prayers always.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

"Grave of 13 pioneers"

"Head Stone"

"Another Grave"

"On the way back from Cody. with Bro. Anderson"


"Goff with Buffalo"

"South Pass City"
"We were joking that this cattle guard was our mission boundry, but in reality we have no idea."

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From Elder S. Goff - "It’s almost time"

Elder Alderete, hno. Alejandro, Jared and Me (Elder G)

Well guys I don’t have to much time cause I have district meeting in a little bit and we took up all this morning visiting people that my comp wanted to say buy to. I’m very excited for Thursday that’s the day my comp will be out of here and on the way to his house. I really have no idea what is going to happen to me whether ill get another comp or ill be put in a 3 sum for the rest of this change but I think ill know by Wednesday what’s going to happen. I'm just really excited for a change.

This week we went and visited a less active lady that I found awhile back when I was on splits with the priest I went with. Her name is angelica and she has been inactive for 15 years and has 2 kids that aren’t members a boy that’s 14 years old and a daughter of 12. We went to an appointment with then this week and I was just expecting to talk to them and get them excited to come back to church. I thought for sure the kids had already heard about José smith and the book of Mormon but just didn’t want anything but then had no idea about anything. They didn’t have enough time to listen to the whole first lesson so I gave the kids a couple pamphlets to read and look over and we will go back with them tomorrow and teach the 1st lesson I’m really excited because they seemed interested and let’s hope so.

There really isn’t too much going on here just trying not to make my comp to mad because he never wants to do anything that involves being a missionary. He gets mad at me for a lot of things but I’m just trying to be obedient and fallow the rules that we have been giving. I know things will get better soon I just gotta keep positive. Well I gotta go love you all.

Oh and Thomas thanks for that message love ya cuz and you too Mama Wolfe. Eathen is doing great

Lotta love GOFF

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Monday, July 19, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "¿sin combios?"

Elder Goff and the kid he went on divisions with.
Elder Goff says he is way cool and really excited for his mission!

Hey family it sounds like you guys had a great time together this passed weekend that’s awesome I miss all you guys. I can’t wait to see Garrett in a year and see how big he has gotten by then. He sounds like a pretty cool little guy.

Well today I have been hanging out with my buddy elder helper from st. George. I get along really well with him and he is a great guy. Transfers were today and nothing happened with me and my comp or him and his comp so they came over this morning to hang out in our room with AC that we are so blessed to have:)

So I guess I better start off by telling about what went down on Friday with my comp and why he didn’t talk to me till Sunday night. Well this week there was a huge convention here in Tampico for all the stakes in the mission so people from all parts of here. In was a youth convention but tons of families and people all over. On Friday there was a cultural dance in a college that’s in our area where each stake had prepared a dance to do and present. Well the missions from the zone close to the college where it was going to be were able to go but only if they had an investigator with them. We didn’t have anyone that had time to go to it with us but my comp really wanted to go because there were people from his past areas. I told him not unless we find someone to go with us. He was mad at me and starting throwing a fit about how he just wanted to say buy to some people like members and stuff that would be there from out of town. after seeing him cry for a bit o told him we could go but only for 30 minutes cause elder helper had a baptism and had asked me to talk at it and I didn’t want to be late for it. so we went to the dance thing and I just fallowed him around till it was time to go and when it was I told him we needed to go and he said 5 more minutes so I was like ok then after those 5 I was like yeah we need to go or well be really late. He finally said buy to the members he was talking to and we left and he was way mad at me for making him leave. We got to the baptism on time and we were getting ready to start when I got a phone call and walked outside the room to talk. It was a number without a name and they asked for my comp I said he was busy because we were getting ready to start and because he isn’t aloud to use the phone and pres told me to say he is busy whenever someone calls for him. I went back in the room and alderete asked who called and I said that I didn’t know because I didn’t ask. he then asked what they wanted and I said to talk to him and he was like and why didn’t you give it to me (he said it really loud and in a rude voice) then I was like well we are about to start here so yes you are busy and your not aloud to use the phone I'm only doing what pres told me to do. So we started the baptism and everything was going good I gave my talk and didn’t sweat too much doing then as soon as I was done alderete stood us and said we can leave now. your done with your talk we don’t have reason to be here so were going and I was like well I want to stay for the rest of it and he was like well I'm leaving you can come if you want or not and I was like ok bye. And he took off out the door. I then grabbed my stuff and took off as well and he wouldn’t say a word to me till last night when we got home. He said sorry for everything and he told me he didn’t want things to end this way for us. I explained to him that I was only doing what pres told me to do and trying to be a good missionary and fallow the rules that I’m given. Everything is ok with us now but it was kind of a crazy couple of days.

