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Monday, January 31, 2011

Elder S. Goff's Pics from Dec. & Jan.

Kid number 3, Elder Olvera from Puebla, MX

Me and Elder Austin

me and elder hobbs from ogden utah my wrestling buddy

me and my son elder olvera

That's a pretty pic

The whole group of us

well haven't seen a plate from there in a long time!!!! first time in mexico i have found one to tell you the truth!

Working up the stairs

Elder A. Goff's Pics from Dec. & Jan.

Brother Richard Ramos and I

Elder Heywood and I during conference calls

My thrift store suit + my yard sale pink shirt

Nativity cookie I made


Heywood and Goff

Heywood, Goff Dashboard Picture

Ika, Goff, Goodwin.  My posterity is growing

Wells, Ika and Goff

From Elder S. Goff - "Working super hard"

Well this week has passed by super fast like every other week. We have been working super hard but just can’t get anything going really. I gave a talk yesterday in church and I was super excited to talk to the members but Sunday morning at about 6 a man from our ward died and well a lot of people ended up not coming the church so my talk wasn’t heard by to many. We are giving it our all but the whole agency things kind of sucks when there are so many people who are stuck in apostasy. I wish they could all see the truth but only the ones that want to see it will be able to. I read a talk this week by pres. utchdorf and well it was a great talk it was called the faith of our fathers. Talks about the impotancia in being part of the church of The father god and getting rid of traditions that don’t have feeling. It was good.

I hit the big 18 months in the mish this week a few of us elders got together to eat and it went really well. I really enjoy being with the other missionaries.

Life is going good but there really just isn’t much to say. We have been hitting a ton of doors and talking to members for references but not finding anyone good but we will keep our heads up and keep driving along. I love being a missionary and I only like 6 months more of it so I have got to live it up while I can I love you all hope yall have a great week.

Love Sawyer Garrett

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Olvera

From Elder A. Goff - "Transfer week. Even more crazy than the last."

Hey loved ones around this U.S. of A and every other country you are in. To you Spanish speakers and Portuguese speakers, I say Hello. To you English speakers, I say Hello also. I hope that is universally understood to mean, Hello. :)

I hope you are all getting a chance to read my blog entries. There are a few that I have taken some time thinking about and I have put together in my mind for days. When things get stuck in my head like that I get the feeling now that I need to write about it. So I do, and I hope you enjoy it. I love being able to use facebook and blogging. I am able to teach people from all over and I'm able to write about things that have touched me. In a lot of ways it's like a journal. I have a normal journal, but not one where I write things like I write about in my blog. Elder Heywood and I used our new pass along cards and made some labels with our Facebook URL on it and we hand them out to people and that has been pretty nest too. People have added us who at first told us they weren't interested. So they had questions, but didn't feel comfortable asking them in person or having us in their homes. But they were ok asking us online. It's been a great tool.

Like the title of my e-mail says, this transfer full of fun has come to an end and we are in the middle of moving elders and sisters around. However, we have run in to a few problems along the way that have slowed down our efforts. I tell you about one. Saturday night Elder Heywood and I left the mission Office at about 11:30PM after doing a lot of stuff to organize transfers. Then next morning we were in the office early again to make sure everything ran smoothly for the beginning of missionaries being moved around. Plus Elder Heywood had to finish up his talk he was going to give. When we left to church we noticed a couple of tires on a car were flat to the rim. Elder Heywood said he noticed another car with a flat tire. Then in the middle of Church we got a call form Elder Ives, one of the senior missionaries that were driving the transfer van around. He said that he had 2 flats in Cody, WY and was getting them fixed. Then we realized that someone must have slashed our tires right after Elder Heywood and I had gone home for the night on Saturday. When we got back to the mission home we counted 11 tires that were slashed. On about 7 different cars. Bummer right? Now all those cars have to sit until a police report is done and the insurance claim done as well. Then this morning when Elder Ives had a van load of Elders he noticed another tire that had not been fixed on the van was going low so they when to the tire shop and left 2 and a 1/2 hours later than we had planned!!! What a disaster!!! Oh well. Nothing we can do about a couple of punk kids slashing the Mormon’s tires. :) They are just jealous because we are all so happy, because we have what they don't and what they wont accept. So that's a fun little story for the week.

