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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Hey Again My Dearest Family"

Hey Everyone,

So I talked to you on Christmas, but we didn't talk about a whole lot. It was sure nice to see you though, it's been a few days...20 months. Transfers were hectic and busy, we had a lot to organize and get together. So when transfers were complete Elder Heywood and I treated ourselves to some Fuddruckers, a sweet burger place. It was way good and worth the 10 bucks I spent. :) Last P-day we were so busy in the office doing stuff that we only had about an hour of p-day. So that is one thing that really stinks about being assistant. We don't have anytime to go play basketball or dodge ball with all the missionaries. Bummer. It's always nice to dink around for a little while on P-day. So it would be nice to have time to do that.

Picking up the new missionaries was quite the experience. I really enjoyed it. We got to pick them up and drive to the rimrocks over looking Billings and our mission home and see their faces. Then we ate lunch and did some orientation stuff. It was great. Elder Heywood and I went over the White Handbook with them and talked about our mission and how it is a mission of obedience. A mission that has set the tone for many lives and we plan to keep that culture of obedience. After all of that I wished I was training again. :) Oh well..

We also had conference calls with all of the Zone leaders, and one with the New District Leaders and another with all the Trainers. We got to talk about things we felt were important they understand that we had gone over with President previously. It went well.

Christmas Eve and Christmas were all right, but it's still not home. That's where the party is at haha. Next year Sawyer and I will both be there. I tried and tried to get through to talk to Sawyer and it wouldn't work. It just kept saying that it couldn't connect us. So I waited a while and tried again and tried a bunch of different ways. And at last it went through and Sawyer answered in Spanish. It sounded like jibberish to me. The only way I knew it was him is because it sounded like him. His voice..Not the language haha. It was nice to talk to him though. We talked about our missions and the differences and it was way cool. He sounds exactly the same. All is well here. I'm for sure sending you some pics today. Sorry I never did last week. Love you all.

Love, Elder Goff

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Heywood

From Elder S. Goff -"Christmas"

So, Christmas went really well.  It was cool to be able to talk to everyone I was really happy that I got to talk for a little bit on the 24th as well to a little more family. The work was really slow this past week but it was still good. I enjoyed the time I spent with some inv on the 24th and hanging out with the ZL on the 25th for awhile. It was way cool talking to Austin as well on the 25th he sounds just like Glen. It had just about been 20 months that I had talked to him. We talked for about 50 min or so but it was great. It made me even more excited talking to everyone to go out and work even harder.

We had an appointment last night with a guy named Joel that will be baptized on the 31 on this month. He thinks it’ll be cool to do it before the New Year so we are pretty excited for that. He is a way good guy. he is 22 years old and has been going threw some bumps in his life and came to church and felt a peace that he had never flat before and loved it there and so now he is going to be baptized. Not to sure for when hna. Lupita and fam. Villanueva are going to enter the water but I really hope I will be here for it. Transfers are this coming week on the 3rd I think it is. It was crazy in church yesterday we had 5 inv there just about more inv then people with the priesthood. The husband of hna lupita came for his first time as well Lorenzo. He seemed to enjoy it. I'm stoked to visit them this week and see how it went and hopefully put a date for baptism that will work for them. Everything is going great and I am loving life today is the last p day of this change and then only about 4 more changes. Time flies when you’re working. I hate that it goes by so fast but I have a lot to do it the little time that I have left.

I love you all and hope you guys enjoy Christmas this year as much as I did. Have a great new years and I promise you I will too :) I love all you guys.

Elder S Goff

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Tec

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "WOWZERS...What a week."

Hey Family,

So a lot has changed and things are a lot different. Now I know a little better about what goes on behind the scenes for a mission to function properly. On Monday night at about 7 I got a call from President Gardner. He asked if I would be willing to come to Billings to work with him. He asked me to be his assistant. He asked me to pack my bags and be to billings the following day. We needed to be to Billings on Wednesday for Elder House anyways because he had a Dr's appointment. The hard part about it all was not being able to say bye to all the people I have grow to love In Worland. I was able to say goodbye to the Snyders, Trombleys and Richard Ramos. That was it. I packed my bags as quickly as I could and then we left to Billings Tuesday right after district meeting.

Being an assistant we do A LOT of stuff to help President Gardner. I never realized how much behind the scenes stuff is done to make sure a mission runs the way it is supposed to. When I first got here President took me into his office and talked to me about why I was made an assistant. I found it all very nice. I enjoyed hearing what he had to say. He explained that I will have many responsibilities and he expects the 2 assistants to do it without being asked. My companion is none other than the Famous Elder Parker L. Heywood from Gilbert, AZ. Haha we are pretty excited about being companions. Neither of us thought it would ever happen. And look at us now.

After I met with President Gardner I started working on Transfers. He had me sit at this big white board in his office with every missionary in the mission on it. Then we talked about the Elder and Sisters. I don't know all of them. I know about 2/3 of the missionaries in our mission right now. SO I gave input along with Elder King (the assistant before me) and with elder Heywood. It took days to feel good about the companionship's. Then I got to start on the route. Which is not an easy thing. I'll send pictures of what I drew out on a white board in our office. It's all color coded and has names of those being picked up and dropped off. It took quite a while. Then I had to go over it and over it with Elder Heywood to make sure we didn't forget anyone along the way. There is so much to Transfers in our mission. It's so spread out that you have to use a lot of planning and communication. So it's been a great learning experience.

As an assistant Elder Heywood and I will travel around the mission with President to the meetings and present training to the missionaries. Plus we cover a ward here in Billings. This week was crazy. There has been so much to do. I haven't gotten o bed until after 11:30 PM every night and have been awake around 5:30AM every morning. And we are busy all day everyday. I had a tough time staying awake in church yesterday. I have got to talk to all the Elders I trained which has been fun. All 3 of them have now trained. :) My lineage is growing. Everything is good though. I like billings, but I sure miss Worland. It was hard to leave. The family we live with are nice people, but they just aren't the Snyders. The Snyders were great and humble and fun. The Mom here that we live with just tells us what we can’t do in her home and all kinds of stuff...kind of a snob. I don't like that very much. I wish I could have stayed another transfer in Worland, but oh well. I got an e-mail from Pops and he said he knows this is where I'm supposed to be. I liked that, I know I need to be here. Doesn't mean I won’t miss WORLAND!! :D There are such great people down there. And I have already met great people here. I like working so close with President too. It's really cool to see how he works, and the inspiration that comes to him. I have a lot to learn this is going to be a fun couple of transfers.