We found out changes during this stuff and nothing is happening to us. It’s really weird because my comp goes home in 10 days and then idk what ill do. I thought for sure there would be someone coming today and we would be in a 3 sum but nope nothing so I guess well see what goes down in the next couple weeks.

Well my buddies elder torgerson (from Cali one of Wolfes old comps) and elder Jacobs (from Kanab) are both on there way out on Thursday which is crazy. In a year that will be me.

I really hope that Darbin is doing ok I’m glad to hear that people aren’t being to hard on him I don’t think it to great when members are like that at all I’m glad he tried it and I really hope that he can find his way back I know he is a good kid I just know he would love this like I do.

So this week also on Thursday so part of this convention all of the elders from my zone went on divisions with priests. I went with a kid that is getting his papers ready right now and it was awesome. I felt the spirit when me and him were working stronger then I have felt it in a long time it made me discouraged because I didn’t realize before how much my comp really is holding me back. It’s ok though I love the kid but he just doesn’t want this anymore only 10 days and ill be able to work as hard and as much as I want. Things can only get better right? :) I love this stuff

We also did divisions on Sunday with a couple x missionaries from our ward. Our ward mission leader and our stake president’s son. I went with my ward mission leader and he said he wanted to do it cause he church he could tell that something was wrong and he thought I could use a break. There really are some great people here that I am so grateful to be around and to serve with. Elder Torgerson is leaving and he has been a great example to me I’m going to miss that guy but its ok it comes to an end for all of us at sometime.

I just want to have some success here and I know that we can find people here I just need someone who wants to help me look.

I love you all thanks for everything and ill see yall soon

lotta love GOFF

Elder Goff with his district from this past change

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From Elder A. Goff - "All the Fun"

"Fiddlers lake. How Pwetty!"

Hey Everyone.

Once again another exciting week in the mission feild. 18 Lessons this week. So we almost hit 20 again. Close, but no Mac and Cheese. This week we are going to hit 20 again I can feel it.

Last P-Day was a lot of fun. Us Lander Elders hiked to the falls early and came back to e-mail. Then the zone leaders and the 2 sets of Elders in Riverton came down and we played ball. 10 of us all playing ball. It was a blast. We played until 5. So we went home ans showered then drove to dinner way up in the mountains. Fiddlers Lake is where we went. It was a neat place too. we got to take some fun pictures up that way. The Zone Leaders went with us. On the way back down the mountain the Zone Leaders kept having me stop because they would see a "cool rock" or "pretty lakes" they were pretty funny. It's like they have never been in the mountains before.

Tuesday for District meeting there were 10 of us again. Usually there are only 8 in the district, but the Zone Leaders stuck around for District Meeting. It went really good. Sometimes in District Meetings the elders don't take it very seriously so first thing I got up and read from our leadership manual where it says basically "District Meetings should be as spiritual as sacrament meeting and should help us to better each other." And it worked. It was on the Christ-Like attributes Hope, Patience and Humility. They Elders did a great job on their assignments. This week we wont have District Meeting. We have training in Cody for 2 days. So I guess we will see what happens. No one really knows why it's for 2 days other than President. Maybe the Prophet will be there. ;)

We are teaching a little girl named Tristyn now. She is 9 and her family is starting to come back to church so we are goint o start teaching her the lessons so she can be baptised. I guess we will see when that all goes down. We have a lesson set up for Saturday this week. She loves when we come over so hopefully it will go well.