We are still teaching a few people that are doing really well. Daina is doing well and is still praying for an answer as to whether the church is true or not. Aaren is doing well too, but still doesn't have the courage to come to church. And of course, Karla is doing well. She was sentenced to 10 years of probation in December and wrote a letter this last week to The prophet to get permission to be baptized. I'll have to send a copy in my e-mail next week. I think you would all enjoy reading about her journey. :) I guess I had better get going so I can do some more laundry and have some clean undies to wear. :) And white shirts of course. Sure do love you all. Thanks for the letters and E-mails.

Oh yes...JoliAnn when you fast and pray about your patriarchal blessing you can choose what you want to fast about. I fasted to know that I would have a good job someday that would provide security for my family. I fasted for knowing that I would have a wife and kids, that I would serve a mission and that I would live a happy life. And I got answers to all of those things.

Love you all. -Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Heywood

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Elder Holland's testimony in Spanish"

Ok so this week has been pretty good. Elder olvera and I have been putting forth some ganas to get things done and well we had 2 baptismal dates fall threw but we were able to find 11 new inv that have potential to progress. We are super excited for some of the people we found and to get to know them better.

This weekend we had a region conference here in Mexico with a few of the states that are close by. It was televised from salt lake I think but was for this part of the country. It was great. Elder Holland from the 12 apostles talked and for most of the talk he did it in English with someone translating for him but at the end he shared his testimony in Spanish. It was really awesome to hear him do that because you could feel the love he has for the people that he put that big of effort just to give his testimony in the language of the people he was talking to. It’s so much different listening to some one and hear their very voice say the words then some one translating it. It was great. We had 2 inv that were there to hear it as well.

This week in my district we had special changes cause the Americans got here that had been waiting for visas for awhile. An elder named elder fotu got moved up here with me that is actually the cousin of the other Tongan that was here elder namded. And well I get along with elder fotu really well too he is a really big guy.

Me and my buddy elder Austin from Orem Utah have got planned what we are doing after the mish. he wont get home or awhile after me but we got it figured out I'm going to go work of the oil rigs for about a year I think and take classes up there at the community college with Jordan brown then when elder Austin gets home he is going to come with me.

Me as well till it gets about the time to elnet a new semester and we are going to go up to USU and get a place together and study and have a good time as well. I pretty much have my life planned out now I have a list of things I have to do when I get home. Oh yeah and how bout my boys from green bay the pack is going to the super bowl ain't nobody going to touch my boy Aaron Rogers he learned from Brett Favre all he knows.

I love you all and hope you have a great week. With love, Elder Goff.


Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Olvera

From Elder A. Goff - "Another good week."

So, Monday evening Elder Heywood and I drove to Worland for our meeting on Tuesday. We stayed at the Snyders. It was good to see them again. And our meeting on Tuesday went well. After our meeting I got to go on team ups with Elder House. We went to see a few people, like Brother Ramos, and later that night we got to go out and teach Sister Butterfeild. It was so cool! She said, "So I guess you heard I'm getting baptized February 27th." I said yep I heard and then she said, "So. You gonna come do it?" And I said, OF COURSE!!! I'm honored that you would ask me to do that for you. So I told you the wrong date though. I think I told you January, but it's actually February. Still exciting though. :) After that eventful day we went to Powell, WY in the Wyoming North zone for our meeting. Then we went to Cody to go on team ups with the Wyoming North Zone leaders. Elder Child is one of them. So I got to go on team ups with Elder Child. It was sweet. I really enjoyed teaching with him again. So the first of the week was filled with meetings. We finished our loop of meetings on Wednesday with the Billings East Zone. It went pretty well. I'm glad they are over. We had some time to actually get out and find more people to teach again. And now the craziness begins again. Transfer week is upon us. I remember the last time around and how crazy it was and I'm not excited for the little sleep I'll get, but I am excited for new missionaries to come in. It's always exciting to see them come down the stairs at the airport. They are always so ready to get out and work. :) I just can’t believe that is it time for transfers again already. Time is flying by. I only have 3 months left. In fact I even got my paper to fill out for my release and flight home. I filled it out. I'll be flying in to St. George. AHH!!!!! Haha I’ll get the info my last transfer I think as far as what time and day. So be ready for that. Time is ticking. Elder Heywood has about 7 weeks left. He is a super short timer.