We also got permission from the First Presidency to use SKYPE on CHRISTMAS!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how it works so y'all need to let me know what I need to do. I LOVE YOU!!! If you have questions e-mail me. LOVE you and I'll send pictures later today. Left my cord at the house. We have been so busy I haven't even unpacked my stuff yet!! Haha Good times.

LOVE YOU!!! LOVE, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Heywood

From Elder S. Goff - "Feliz Navidad"

Hello everyone well first off just want to say feliz navidad. I can’t believe it’s already my 2nd one here in the mish. It’s nothing to special. It’s just another day but its crazy to me that a whole year has passed by since the last one before we all know it I will be home once again.

This week was a pretty good week got a few things done but not to many people want us this time of the year. They are to busy giving thanks to the virgin Maria Guadalupe (she isn’t even the lady that gave birth to Christ it’s another one) they are too involved loving her to remember that our savior came into the world this time of the year. It’s pretty crazy cause we found a lady this week and she told us that she use to be catholic and I was like well for what motivation did you change your religion and she told me and she read the bible! Haha BURN is what I thought.

This week I did divisions with my buddy elder Ruska one of the zone leaders and I really enjoyed it. We put a baptismal date and found 4 new inv. it went really well I really liked the way that he teaches.  He teaches people and doesn’t teach just lessons. He finds there needs and teaches in the direction. It was like a quote that elder Jeffery Holland said when he came to the MTC and I was there he said the people don’t care how much you know till they know how much you care.

That was the manner that Ruska was teaching. He would talk to them show them that he cares for them and then teaches towards the things he feels they need. I have been trying it do the same in place of just going right into the lesson and putting another number in my planner of another lesson taught I take my time to talk to them find out theirworries and their needs then try to help them see that the gospel of Christ meets all of those things. It’s going pretty good with the few people that have let us in this week.

Elder Tec and I went to go do a service project this week with hna Lupita/ fam. Villanueva. We cut a ton of grass and weeds that were in a lot next to where they live. They are getting kicked out of their house and are going to build next door a house for them to stay in. We are trying to help them get everything ready that we can. We went and cut with machetes for a couple hours then she invited us to eat. This family doesn’t have much at all but hna lupita made us some soup and Elder Tec and I ate a bowl and we were stuffed. I know it was made with love cause we were starving and we ate a little bit of that and we were full enough to go the rest of the day with out eating we felt like we were going to blow up. We even cancelled our food that we had that day cause there was no way we were going to be able to eat it as well. It was really amazing and I had never had something like that happen before. hna lupita and here grand daughter have their date for baptism this Saturday Christmas day. We are really excited for it.

This week went week and I will remember w few things forever. I'm so great for the places I have been and the people I have met. I love it. I hope all of you enjoy you Christmas and the holidays as much as I will. I love you all.

LOVE Elder Sawyer Garrett GOFF

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Tec

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From Elder S. Goff -


Well this week went well. Elder Tec and I have 4 baptism dates for the 25th of December. 2 are for sure and 2 and maybes but we will work with the 2 who aren’t sure to show them its something good. that means I’m going to be busy getting things ready that day and I guess I wont be able to talk to you guys to much oh well haha jk ill figure something out.:) I’m really excited things are going well. It’s getting cold and not fun. The cold here is different then back home. I feel like it is worse here. Everyone thinks that every where on the other side of the boarder get like 30 feet of snow everyday. They hear Nevada and think my house is covered in snow. I always have to explain to them its not like the in my house it snows more north of my house but then again sometimes I'm just like yeah there is a TON of snow in my house cause that’s what they all think. We went ice skating today in down town they put up an ice rink and its free so we went to try it out my comp couldn’t really do it at all but it was fun. he gave up fast and didn’t want to try anymore cause he was falling so much I thought it was great I loved watching him gave me a good laugh. I saved a few lives as we were doing it that would be going by and just about ready to eat it and I grabbed them. It was a lot of fun I thought more elders were going to show up but it was just me and my comp so it was alright. This week we have to find some golden people if we really want to complete our goal of 8 baptisms in this month. We will be working our butts off to do it that’s for sure. Not too may people give us a time of day around this time of the year but the ones that do usually progress

Great so I’m excited. I love you all and hope everything is going great.


Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Tec

From Elder A. Goff - "4th area, 3rd transfer, 5th week"


Elder House and I had a BUSY week! It was wonderful. I really enjoyed the e-mails this week from you guys. Joli made me laugh out loud a couple of times. Talking about David Archuleta, and how he is her future boyfriend. How Tiff gave her a dating CD that she thought was pretty funny and how she won’t let boys disrespect her! :) She is a good girl. Then she talked about how us boys would beat up on her. So she knows how to beat a boy up if she needs to. :) ATTA GIRL!! Plus she is a Goff. ;)

Kirby is getting old huh? That's too bad, she is for sure a good dog. Going to the Mo-tab thing will be cool. I can’t wait to be able to go to those kinds of things again. Last week Elder House and I got a tour of the Pepsi plant here in Worland. It's a pretty neat place. Brother Dave GOFF Frahm showed us around there. HE has worked there for a LONG time. It's really amazing to me that all of the computers and equipment can all work together and make things like that. Then today we went to Crown Cork and Seal. The place where a tons of pop cans are made. It's very impressive to see it all. I never would have guessed that so much work goes into making soda and the cans. It's quite the process.