Our poor Dodge Caliber has been making some crazy noises. To me it just sounded like the belt because it would squeal all the time when we started it. So we took it in on Friday and the said that it was the idoler or something and they didn't have the part and it was too late friday to order it so they would order it first thing on Monday. So it will be down Wednesday or Thursday. I can tell you one thing though. I'm glad I'm not on a mission in your neck of the woods! 118 degrees. Those poor Elders down there. the 90's about do me in up here. Just wait til I get home next year. I'll have a heat stroke.

It sounds like you all had a blast at Sand Hallow. I'm jealous I won't lie. I love getting the pictures from home too. I always tell Elder Searle when I get pictures that they are of all the fun my family is having without me. :D haha I'll have to send another picture of my BRICK of pictures next week. It's pretty ridiculous. Ridiculously AWESOME! all the Elders that come to our place always say HOLY TAR BUCKETS! WHO'S ARE THOSE! (While pointing at my BRICK) then I sheepishly raise my hand and look at the ground. ;)

Sounds like everyone got a little sun. So you all know...I have a wicked tan. My face and Half of my neck and my arms. OH YEAH. The ladies will love me when I get home. :) Nothing is more cute than a R.M. tan. Elder Ika is jealous too. We were talking about cliff jumping over there just the other day. Melissa Guthrie got toasted eh? she is a lot like her bro. He gets toasted too. And Melissa is even more white than he is.

Naomi can write me. I wont complain. :D However, going to SUU would take a lot of prayer and fasting. ;) So many people from Mesquite go there. Who knows but God? I still have no idea where I want to go. We had dinner with Bishop Sutton and his family last night and he asked me where I'm goingto school and I named a couple of potentials, but I never know where I'll actually end up going.

JoliAnn wrote Sawyer and I a funny E-mail. She cracks me up. I always read half of her e-mails to the Elders here because she is such a dork. She takes after the rest of us.

That's sweet you are trying to learn to crochet Tiff. I remember at one of sawyer's wrestling tournaments Mom taught me a little and I made a braclet and then I gave up. :D So I pretty much rock at it. So just so you know Tiff, If I was sitting next to Mom and asked Jason how I was doing he would have said..."Wow..You are kicking Mom's butt." haha Ok that's not true. I would be well behind both of you.

Things are great up here. Still beautiful and green. Too bad it doesn't stay this way all the time.

good luck to Glen flying to cali all the time. you and Pops both are in my prayers for jobs.

I love you all. hope all is well.

Love, Austin (Elda G)

"Fiddlers lake. How Pwetty!"

"Lyons, Searle, Goff and Hinton"

"The Sinks"


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Monday, July 12, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Elder Neilsen"

"Me catching some craw dads...  had a bunch of mexicans standing around watching me at work :)"
Message from Elder Goff's sister, Tiffany - "My brother-in-law, Darbin entered the MTC last Wednesday.  He called my husband Jason today saying he wants to come home.  He is really having a hard time just like Sawyer did at the MTC.  As soon as Jason told me about Darbin, I knew Sawyer would be the one to help him.  He has been there and he knows what its like to feel that way.  I e-mailed my brothers and asked them to pray for Darbin and fast with us.  We are trying to set up a way for Sawyer to talk with Darbin over the phone from Mexico to the Provo MTC.  In the meantime, this is what Sawyer wrote for Darbin.  He has been so willing to try and help.  I have the best family in the world.  Please keep our 3 missionaries in your prayers.  It means a lot."

So here is his e-mail today...

That was a huge surprise to me but I know he is in the right place without a doubt in my mind. It’s tough that’s for sure. Maybe Darb isn’t the fastest learner I'm not either though but I have other things that I am good at and I know Darb does too. From what I've heard he is one heck of a worker and that’s great because that’s one huge thing missionaries need. The little bit that I know about Darb is that he really is a great kid and he has done the right thing by going on this mission. One thing that was so hard for me was my comp, elder Wolfe he was such a fast learner and I was so far behind him when in the MTC. To this day I have got almost a year but there is a kid that only has 6 months and his Spanish truly is better then mine its ok though because he hates to work. He has been blessed with the gift of tongues very strong and it’s a lot slower for me but I’m learning.