President Fisher came through for a wedding this weekend. IT was cool to see him. Elder Heywood and I got a picture with both of our mission presidents and their wives. :) It was great. President Fisher kept giving us advice about when we go home. He told me to apply to LDS Business College as well. So Tiff if you could figure that out for me that would be great. He said it's really good schooling for really cheap. It's only a 2 year school and then I would transfer somewhere for pre-med. Let me know what you think. I would be in the middle of Salt Lake. I guess I just want to keep my options open and decide when I get home where to go.

Didn't have much time this week to e-mail. Love you all. Also...Tiff and Jason. President Fisher, my last mission president who came through wants to meet you. I can give you his contact info if you want or I can give him yours. You have to promise to call him. Elder Craig G. Fisher of the 70.

Love you all. Oh shoot one last thing. Sawyer, do you know an Elder Matt Lundstrom. He was the best friend of a member family her in Billings. Their son was killed in a Bicycle accident and never got to serve. Matt was best friends with their son when they lived in AZ.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Heywood

Friday, January 21, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Hey Family"

Hey Tiff, I just want to tell you first off keep your head up I love you and you are the best big sis ever. I know things are really hard right now being sick all the time but everything will work out the way it should. Love you sis.

This week was good. As usual we hit a bunch of doors looking for new people and we had a little success. we were able to find 7 new inv. I’m really excited still to work and be the best I can and p days always give me more excitement to work harder I love hanging out with the other elders and letting lose a little bit. We went and played some soccer this morning like any normal Mexican would do then we went to down town to look for some stuff. Me and my buddy elder Austin ended up buying some sweet knifes. We each bought a butterfly knife and a switch blade. We are pretty excited. I want to get good with my butter fly knife so I can do tricks with it.

This last week the weather was nuts and I really don’t understand how my brother Austin does it. Up in Montana it gets like 30 below. This week we got down to 2 C and I thought I was going to die. I'm not use to the cold weather at all. I’m going to die if I go to school up at BYU I or Utah State. It gets so cold up there. On Monday this week I was sweating like crazy well like normal but in the night it changed because in Tuesday in the morning it was super foggy and super cold. I couldn’t believe it, it was horrible. A hna (sister) here in my ward gave me 2 sweaters so I was super warm. I had to break down and well thought I was going to buy new shoes. the shoes I have, I've had since the day after I received my calling and they are getting kind of bad so I went with an hna that sells shoes to order some and I order some good ones that were going to cost a little over 600 pesos like 60 bucks. I told the sister that that’s what I wanted and she told me they would be there on Saturday so I could use them for church on Sunday. Well on Saturday when she called me to go pick them up I was like ok hna how much is it and she said nothing. I was like I have to pay you something hna these were expensive shoes and she was like no I'll receive blessings from doing this so don’t worry about it. I was so surprised and tried to give her money but wouldn’t accept it so I’m going to make them some food tonight and take it over to them. I know its nothing to big but I was so happy that she did that. There are a lot of great members here in our ward but not to many that help us out but I still love them.

Me and elder olvera are doing good I love the kid and we are getting a lot pretty well now. I’m trying to help him improve but sometimes he thinks that I don’t know anything so I’m trying to love him and be the best I can be to at lest give him an example.

Today when we went to play soccer there was an elder with some fire crackers but like bigger and well he lit one and threw it in my direction and I turned around and it popped me in the jaw with scrap pieces and cut me pretty good but it surprised me more then anything. The kid felt really bad but I wasn’t mad or anything just really couldn’t believe it.

Everything is going really good I love you all and hope things are going well and here are some pics from the week.

Love,  Elder GOFF

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Olvera

From Elder A. Goff - "My week of weeks"

Hey Family,

Boy do I have a story for you…well maybe a couple of stories. Ok…I have like 10 stories for you. Starting with the Newby family. The Newby family has a couple of foster children that have been coming to church with them since early November. Their names are Dana and Kiesha. Dana has even been going to seminary. Dana is 15 and Kiesha is 14, and they really want to learn. We had dinner and a lesson with the Newby’s on Monday and it went really well. We talked mostly about faith and what it takes to help our faith grow. Relating it of course to a seed and comparing to Alma 32. I think it helped them to understand what it is they are feeling. They can feel their faith becoming a plant, instead of just a seed. So that has been really neat. We met with them again on Saturday and taught them about the Restoration and even had some time to watch the restoration video with them. We asked them at the end of our lesson if when they know the church is true if they would be baptized and they said yes. So that’s a happy story.