Elder House and I had the opportunity to teach Sister Butterfield. She is a non-member whose husband is an inactive member. There is a member here named Sister Casdorf, a great lady. I've heard a couple of members refer to her as SAINT TONI. Toni is her first name. She has picked up the Butterfield's kids for activities for a long time. And Sister Butterfield started coming to church 3 weeks ago. Then she wanted to meet with the missionaries. She has met with them before, and had a lot of confusion. Plus, her father is really against the church, and he is the one who raised her. She has concerns about that. We taught her on Friday morning. She had questions about temple sealings, repentance, the atonement and what having a testimony is. Just great questions. We were able to explain what we wanted to teach and what she could expect to get out of our meetings. She has really taken to us. SO now I am really not excited for transfers. I'll find out this Friday if I'm leaving Worland or if I get to stay for another. Just like every other time I would love to just stay. Not a big fan of being transferred, but I have learned to just do what I'm asked. It will work out and I'll love my new area just like my last 4 :) We taught Sister Butterfield for the second time this morning. She had great questions again. Coffee, beer, so Word of Wisdom Questions. Kingdoms of glory and progression after death and spirit world. Then towards the end she asked the best question yet. What things do I need to do to be baptized? :D :D :D :D : D so we went over the baptismal interview questions. It went so well. She is so prepared. For whatever reason she wasn't ready before, but now she is. And Elder House and I get to teach her. She really likes us. She told us to tell President Gardner that we couldn't leave if we were transferred because she needs us. She told us we explain things much better and more simple than the missionaries she met with before, and she isn't scared to ask questions, because we told her to ask questions. We said that we are her guides, to help her learn and if she has questions she needs to ask or we aren't going to know what she needs. So she asks question after question. And she enjoys and understands our answers, given to us from God. Sister Casdorf has been a huge blessing too. She is such a help in answering questions too. :) SO Sister Butterfield is on her way.

Now business, :) Tiff, Mom said that they got a letter from Dixie saying I needed to pay the application fee to apply. But online it said it was already paid. You sent that right? I don't know if you could call and talk to someone or what, but I thought you had sent it so I'm just checking. :) I still haven't completed the BYUI one. I will soon though. I haven't had a lot of time on P-day to dink round with it. Elder House and I got a lot of info about the Firefighting thing too. I'm going to apply online as soon as I figure out when I'll need to be back up here. The Snyders are funny too, they said that I can live with them when I come back too. :) They must like me or something. I'm pretty excited about the idea of doing this for the summer. It's going to be a tough job, but good money. Which will be nice for college, and possibly a car. I want a reliable car. :) So I'll have to see what I end up with after the summer and go from there. I don't want to have to take out loans if I don't have to. So I'll be working my bootie off during the summers which will be fine.

Things are going well. I guess we will see what happens for transfers. All of my packages will be late now I'm sure, if I get transferred, they will all come to Worland and I could be elsewhere for Christmas. Haha I'll have Christmas after Christmas. I love you all.

Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder House

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "4th week, 3rd transfer, 4th area"

Elder Goff and Elder House

Hey again,

All is well in the town of Wonderful Worland. Elder House still has a large hole in his abdomen, but it's healing little by little. This week we are going to get back after it. We spent this last week laying low after he was re-opened. Didn't want anything else to happen. It has been a pretty boring week. Had some good online lessons this week. A couple good lessons out of the house too. Last Sunday when Elder House was in the hospital again, I called Brother Cady to go with me to an appointment we had set up. HE said he would and came to pick me up at the hospital. We went to the Rasberry's house. Brother and Sister Rasberry are members, Elder Hinton and ran into when we were tracting a while back. Sister Rasberry said she would like to start coming back to church and would like her 2 oldest kids to be baptized. So we started teaching them. It's gone really well so far, they always have great questions. Brother Cady was only baptized 3 years ago, but was married to a member and all their kids have always gone to church. Brother Cady started investigating the church and did a lot of praying and stuff before he joined. So he was able to share the importance of prayer with the Rasberrys. It was a great person to take. I'm glad I called him.

Elder House and I got to watch the Christmas Devotional last night. It was SO good. And the whole time in y head I was saying, "Holy Crap, My family is at this right now. They can see the Prophet speak, and the Counselors! I only saw Aunt Bonita once this time. :) During conference I have a lot more chances to see her. I really enjoyed President Uchdorf's talk. He always makes me laugh. I like speakers like that. He is in the first presidency and still cracks people up...that's my kinda guy.

So, I have been thinking..since I have time to do it. I would love to go to Dixie State, but I have been thinking I will probably be better off going to BYUI. Surrounded by Mormons would be good for me. I hear Dixie is kind of a party school. I don't want to be around that kind of stuff. I'm sure I could avoid it, and I'm sure If I wanted to find it at BYUI it would be around too. Ever since Elder House went to the hospital I have been thinking about going into Pre-Med. I always thought that kind of thing would gross me out, but I have come to find that I'm not grossed out by it. I'm fascinated by it all. I think I will be come an anesthesiologist or a nurse-anesthetist. Both seem like pretty good gigs. Plus I think it fulfills my patriarchal blessing. I still don't know what I'll decide, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to go into the medical field. I'm pretty set on that. Just what school to go to now? UGH...DECISIONS STINK! :D haha

Thought you all would like to know about that recent discovery I made. I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Devotional. I know I sure did. On Wednesday we have Zone Conference in Lovell. Then Thursday we have to go to Billings for Elder House so they can stick a camera up his butt. :) haha He isn't excited about that, but he is happy he will be asleep for it. And I'm happy I'll get to ask him questions when he is coming out from anesthesia again. He is pretty funny when he is high as a kite. :) Love you all. Hope you are doing well. Love you.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder House

From Elder S. Goff - "Hello Everyone"

Elder Goff has Bunker relatives so he wanted to take this pic :)

Well, this week went pretty good elder Tec and I were able to have a baptism so we were happy about that. the girls name is Joana her husband is a member but has been less active. He is a great guy but he have some bad habits that he is trying to leave behind but it’s tough for him. he really wants to get sealed to his wife in the temple someday but he needs to straighten up a little bit before that happens. We are trying to help him out but it has to be his desire to change not ours. Joana is going to be a great member and I think she will help her husband out. Her husband (nestor) shared his testimony in the baptism and it was awesome. The spirit was so strong and I could tell he really knows it’s the truth but Satan is pretty strong and has ahold of him still.