Having a girlfriend doesn’t help either but the truth is if things work out after then great but if not then great too. Things have a way to work themselves out no matter what it is. All trials we have are to make us stronger. Darbin is going to run into and meet kids in Africa that are thinking about going on a mission or not and maybe Darbin will be the one to help them see that it is worth it!!! In the mission you feel everything. You will feel the best you ever have in your life but as well the worst, you will feel stronger then you ever have but at other times the weakest. Its like a marry go round it has its ups and downs but the thing is we just gotta hold on and enjoy the ride. I promise Darbin that he will never regret going on a mission but going home he will. I regret going home for the time I did. I was home for about 5 weeks and I feel terrible for the time of the lord that I wasted. The mission is such a wonderful place and I know there are people waiting for

Elder Neilsen to find them people that he promised before we came here to this earth that he would find them and help them out.

Darbin has wanted to serve a mission his whole life and that is great but he can’t let anyone take that away from him. This is something you will love with all your heart I promise but don’t let the people in your district get you down and think you can’t. Just know in your head that you can. Don’t worry bout them anyhow they don’t matter. They have their mission and you have yours. We are all different and we all have different missions. I promise Darb that he has made the right choice by going on the mish but he can’t give up. just keep pushing and remember that prayer is the strongest tool that we have on this earth and I promise that the lord will send angles down from above to lift you up when you need it most but you can do this bud and I promise that you’ll never regret this either.
lotta love GOFF

I wasn’t sure what to write you but that’s what I could think of. I didn’t send anything to him cause I know he hasn’t got a ton of time on the computer but I wish I could talk to him and tell him how great it really is.
After writing this e-mail.. he sent this next one for the family with the pictures.
Well I really don’t have a lot to say and don’t know what to say I'm just thinking of what more I could do or say to help Darbin out.

Here are some pictures at least from this week. Just one more week left and I’ll have someone else. I might be in a 3 sum for a bit but it will be alright.
lotta love GOFF

Me and Alderete together... I always have such great faces in pictures..

Me and my boy Elder Hepler from St. George, UT

Me and Nephi and Angel

An amazing sun set that I got to see

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From Elder A. Goff - "Family of Mine"

Elder Goff and Elder Searle

This last week was a good one. Elder Searle and I worked hard and we ended the week with 20 lessons which we didn't do once last transfer that I can think of. I'm happy to only be covering 1 ward and 1 branch again. It's a lot less stressful and we can concentrate more on the people we are teaching plus try to find more people. Last transfer it was hard enough to make sure we saw all the people we had been seeing plus adding on all the people the other set were seeing before they got taken out. Elder Searle is a good guy. He has been picked on a lot it sounds like. He has 3 months left and has had some pretty awful companions who really gave him a hard time. He has a bit of a speech impediment and is kind of clumsy, so I guess they think it's ok to give him crap all the time. I love his stories. I swear he's got a story for everything. I'll have to record a couple of his stories on camera for all of you and I'll send them home when my card is full again.

Alright. So last P-Day Elder Ika Elder Searle and I played a crazy game of Monopoly. Elder Searle was down and out pretty quick..Like within the first 3 hours. So he decided to sell Elder Ika the green properties for next to nothing when they already had a house each on them. UGH!!! So basically Elder Ika owned more than half of the board, but I stood my ground for a while. Elder Ika kept getting lucky through my properties. Then at last Landed on Fenway Park which is one of the Dark blue ones right before you pass go and I couldn't pay him the $14,000,000 I owed him. So Elder Ika is the Monopoly Champion until we face each other again. :D haha

We picked up Elder Ika's new companion on Wednesday. His name is Elder Catron. From Manila, Utah. Which is pretty close to where Elder Searle is from. Elder Catron is a good Elder. They are already tearing it up in first Ward and DuBois.

So I wasn't going to worry about telling everyone I'm District Leader now, but I guess President Gardner knows me too well. SO He sent Mom and Dad and letter telling them that I am. Now that you know though I have to say that planning a district meeting is much harder than I thought it would be. I planned one out on Friday and it just didn't feel right. So I continued to pray to know what our district needed. What God knows they need. I sat pondering for over an hour last night. Then it came to me. Hope, Patience and Humility. So I finally got it all planned out.