We spent Tuesday in Bozeman for training. It went really well. Facebook is all working out better than we had expected. There are a few Elders and Sisters who are new to it and are doing well. Our average lessons per week have gone up since we introduced the new online proselyting. They are even recorded separately. The lessons that we teach offline are at 17.84 lessons on average per companionship. We are really excited to see the improvement. So not only are we teaching 17.84 lessons per companionship on average a week, but we have additional lessons that we teach online that we count separately. Hopefully that makes sense.

We also went to the far east in the mission; Glendive, MT. After our meeting there we went on team ups with the Zone Leaders and got to go to the only town our mission covers in North Dakota called Beach, ND. It was pretty cool. So I have been to all 3 states that our mission covers. :) Woo Hoo!

On Saturday before our appointment with the Newby’s we had some time and tried to contact a few former investigators. After our third former with no answer we decided to tract the rest of the apartments next to this former investigator. The first door we knocked on right next door was a man named Aaron. We was a little perplexed and didn’t really know what to think about 2 fellas with white shirts and ties on, but he came out on his porch and talked to us for a good amount of time and eventually invited us is. We taught him a little about God and Jesus Christ. HE never grew up going to church and doesn’t have a very good understanding of who God is, or even if there is a God I guess. So we were able to teach him a little about it. Before we left we set up another appointment for the following day. Elder Heywood and I went with a member, Weston Merrell, to go see Aaron on Sunday. We talked about Jesus Christ and what Faith means. We watched the Finding Faith in Jesus Christ DVD with him and he was able to learn a lot more about what Christ did. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Then to add to that… I have another story.

So Gina Butterfield in Worland has had a baptismal date for January 27th. I think I had all ready told you all that. She is doing so well and is keeping every commitment that Elder House and I gave her and many more after I left. Well I got a call last night from Elder House and Elder Rogers. They had just finished a lesson with her and wanted to call and ask me if I could be in Worland on January 27th to baptize Gina Butterfield!!!!! AHH!!!! I felt like crying when they told me. Every time I think about it I still get butterflies. My entire mission I have wanted to have that opportunity. To experience what it’s like. I have been able to be a part of people being baptized, but I have never personally been in the water and baptized someone. And to baptize her!!! I’m so happy! We go to Worland tonight and have our meeting tomorrow, and they set up an appointment with her so I can teach her again too. :) Mark January 27th on your calendar… It will be one of my happiest. I will finally get to do it. Elder House asked her how she would like it if I was able to come back and baptize her and she thought that was a great idea. So that makes me very happy. I only got to teach her a couple of times, and yet she wants me to baptize her. :)

So those are my amazing stories for this week. :) I would also like to give props to Tiff for being a missionary to the young lady she is working with. Good job sis. Practice makes it easier. :)

I was sad to hear about Brent Thurston passing away. What a great man and family. I was never super close to him, but I always looked up to him, and to Tyler. They are all in my prayers. I hope they are all doing all right. Let them know they are on my mind please. I love you all.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Heywood

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Stoked for Darbin"

Well first of all I'm super stoked that Darbin is getting back out there. I got goose bumps when I read that. I bet he is pretty excited to just get out and go to work huh. I can’t wait to hear how it all goes for him.

This week with my new comp, 3rd kid has been alright. Its actually kind of tougher then the other two I have had but I’m trying to be a good sport about it and do what I can. I’m trying to be more humble I decided that maybe that’s my problem that I have to much pride. I’m trying to love him but he hasn’t shown any confidence in me yet. We went with a family that I have been working with since I got here and after the lesson he was like next time we teach them I’m going to but a baptism date. I was like I really don’t think we should just yet cause me and Tec had tried to but she wants to learn more and know what she is really doing. I was like I love this lady and this family more then anyone in my mission and I’m not going to keep on trying to pressure her into if they don’t feel ready. I was like I have tried to do it several times and I fell like we need to just continue teaching well and the family will lead themselves to the font. He hasn’t showed any confidence at all in me and I’m trying so hard to be the best I can.