We spent a lot of this week hitting doors looking for people. We dropped a lot on the inv that we had and are now looking for new ones.  It’s kind of tough because we really aren’t finding anything but we are trying.  Hna. lupita the Fam. Villanueva that we have been working with for some time are doing great as well. We went by there house Saturday to invite them to the baptism and to say hi as well. we got to talking and hna lupita dijo that she had been wanting to talk to us and told us to sit down. she was like what are the questions that they ask you before you get baptized. I was like well we can good over then with you if you want to know them. I read each one of them to her and she answered then all great. at the end I was like hna do you want to get baptized? she was like yes!!! I was so happy when she said then cause really I have never loved a family or a person in the mission as much as I love this family. I was so happy she wants to be baptized. we didnt put a date with her cause she wants to buy a white dress first for it but I'm thinking it might be Christmas day that she gets in the water. that would be so great if we did. everything is going great here me and Tec are loving life trying to do our best to keep on going. we went to the Christmas devotional last night and I was superexcited to show all the elders my aunt but I never saw her so they all think I’m a liar ): ni modo.

Well, I love you all and hope that everything is going great.


Pictures - (the bunker bar) those pioneers went all over the place didn’t they?? (I was so excited when I saw it I just had to take a picture.

And the, baptism of Joana in the pic is Me, Nestor (su esoso) Joana, Elder Tec (my 2nd born), the dad of Nestor, and the brother of Nestor.

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Tec

Monday, November 29, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "3rd week, 3rd transfer, 4th area."

Well family,

This week has been tough for my companion Elder House. Mostly the last couple of days. We started out the week on Tuesday with team ups with the assistants, Elder King and Elder Heywood. We worked all day, including Elder House. Then Wednesday we worked all day again, then that evening he was told by President to cool it. To go back to the house and stop trying to be superman. We noticed early in the week where he had his appendix out there was a funky looking bulge. I told him to call the doc and find out what he needed to do. He would then say he was fine and tell me that he didn't have the doc's number anyway. So this went on until Saturday when the bulge was started to really hurt him. So I got on Google and found the number for Dr. Miller. I called and the lady that answered asked if it was an emergency and I said yes. She paged Dr. Miller and he called our cell almost immediately. He drove up from Thermopolis and called us when he got to Worland. Then we met him down at the hospital. He checked it out and said that he probably had an infection. So he got some antibiotics and the doc told him to put a heat pad on it for the night and he would call Sunday after church and meet us at the hospital again in case it didn't go away. Well, it didn't go away. So Dr. Miller had to open the wound back up and drain it then packed it. Which means he put gauze in his wound so now it gets to heal from the inside out. Today the nurse came in and changed it. Elder House was not a fan and I can't blame him. It did not look like fun having gauze pulled out of his open hole in his tummy. Then she had to put another piece in it. And tomorrow I get to learn how to do it so I can do it for Elder House as he heals. There are some pictures we took of it, but I'm not sure all of you would enjoy seeing it. It looks pretty rad, I didn't get dizzy or anything. Maybe I'll do surgery like Jason. It didn't bother me. Who knows though. Maybe it will tomorrow when I learn how to pack it. The part I'm not excited about is hurting him. He said the packing part really hurt. I don't think it's only that though, I think he is hurting other ways too. I think he is sick of being in the hospital on his mission. He has had a couple of surgeries on his mission. Hopefully he heals quick. Keep him in your prayers.

The week other than that has been good. We still taught 16 lessons, without doing a whole lot. Taught a lot of people online. The facebook stuff is picking up. I just need to find a more effective way of getting people to follow my blog. Thanks for all your love and support. Less than thirty days until I call home? I think so.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder House

From Elder S. Goff - "Thanksgiving"

Elders eating Thanksgiving dinner at the buffet  :)

This week went pretty well first off, Tiff I have been meaning to tell you that I met elder Hobbs from Ogden Utah and he is in my zone. He is a really good guy.

This week for thanksgivings I was down in Tampico for a training thing for all the leaders of the mission. I was there Thursday and Friday. We talked about the ways we can help the mission improve and about upcoming plans for this month. I’m really excited to see how the work goes this month I think it will be great. Also in the training on Thursday night president call took us all out to eat at a buffet and it was amazing a lot better than last year that’s for sure. When I was down there I went and stayed with some other elders and I was put with a guy who s name is elder Ochoa. He has the same amount of time as me but is a complete stud. We went out and were working together and we found some awesome people in his area that I think will progress. We were also able to put 2 baptism dates with a family we contacted. They are for Christmas day. Everything went really great.

We are working like crazy trying to find new people because we dropped a bunch that weren’t really doing anything. I want to have a little more success in this month so we are going to do all we can to make it happen.

Sorry don’t have too much time this week we are moving our house in just a bit and I have to go get some things ready I love you all have a great week

Love, Elder Goff

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Tec

Monday, November 22, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Transfers"

Well today was changes and nothing is happening to me and my son Elder Tec we will stay the same for another change. We are getting some work don’t so it’s ok with me that we will be together longer. I just hope I don’t bother him to bad.

So yesterday in church we had a great turn out. We had nine investigators in church. I was so happy that so many showed up.

There is this family name fam. Villanueva that I really love so much. The lady of the house is called lupita. She is such a great lady. She came to church yesterday for the first time and liked it she said. We went by her house in the night to see how the family was doing and she was really surprised and happy we stopped by. She had a couple questions from church that she asked us. She had no idea what D and C was. I guess they had a lesson in RS that they used a lot of scriptures from DnC and she didn’t know what it was. we explained it to her and everything and she pulled out a paper from her class where it had a list of scriptures that they used well she doesn’t have DnC or anything so she didn’t get to participate in the class but I left her my BOM with DnC so she will be able to study this week. I'm going to Tampico this week for training and I think I'm going to buy there family a set of scriptures for Christmas. I think they would like that. I think the world of this family and I really want to help them find the truth but its really hard for the sister to just change she says but we are doing all we can to help her but we can only do so much. Her and her family will be great members of the church of Christ so I just want to help them.