I figure I had better tell you all about my shoulder too. The one I had surgery on. Nothing bad has happened, but within the last few weeks it's been aching a lot. So I lift my arm to my side and bring it forward and it pops right at my collar bone where it connects to my sternum. So I have talked to President about it and he said surgery could be needed. He said another missionary did that and went home for 6 weeks. Haha So as soon as he said that I said...Yeah that's not going to happen. So he told me he would send me to see a doctor to see if Physical Therapy would work. I'll just do some pushups and hope that it stops soon. :D haha it’s not like a killer pain, but it's enough to bug me. :) I'll just have Jason fix it someday after he is a surgeon. Stupid shoulders anyways.

Sunday Elder Searle and I went to Fort Washakie for Church and he loved it. This is the 3rd rez he has served on. He served in Hardin too actually. After I did. He was companions with Elder McQueen right before he went home. So that has been fun to talk about the people we taught and about Elder McQueen. We have a lot of work to catch up on out there on the Rez.

Today all of us Lander Elders hiked up to the falls again. It was a lot of fun we got a lot more pictures and videos. That water sure looked nice though. I can’t wait to be able to swim again. Someday I'll come back and swim up here too.

Everything is going well. Darbin will be in my thoughts and prayers. I'll start fasting tonight. Since I just ate right before we got here, but you can count on my fast as well. The M.T.C. isn't too bad. It's just that the mission field is about 1000 times better. It's hard to be in a classroom all day. Constantly practicing teaching. Then to see how much better the other elders are. We all have weaknesses and short comings. We don't have to be perfect. That will take a long long time. All we need to do is put both of our feet in and do the best we can.

Christ will take care of the rest.

I love you all

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Elder Goff

The Falls - Lander Elders

Goff and Searle

Catron, Ika, Searle and Goff

Current Area:  Lander, Wyoming
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Monday, July 5, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Hurricane Alex passed us by..."

So first off happy anniversary Tiff and Jason. 3 years down and an eternity to go.

This week has been kind of crazy. So last Monday in the morning a guy who was running for governor of Tamaulipas México was killed. He was the one who was most likely going to win out of everyone else. He was traveling on the high way from victory city to Tampico when they were cut off by some people and then stopped and shot at by a gang. People have been really scared because of that and think that nothing is safe anymore. Yesterday was voting for all that and in place of the guy who was shot is his brother now. I believe that today will be announced who is the winner but it’s been nuts. Apparently yesterday was supposed to be really bad cause of voting but we didn’t see anything going on.

The 4th of July was super boring. My bishop was the only one to tell me happy 4th of July but it was good I'm super stocked for the independence day of México in September cause that will be huge!!!!

Hurricane Alex passed by this passed week as well. It rained quite a bit on Wednesday. It rained all day and didn’t stop for anything. In the northern part of the state I guess there was a lot more rain and it was a lot uglier up there but everything is good here.

We had interviews this week with pres and they went well. We tried to put a baptism date with 2 investigators this past week and they said they wanted to talk to each other about it and would have an answer for us this week. Well when we told pres that he told us to go strait to their house and invite them to be baptized the fallowing day. We went and did it but they still wanted to wait and think about when they could within themselves and get back to us. I’m really excited for them and I’m pretty sure we will put the dates tomorrow.

So 25 days and my comp will be in his house he is pretty happy to be going home and to tell the truth me too. He is a great guy and a good friend of mine but I just want someone who wants to be here and wants to works so I hope that what I get this next change.

There is a guy who served in the Las Vegas mission named Christopher Calabria, I thought if anyone knows who he is it would be Steven but this guy served in the mesquite stake for a bit too but he can’t remember what wards.