This week we hit so many doors trying to find more people and I really think I have just about hit every door in my whole area. its kind of nuts and I’m trying to think of more things we can do we have tried getting the members involved but its not working to well. I love the members but it’s tough for them to find time for us. We are trying our hardest to figure stuff out.

I got some packages this week from you tiff and one from Susy so thanks a ton for those if you could tell her thanks as well that’d be great. I was super stoked for the things you sent me sis. The ties were awesome along with the Weber state shirt. I was pretty happy to receive something after a long tough week to see that people really do love me. I love it here and I’m trying to love my comp as well its always hard getting a new comp I think. They are never the same as the old one that you get used to and that’s why I’m only getting married once. Ha-ha things are good here working super hard and trying to look for the good in everything. I love the mission it’s the best thing and I love life.

We went up to the flag this morning. 10 of the elders here in my zone and it was awesome we had some fun up there its always nice to hang out with other elders it always makes me feel good cause I feel like I can let loose a little more but ill send some pics to you tiff that you can post and some that might be better if you didn’t but you can show the fam cause I know you will all laugh. Love you all.

Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Olvera

From Elder A. Goff - "My first week around the mission."

Hey family,

Monday of course Elder Heywood and I drove to Kalispell and had a meeting on Tuesday about facebook and our new mission goals. Missoula the same thing on Wednesday. Great Falls the same thing on Thursday. Then Helena on Friday. It has been a long week full of driving and training. It's been good though. I have learned a lot. Like I don't want to live in a place like this. Traveling is a pain at night when there is a lot of snow falling and blowing around. You can't see much of anything. It's kinda scary at times. Oh well. I'm a desert boy. I enjoy dry ground for driving.

Elder Heywood and I have made a goal to get a picture with every companionship in the entire mission. Not many Elders or Sisters get a chance like this to travel around the whole mission and meet everyone, so we decided the only smart thing to do would be to get a picture with all of them. I'd send you a picture of each one but I better not. It would take far too long. It’s been cool to meet all of the Elders and Sisters I have never met. Seems as though a lot of people say...Who do people say you look like? And I say...BATMAN. And they yes! Christian Bale! I had never been told that before my mission. Now it seems like I'm told that every week. I don't see it, but I'm going to attach a Picture of me with a batman mask on. You can tell me if it looks like Mr. Bale or not.

It's been neat to go around the mission to places I have never been. I have met so many great people this last week. Makes me want to stay on my mission forever just so I can serve in every area. There is so much to learn from other people. How will we ever know enough? It's hard to comprehend the knowledge that is out there. Especially God's knowledge...ugh..The learning curve is huge. Good thing we have a prophet.

Elder Heywood and I have a junk car that we are trying to run up miles on. So we have been driving all over the mission with a car that has no CD player. So when we get tired we start telling stories about our missions, home, football and so forth. It makes for a lot of 1 on 1 time. Haha By the time this transfer is over we will probably know nearly everything about each other. It's been a ball.

Tiff, I swear on my nicest tie that you t-shirt will be out today. I keep thinking about it over and over and haven't had time to send it this last week. I have never been so tired on my mission and yet so energized. We are teaching every chance we get in our area and we have a couple things in the works. We are going to teach 4 foster children a family in the ward have in their home. They have expressed a desire to take the lessons. So we will see where that leads. Karla is doing well. She had a minor stroke this last week when we were away. She has a lot of physical things wrong with her because of drug use earlier in her life. So she had super high blood pressure which caused the stroke. I'm not a fan of strokes. One took my Grandma away. So I don't want one to take an investigator too. Things will work out the way they are supposed to. I love you all. Thanks for your letters and love.