Hna lupita taught me something the other day too that I didn’t know. I guess the aloe-vera plant isn’t good just for burns on the skin but its also great for heart burn. she said if you get the juice out and get it, it helps a lot and as well if you put it is shampoo it helps your hair be stronger and thicker. She even said it helps bring back lost hair and well pops I think this plant was made for you :) love you

I have a question for anyone that can help me. I want to know what the 7 dispensations were. I know we are in the last on but I don’t know what they all are and I have been studying it and have found a couple but not all 7 so if someone can help me that’d be great.

Well everything else here is going really good just loving life and keeping on. I love you all and I hope everything is going great for yall as well.

Love, elder sawyer Goff

Ps. thought of something else I want for Christmas the rubics cube that I said before and some jerky from Uncle Erik

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Tec

From Elder A. Goff - "4th area, 2nd week, 3rd transfer"

Hey everyone,

So by now you may know that Elder House had his appendix out. He has had chronic stomach pains for a while now and just never wanted to go to the doctor. Sister Snyder says it's her fault he ended up in the hospital. The night before she prayed that the pain would either go away or get bad enough for him to go to the hospital. haha Tuesday we woke up and went to Thermopolis about half an hour away to go on team ups with Elders Horspool and Jamsa. We did our online stuff and ate lunch, then went to their place for something. Elder house laid on the bed and was in a lot of pain. So he said I think I need to go to the hospital. So we drove back to Worland and went to the hospital. When we got there we went to the emergency room, and they did a cat scan and said he had appendicitis. However, they thought he had colitis or crones too. They weren't sure which.

He went in for surgery, and I had to leave. We had a leadership meeting in Billings on Wednesday and President still wanted me to go. So myself and the 2 district leaders drove to Billings and left 2 elders with Elder House. As well as a bunch of members who came to visit...A LOT! Anyways I went o the meeting and got back Wednesday night and stayed with Elder House in the hospital. He has some crazy staples. I'll send pictures later. :) One of the doctors even gave him pictures of his insides. :S It's pretty rad looking.

So we didn't get a whole lot done this week. A whopping 3 lessons were taught. haha BUMMER. But we worked out some team ups with another set of elders and also with some members who have offered to help us out while Elder House is down and out. There are such great people here. Taking care of my Elder House haha.

Tiff and Pops! Thank you so much for getting all the stuff for school done for me. I talked to President about starting to apply and he told me I can do whatever I need to. So I can start filling that stuff out you sent to me. I'll get signed up later today. So do I just need to let you know when I am finished filling it all out? I have no idea what this process is like haha. At least I have you to help. :)

I hope you start feeling better Tiff. Being sick is no fun. You are one tough chick though. Dealing with all that all the time. Did they ever do a cat scan with you tiff? They used this dye stuff with Elder House and did a cat scan. That's how they figured out about his crones and appendix. I wish I was a doctor so I could make you all better. Going to your goof ball bro would be scarier than another doc I think. :) I love you though. You are in my prayers. :) LOVE YOU ALL!!! MUAH!!! 33 days until I can call home.

Love, Austin

Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder House

Monday, November 15, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Hola Fam"

Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff - Victoria City, Mexico


The Goff and Tec show

Well this week was filled with adventures. With other elders coming to our area and me kicking Tec out in to the world alone to learn for himself. We were in a 3 sum for a day because another district leader was going to do divisions so he left his son with me to take care of him. Elder cook from Syracuse, Utah. He has about 3 months in the mish. Well he came with us to work and well my comp and I had another person from our ward coming to help us that same day so we ended up doing splits. I went with elder cook and Tec went with Marcos our ward mission leader. The night went good and I think it was really needed for my friend the cook. He is getting tired of being with his dad and well just wants a change. He seemed to be loving life when he was with us but he said usually he never talks in the street and he is just bored all the time but I think I helped him have fun. I told him there is no sense in doing it if you’re really not happy. I was like I think even Jesus said jokes to his apostles when they were preaching or played with the Pharisees when they were trying to trick him. I mean I bet he thought it was hilarious when he was walking on water and they thought he was a ghost. I told him ya gotta have fun, talk and joke around. Don’t make yourself look like an idiot in front of everyone in the street but have a good time. Show the people you enjoy being here and they will want to listen. I think I helped the cook see the bright side of the mission. :)

The next day after he took off with his comp again, my comp took off with one zone leader and the other one came with me. I was with a guy from my same group but he is from México, Elder Cardenas. We had a great time together. We ended up putting another baptism date and just enjoying life. We were booked when he came with me and we ended up even running to some appointment that we had. It was great. I really felt like that’s the way we should work. I've never had someone who has wanted to run because we were late but I loved doing it because people could see that they were important to us. I really enjoyed being with him for that day.

We also had zone conference this week. It went really great. We talked about faith and we read a talk from elder Bednar that was talking about the faith we put in our prayers that I loved. Like in James in the bible it says faith without works is dead well bednar explained it in his talk great. He said its like when people get up and say a prayer to bless the missionaries to find more people or that the people who aren’t here can be here next week. Well we can put that in our prayer all the time if we want. But what are we doing to help? When we say prayers like that, we need to do our part. Tell the missionaries about your friend so they can find them and go out and see why the people weren’t at church. I’m not positive what the talk is called but I will let yall know next week.

I'd like to send a shout out to JOLI for her 16th B DAY this week! Felicidades! I love ya sis. Also, Tiff tell your neighbors thanks for the drawings they sent me, I love them.