I wrestled a guy who is my ward mission leader who is a big dude like 280 lbs at least and like 6 foot 3 I would say. He has studied martial arts for like 7 years he said, like karate, tea Kwan doe, gugitsu and all kinds of stuff that I can’t spell. We had a meeting with him and after he wanted to see what I could do so we went out on the concrete and wrestled. He was surprised that I beat him with all the things that he knows but it was fun. I have a video but it is too big to send threw this but you guys will see it someday.

Well that’s about it for the Goff and Alderete chronicles this week. I love you all and thanks for everything.

lotta love GOFF

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From Elder A. Goff - " I know where I'm coming next year."

Hey Family,

So this week has been Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S! So much has happened that I don't think I could possibly fit it all, so I'll just do my bestest. I will start by saying thank you to Tiffany for sending me what has been declared by The West Girls "THE LADY BUG TIE". haha I LOVE IT!!! Today is my 3rd time wearing it since I got it in the mail. :D

Next I want you all to know that last P-Day we played FOLF. Otherwise known as frisbee golf. Elder Ika kicked my trash, but it was fun. We spent most of P-day in Riverton. Some family was having a birthday party in the gym so we didn't get to play basketball. BUMMER!

Elder Ika and I have had a moth invasion in our apartment and every night we go on a moth murdering rampage. They are everywhere and we are going to vacuum today. :D

We had team ups on Tuesday in Riverton. It went well. It was over 100 degrees on Tuesday though. I have come to find that my body has gotten a little more used to the cold weather. It's all good though. I just might have to cut my suit pants all into Daisy Duke shorts for summer this time around. That would be HOT! :D

We Helped a lady named Sister Cole with yard sale. This was no ordinary yard sale. This yard sale was HUGE! The Coles own a bunch of storage units and after 10 days without the person paying the stuff becomes theirs. However the coles will call the people and tell them to come get their things and A LOT of people wont. So once a year they have a HUGE yardsale with all of the stuff. Elder Ika and I helped with it. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We carried boxes and boxes of stuff. We found all kinds of neat stuff and anything we found we could take. So we got a few things for our apartment and I Even found a brand new Cowboy hat. A wrangler. It's so nice. It was in a case and everything. It's a little tighter than I would have liked, but it's not bad. I might give it away or send it home. Which reminds me. Brother Wadsworth and his wife are driving to vegas for vacation and they told me they would take some stuff down if I wanted them to. So I'm going to be sending a box o' junk. Plus I got some indian bead work I'm going to send home with them. I got something for all of you. Tiffany and Glen's I will send in the mail, but i'll send the ones for Mops, Pops and Joli with the Wadsworths.

The 3rd of July was as good as everyone has talked about for the last month. It beats any show I have ever been to. It was 1 1/2 hours of pure fun. haha So this is where I'll be coming next year for the 4th.

Now about transfers. We got the call from the zone leaders on Friday and they said, " Elder Ika...You are.......Staying. Elder are.....Staying." So we both did our celebrating and later we had a missed call from president. So we called back and I was talking to him. He said elder Goff I'm going to send Elder Searle to be with you. So I said so we will be in a 3 sum for this transfer. He said didn't your zone leaders call you. Well yes but all they said was that we are both staying. He said Well you are both staying, but you will both be getting a new companion and we are splitting your area again. hahaha. So Elder Ika and I are going to be in the same town still, but he will cover Lander 1st and Du bois and Elder Searle and I will cover Lander 2nd and Fort Washakie. Elde rika's new comp. is Elder Catron. I have really loved serving with Elder Ika. He is a great Elder and he made training very easy.

So that's our week with a lot left out. Next week will be better I promise. I love you all.

Love Elder Goff

P.S. Wadsworths will call you Pops. they are coming through on tuesday or wednesday. I'll have them call you to let you know the details. And Put the Box I send home with my stuff in the trailer in the back. It's just letters and a few books and binders. And they are personal so I would appriciate it if you all wouldn't go snooping through it. haha :)

Wadsworths - Branch mission leader on Fort Washakie
Best EVER! used to teach in Beaver Dam. He is from Lincoln County and she is from Cedar.

Shirt and Pants from yard sale. COWBOY haha

Yard Sale. well maybe half of it

Moth Murdering




Elder Searle and I
haha I hope I don't scare him
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