At this time I'd like to give another shout out to my fans around the world. I have recently been told that there are other mission mothers reading my e-mails on the blog. They apparently like that my letters aren't bland. So to help aide my blogs views I'd like to tell a joke. The Prophet, The Pope and a Baptist Minister were all on boat fishing in the middle of a lake. The pope gets hungry and gets out on the water and walks across to shore. Eventually The Prophet gets hungry and gets out and walks across the water to shore as well. Then the Baptist Preacher decides to walk in as well but as soon as he steps out of the boat he goes straight under the water. The pope and Prophet were both watching and with laugher in his voice the pope turns to Thomas S. Monson and says...Do you think we should have told him about the rocks? President Monson says in Reply...What Rocks? HAR HAR HAR haha hehe hoho. Hope you enjoyed this episode of what Elder Goff does as a missionary. Sure do love you all. Stay outta trouble.

Love your Missionary,

Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Heywood

Sunday, January 9, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Hello Everyone"

Well, I’m sorry I didn’t write on Monday. I took off to Tampico early Monday morning and didn’t get back up here till late and we have had cites the passed 2 days without down time to stop and write but I’m here now. We had changes and well elder Tec took off to a town called manta and I’m still here in Victoria I got another kid #3. I’m caught up now Austin :) his name is elder lover. He is from Puebla and has been a member 10 years. And was baptized when he was 9. He is a stud and we get along really well.

Well a little about the passed week and new years. We ended up having a baptism on Thursday the 30th tiffs birthday (by the way happy late b day sis love you) it was a guy named Joel. A complete stud. We had his date sit for on Friday the 31 but when we went to our appointment with him on the 29th he said he wanted to be in the water the next day. It was really crazy but we made it happen. I called up the zone leaders to get their butts over there and do the interview so he could get wet the next day they got there and we got that taken care of. The next day we went and got the font ready along with calling members to inform them of what was going down. It ended up really well. Joel is 22 years old and is a Mexican cowboy. He has 1 kid and is separated from his wife right now. He showed up on Sunday to church in a suit and tie to be confirmed I was so happy to see him like that because there aren’t too many people that are member that come with a shirt and tie on.

For new years we went and hung out with our bishop and had a great time. We ate carne aside and discard that was just amazing. We sat around and talked and even played Jenga. in Jenga the person that lost had to eat a super hot chili and well I wasn’t losing so I started to talk some crap to everyone and well everyone that was losing would just take a bite of the chili and I said if I lost I would eat the rest of the chili well guess what I ended up losing when I said that and had to eat a half of the chili that hurt super bad. Well you think I would have learned my lesson but nope. we started again and I said if I lost I would eat a whole chili having a lot of confidence that I wasn’t going to lose but guess what I did and I had to hold up my words and I ate the whole things and just about died. I was going crazy it was the hottest thing I have ever eaten and well it hurt leaving as well. The night was pretty fu we even had a couple fire works that me and Tec bought in the street that we lighted off with the kids of bishop and bishop as well and it was pretty fun. Well it started to get late the gun shooting started to happen. We were planning on going home before that started but it started sooner then we thought and the obi spa wouldn’t let us leave. So we waiting till the shootings went down to leave it was crazy though it was like being in a war is what I imagine. It was insane I have a video where you car hear all the shootings and bombs going off. We really enjoyed ourselves and well the next day really sucked. The 1st not one person was in the streets and no one wanted to talk with us and it was just a tough day.

everything has been going great though I found a member who served in our stake and remembers president karate of the Spanish branch I asked if he knew who Danny Allen is but the guy couldn’t remember he was in our stake from about Feb. to Julio of 2003 and was in the Bunkerville church I thought it was pretty cool that he had been in my church building before.

so one of my buddies is up here in Victoria with me now and I'm super stocked to hang out with him on Mondays his name is elder Austin he is from Orem and he is in the ward right next door to us and we use the same church building so ill see him a bit. Also my 1st kid elder Franklin is now senior comp and is in my same zone I am so proud of the kid. I also hit 17 months this passed week. I’m getting old.

Well I love you all but I better get going ill send pics on Monday from new years and my new kid and everything.

Love Elder Goff

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Olvera

From Elder A. Goff - "Looks like Neither of us had a chance to write on Monday."