I love you all have a great week

Love Elder Goff

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
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From Elder A. Goff - "Week 1, 3rd transfer, 4th area"

Hey Everyone,

So this week was as normal as any onther on my mission. I hope you are all taking the time to read my blogs. I feel like when I come to e-mail that I'm all typed out, but I better e-mail or I might get in trouble. :)

We had a conference call this week. Well I guess 3 of them. One with the New Trainers, one with the new District Leaders and One with all of the Zone Leaders. It was interesting. President Gardner started out by asking Elder House and I to talk about the incredible week we had when we taught 38 lessons and set 5 baptismal dates. So we just talked about the meeting with Elder Packer. How we wrote down as a companionship things we could work on. We didn't only write them down, but we truely tried to do better in about 8 things. We had quite the list. So that entire week we tried to fix those "little things" and as we did it made the biggest difference. We listened to the spirit and did what it told us to do. It was an incredible week. I just thought it was funny President put us on the spot. Hopefully it will help some others to change the "little things" as well.

It finally snowed!!! about a forth of an inch last night. haha Apparently Worland doesn't get a lot of snow. Which is a bummer. I think that if it's going to be cold it may as well snow and cover up all of the BROWN!! So it hasn't snowed pretty much as all in the valley. There is snow on the mountains all around, but that's about it.

Elder House and I and the 2 district leaders in our zone are going to Billings Tomorrow night for a meeting on Wednesday. It should be good. I'm excited. Elder Child is a Zone leader too, so I'll finally get to see him again. I haven't seen him in over a year. I haven't seen him since he left Helena. He seems to be doing really well from what everyone has told me. I like these meetings, not only are they helpful for us and our Zone, but they are also really neat because we get to see everyone. Well I guess we will only see half of the mission's Leadership.

I'm sending Joli a package today. I don't know if it will get there by Wednesday, but I'm going to try to get it there by then. I think she will like what I got her. If she doesn't she can send it back and I'll use it. ;) I might look kind of funny though. :D

So today Elder House and I are going to go talk to Chuck Russell, and find out more about this firefighting gig. I think it will be a good thing. He hires 52 seasonal workers. So it would only be for the summer. We would go wherever the fires are, Alaska, Cali, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, pretty much anywhere. We'll see what happens. I'm more than likely going to apply and give it a try. I want to try something new. Something that will keep me busy. Something that will work my bottom off. I think this might be just the job. Tiff is going to help me apply to; Dixie, BYUI and Snow. Those are the only 3 I really feel good about. Then I'll decide from there. :) I love you all and hope all is well, Thanks for your prayers and love.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder House

Monday, November 8, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Hello World"

"Me, Macros Arriaga , and Elder Tec"

Hola caballeros

Well this week was a pretty great week from people making babies in cars to meeting a guy from Tennessee as well as someone people being converted unto the lord. There were a lot of things that went down this week and all in all it was a lot of fun. So we had the baptism of Marcos Arriaga this week the man who contacted us our first p day here and asked if we talk about god. He was an investigator of gold. Things went well for his baptisms not a lot of people showed up but eno9ugh to get the job done. His baptism was on Saturday and on Sunday we had planned to pick up like 7 investigators to go to church with us. we started going around at 7 30 in the morning to round them all up but not one of them was home or wanted to go when we went by. I was pretty upset but we did have Marcos with us cause he was going to be confirmed a member. Well we walked in the church and another one of our investigators was in there already sitting down and waiting. He said he got up and decided to walk alone. We went by his house to get him and his sister said he couldn’t go with us but he was already there so that was pretty awesome. I thought well at least we have one. As we were sitting there and started the sacrament meeting we ended up have 5 more inv. show up so he had 6 in churches it was pretty awesome and I was really happy for that. The services went really well. We even ended up getting a new ward mission leader. His name is Marcos Ordas he is 20 years old and is getting his mission papers ready to send in. he is really excited and want to go out with us a lot so he can learn and be a little more prepared. I'm super excited for that. I think ill be great.

So this week I can’t remember what day it was but we went to our food and no one was there to give us any so I was like I guess well go home and eat. I asked my comp if he wanted to buy anything from the store first he said yeah and we stopped real fast to buy stuff he bought some eggs and I bout some tortillas and cheese. We were walking back to our house when a guy said hey ELDERS! Usually it’s drunk in the street that says that or someone who has talked a lot with us before we went and talk to the guy he was on his way to Tampico. He was living in Tennessee is a member and the immigration found him and sent him back this way. His family lives in Tampico and he was just trying to make it there. we talked to him for awhile and well I felt like he needed the food we had more then what we did so I was like here I bought this stuff for you we handed him the food and he just looked at us and said what are you guys going to eat I said oh well be fine you get some food in you and get back to your family then we took off to work some more. I felt so good for doing it and so did my comp he told me. The dude was a really good guy and just needed some help.

We have this other inv. whose name is Edgar Figaroa. well he is here studying to be a veterinary person (the pet doctors) we found him contacting and we have talked with him a few times and well I never thought he was to interested till the other day this week we went by for the 3rd time and we had planned on teaching him the plan of salvation and well he never invites us in and we were outside his house and explained it to him and I just want to do it in a place sitting down starting and ending with prayer so I asked if we could put a date to come back later and we could go to the church and talk and he said yeah so we put a date and were going to leave and he asked what we were going to do. I was like well right now we are going to walk to another part of town for another cita he was like oh ok well is it ok if I come. I was like well yeah why not if you want. He went in and put on his jacket and came back out. We had a little bit of time still before the next cita so I decided to stop by the church and show it to him. we was with us walking around to citas for like an hour and a half it was really awesome the whole time he was asking questions and we were able to get to know him better. I thought he wasn’t interested at all but he really is I guess. I was pretty awesome.

Well that’s all the time I have but I love you all. I didn’t get to tell yell about all the things that happened this week but I few of them. Are here I have the rest in my diario. I love you guys thanks for your support.