My Dear sweet family,

As I type this I am sitting passenger going through Butte, MT. Elder Heywood and I are spending our P-day driving to Kalispell, MT. For the next couple of weeks we will be going to each zone in our mission with President and Sister Gardner to do training and to introduce Facebook, and blogging to the rest of our mission. Up to this point it has only been District Leaders and Zone Leaders using facebook and blogging. We will be the first mission to get everyone online. President says that if it’s going to be a pilot program we better test it out. Why not have everyone try it. We have no reason not to trust everyone else with this great new ability. I’ll admit though, I am a little nervous about it being available to all of the Elders. I’m not worried about the sisters, they are saints, and will do great with Blogs and Facebook. The Elders are easily swayed. I think they will do well for a while, but then start to slack and use it for the wrong reasons. Elder Heywood and I have talked a lot about our concerns, and have had some ideas we shared with President to help keep The Elders using it correctly. We are going to have the Zone Leaders Monitor the Missionaries in their Zones. They will go to both facebook pages and blogs of missionaries in their zone and make sure they are doing what they are supposed to. Elder Heywood and I have said that the Zone Leaders will have to be “buttheads” so that everyone will use it for what we are supposed to. I think most of the Elders online now have done a great job; there are of course a select few who have already lost the privilege. So there will be a punishment, or a consequence, which will be deleting your blog and facebook. President, Elder Heywood and I came up with 3 pages of guidelines, Tips, hits and rules for Proselyting online. So I guess it will either work or it will crash and burn. J We’ll see what happens.

This last week was good though. We had 2 meetings. One on the East side of our mission and one on the West side. We met with the District and Zone Leaders. We talked a lot about a new theme for 2011. Our theme for 2010 was, “2010 Let the Miracle Begin.” Which has been great, it has been a motivating factor in many Elders and Sisters. Including myself. We also had a goal of Reactivating and Baptizing 1000 souls. We are still counting up how many we have but we are very close, and are still getting some in. We were at 988 this morning before we started driving, and have gotten a few more since we started. So I’m excited to see if the miracle has happened. J

The theme we decided on this year is, “2011 Entrusted by Heaven”. Go to my blog and read what I wrote about it. I think it explains it well enough.

We also taught a few good lessons. We don’t get to teach as much as I would like, but I guess I get to teach missionaries now too. Which is fun as well.

Also I thought I should let you all know that Sister Gina Butterfield is getting baptized February 27th! J Elder House and Elder Rogers called last night to let us know. I am very excited for her, but at the same time I’m sad I don’t get to be there to be a part of it. That always seems to happen to me. Why can’t I get a baptism? One that will last and go to the temple? I want it so bad. I want to be a part of the teaching from the beginning to the baptism and be a part of their lives for the rest of their lives. I guess I just need to keep my head up and keep working. Hopefully it will happen before April 28th.

Tiff, Happy Birthday sis. I’m sorry you had to spend it at the doctor’s. I’m sending you a Billings MT t-shirt. I tried to send in on Saturday, but by the time I got to the Post Office it was already closed.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you all about after our meeting on the West side of the mission. The meeting was in Helena. So Elder Heywood and I got to go see some of our favorite people from Helena. In Helena 5th ward we saw the Mangums, Wilcock’s and Jim Maxwell. We spent a long time seeing people. We will be back in Helena on Friday. There are a few people I taught I’d love to go see. So we are teaming up with the Helena 5 and the Helena 1&3 elders. So we can have a little more time in our old areas. It was so good seeing the people we were able to see. I didn’t tell anyone I was coming. Which ended up surprising a few people. I think the Mangums were pretty surprised, and I know Jim was surprised. Haha It was neat seeing their faces. I’ll update you again soon. Love you all. Thanks for your e-mails. J I really love reading them.

I hope you are feeling better and better Tiff. Glad you have such a good DR. J I hope I can be a DR like that someday. Love you all.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

I haven't had a chance to send this until now. Sorry it has taken so long. We have had a long week so far. I am so tired every night when we get somewhere to sleep. Tonight we are in Great Falls, MT and yesterday we were in Missoula, MT. Tomorrow we are going to Helena. The Mangums are going to feed Elder Heywood and I. So it should be a good time. There are a lot of Elders and Sisters excited about having the chance to Facebook and Blog. We have talked a lot about Trust and I hope they all understand how serious this is. I sure do love you all. I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to send this until now. You should expect one on Monday. That should be easy enough. We will have to be in Bozeman on Tuesday to start out another week of training. A lot of driving and a lot of teaching, but it's all going well. Love you all.

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Heywood