Love Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff

"In front of a Catholic church... it's like my life story in a drawing"

"A pole of gum... I told my comp I would give him 500 pesos if he ate one but he wouldn't do it and I asked if I did it if he would give me 500 and he told me no cause he knew I would do it :) "

"My super man suit I bought for 25 pesos (like 2 bucks) It was a bargain! I had to get it :) "

 "I almost fit in it pretty good... I'll go on a diet so I can wear it next Halloween"

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From Elder A. Goff - "Staying in Worland"

Hey Everyone.

I'm sure you already know from my facebook, but I am staying in Worland with Elder House for another 6 weeks. Which will be great. We work well together, and there as a lot going on I would hate to miss out on. The people that are really close are doing well. The hard part seems to be getting them to come to church. It's hard to go into a new place. Even when they know people who go. That's been the biggest struggle. I don't want to baptize someone who is just going to stop going after they are baptized. I want a solid baptism. Someone who really sees what they are learning. It's been hard not having someone like that yet. That person will come though. I know it.

This week was good. Spent most of the week of Team ups with the Lander and Riverton Elders. It was good to go down to Lander and see some of the people from there. I didn't get to see all the people I wanted to, but that's alright. I love team ups. I always seem to learn so much. That many Elders in that much time. You are bound to learn from them. Everyone has different spiritual gifts. It's pretty neat to see them use them all the time, and to see how they use them. I'm so impressed by missionaries. All of them. Each one has different talents and abilities. Each has personal problems, concerns and challenges. With all of those things weighing on them everyday they still go out, and try to help anyone they can. I love these Elders and Sisters. :D

Elder House and I got back on Friday and waited for transfer calls. We found out we were both staying. We lost Elder Catron, Elder Herber and Sister Nez. We got Elder Brunson. The Elder that Elder House trained. He is in Lander. While elder Butler and Sister Stallions are both training. So, their greenies won't be here until Wednesday.

Elder Ika is training as well. Elder Child is now a zone leader in Wyoming North. So I'll get to see him again. I haven't seen him in a long time. Elder Newman is a District Leader now. So my boys are growing up to be strong Elders in the mission. :) Papa Austy is so proud. haha

It sounds like everyone is doing alright. You should ask some questions or something. I feel like I don't give you all want you want to hear every week. Then I'll answer. :D I love you all.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder House

Monday, November 1, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Week 3"

I hope this isn't a picture the mission president was planning to hang on his wall.. haha!  If so, I guess Elder Goff will always be noticed :)  Silly boy!  His friend from St. George stands out more than he does so I guess that's good!  It gave me a good laugh :)

Well first off Jason you’re a stud I'm glad to hear that you got accepted into med school!!! I will for sure visit you guys back there if that’s where you guys end up going. Congrats bro.

Well this week has gone well. We have been tearing this area up. We have been doing an activity with every family in our ward and this week we will see if it is working. we have like a little family night with the members and tell them how we have been blessed threw the mission along with our families and then we ask then how the church has blessed their lives they tell us a little bit and then we share scriptures of people that were blessed with being members as well I always share alma 36:24-26 witch talks about alma hijo tell about his blessing from his convecion. My comp shares one as well and then we invite them to feel the joy that there is in the work we are doing. We take out a peace of paper and tell them to write down anyone they can thing of who isn’t a member, and then we invite them to pray about the names and then will know who is ready to receive the message that we have. We put an appointment to return to their house and they are supposed to have someone from their list waiting there to hear the 1st lesson. I’m pretty excited to go back with some member this week and they have someone waiting to listen to the message. I think it’ll go great.

This week went by super fast like all the weeks have been going lately. I have been trying to do better about writing in my journal every night because I hardly ever wrote before. Well see if I can have my journal full by the time I get home. I’m trying to write something about everyday in it and its going well. I’m trying to write it all good and bad so I can remember exactly how it was. I love it here and I know I’m supposed to be here in Victoria and in this mission I keep finding more and more reason why I know that that is true. I love you all I hope yall had a great Halloween. Have a great week as well.
Con cariño
Elder Goff
And some photos from the training I had. I love the one where everyone is being serious but me and my buddy blazard from st gezee.

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
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From Elder A. Goff - "Best week EVER!"

Elder Horspool, Herber, Jamsa, House Butler and Goff.  The District.

Hey Everyone,

Elder house and I had quite the week this week. I'll just start by saying, 6 baptismal dates, 8 Member Present Lessons, 13 Other Lessons, 12 Less-Active lessons and 6 progressing investigators. Elder House and I sat down after our Zone Conference with Elder Alan Packer and talked about things we wanted to work on to have the spirit more. We talked about a lot of little things we knew we could work on. So that's what we did, and what a huge difference the little things make! We Prayed a lot, Listened a lot and answered every time. I think that's the reason all of this has happened. We put it in the Lord's hands and went to work.

We set dates with a part member family, The Rasberry's, They have two kids over the age of 8 that want to be baptized. Steffany Salcedo is another one, She has a step sister who served a mission, and has never been way interested in the gospel. Now she is. Jason Allen, a 17 year old who knows the church is true. Amber Kunz, Her husband is a member of the church, but is pretty less active. We went with bishop to visit them the first time. Amber had her work out buddy over, Darcy. So now Amber and Darcy both have dates. So that's the 6. Transfers are on Friday. I'm not worried at all. This has been one of the best transfers of my mission. For sure one of the best weeks. Elder House and I work so well together. I know If I leave he will make sure these people are taken care of. We shall see what happens once again.

We were also asked earlier in the week to speak at the Ten Sleep branch. Once again I felt like the spirit was so strong. I was asked to speak on how gaining a testimony of The Book of Mormon could help us do missionary work. I had some notes in my planner for my talk, and when I got up it's like it all flowed perfectly. I bore my testimony at the end and it was incredible. I have felt the spirit that strong only on a few occasions. It was like my whole body was on fire. Starting at my head going to my feet. I just hope everyone else felt what I did.

Elder House and I are ended down to Lander for team ups. It's the last week of the transfer, but we are doing it now because we need to do a couple of baptismal interviews so they can be baptized this weekend. I'm excited to go down south again. I might not get to do that again for a little while. At least I get to see one of my old areas. I'm going to get my eyebrows plucked today :S haha I am sure I'm going to cry. I'm a baby.

So family, I have been thinking about what to do when I get home. There is a member here, Brother Russell, He works for the BLM as a firefighter. He talked to Elder house and I and told us that during the summers he has college age people come work for him fighting fires all over. I would make anywhere from $8000-$10,000 in the summer. That would set me up for college. So I have been thinking about doing it a lot. I would only be home for like 2 weeks before I left again. What do you all think? We better get going. I love you all.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff
New Buffalo Riders Picture.

Sunset. Worland, WY.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Hey Everyone"

"Billings Temple"

Hey There,

So this week was pretty good. Other than the fact we weren't in our area for most of the week. Last Monday for P-day we were going to have Sister Trombley take us to a little town called Hyattville which is near TenSleep, another town we cover. So we could check out these pictographs or whatever. Well Elder House and I got a call from the Assistants asking if we wanted to drive up and help teach a kid that Elder House actually went to high school with. He had moved to Billings to go to pilot school. President had run into him at the airport and the kid told President that he went to school with House. So they set up this teaching appointment with him and asked us to come help teach him. So we decided to drive up and teach him. So we didn't get to go to Hyattville. Then when we got up to Billings the kid called and cancelled our appointment. So we ended up playing dodge ball with a lot of the Elders there. Elder Newman and his "son" were there so that was fun.

Tuesday all of the Zone Leaders went to Helena for a meeting with Elder Allen Packer. On the way there we stopped in Townsend and said hi to a man a couple of us had helped to teach. Then went into Helena. What torture that was. We drove right by East Helena and a flood of people came into my mind that I would love to see. I never got to stop. It was a bummer. I didn't even get to go say hi to Jim and the Mangums. At the meeting we basically planned out the following 2 days. As far as what we felt like the mission needed and our Zones individually. So that was pretty neat. We got to plan a Zone Conference with a General Authority. Both of the meetings we were able to go to were amazing. We learned a lot. Tuesday night we drove back to Billings and went on team ups with a set of missionaries and we ended up setting a bap date with a lady who has been investigating for over a year. So that was a pretty neat experience. Then Thursday we had Zone Conference on the East side of the mission. It was the biggest group of Missionaries I have been around since I have been in the field. It was pretty neat. Great meeting. One thins that I have been saying in my head is this little process he gave us of becoming something. We Hear-Remember-Understand-Apply-Become. So there are things we need to do before we become something.

Church was good yesterday. It was both primary programs, and a lot of people came. We have potential of having up to 7 baptisms here by the end of the year! Wouldn't that be great? 7 souls saved? Incredible. We find out transfers in a week from this coming Friday. :S Kind of scary. I have never had a shorter area than 4 1/2 months. I guess we will see what happens.

Now about my card. I don't know what the heck is going on. I called the number and they said my account doesn't exist. Or they couldn't access it without 3 forms of Identification over the phone. So they told me to go to a Wells Fargo and find out there. The closest Wells Fargo is 2 1/2 hours away. So I'll just have to wait until next week when we go to Riverton on Team ups. It kind of made me mad. I know there was still money on it when Pops put the $200 in. Then I go to use it and they say it doesn't exist!? How in the world can someone put money in an account that doesn't exist? UGH!

I guess I will let you know next week when I go to Riverton next week. Until then I will deal. :) haha

Love you all. Hope all is well. Thanks for the love and e-mails.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

"Elder House and I"

"Elder House and I"

"Half of our MTC group"

"Really big Cowboy"

"Sweet bridge pic"



P.S. I forgot to say we went to Hyattville yesterday for a BBQ with the Trombleys. Those are the outdoor pics.

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From Elder S. Goff - "Victoria City"

Hello everyone,

Well this passed week we had a baptism for a kid named Christian. He is pretty much the stuff and he was for sure prepared for us. It was great to see some of the changes he made to be able to receive this great gift.

We also have a name named Marcos. Now the story of this guy is pretty great. So last Monday we were in downtown Victoria when a guy came up to us and was like hey do you guys talk about god and give lessons to people. I said yes and he asked if we would be able to go by his house to talk to him. I was like sure but it might not be us because we all have different areas. Then he said where he lives and it ended up being in my area. So we put an appointment to see him the next afternoon. When we showed up to his house he was sitting outside waiting for us with a book of Mormon. We got talking to him to see why he decided to talk to us in the street the day before and he told me that about 2 years ago passed by his house 2 guys likes me and my comp. one Mexican and one from the other side. He said that they knocked on his door and gave him the book. He said that the American was just trying so hard to explain what the book was in Spanish. He said he took the book but put it away and recently he decided that he wanted to learns more. he went to a J.W. service that some people invited his to and the whole thing was in English so he had no idea what was going on and he wanted to learn more about god in Spanish something he understands well he remembered about that American and thought that well at least he was trying to speak my language maybe they can teach me. Well he saw us and he said he just knew he had to talk to us. It was a great experience. And now this Marcos has a baptism date for this Saturday.

We had some great things go on for us this week really and I love this area and the members that are here to help us out. We are doing an activity and I'm excited to see how it goes with the members. I think they will do there part and give us a hand in the work.

Today was pretty fun as well we went up to this place here in Victoria where they have a flag on top of a mountain. its on the side of the army base and just about every missionary that comes here goes up there well a couple of us did it and it was great. It was 5 k the walk and we did it in 50 min and got back down in 20 it was a lot of fun though. It was tough the start of it just started with these stairs that were huge and went on forever I thought then the rest of the way was threw a tunnel of trees.

We also played a trick on my comp that was actually really funny. So Swensen and his comp came over to stay the night because it was going to be faster to do it that way. Well my comp elder Tec fell asleep really fast and me Swensen and his comp were just chilling and we decided to have some fun. We got ready then woke up Tec and told him it was time to go. It was only 11 55 at the time. Well he got up brushed his teeth put his clothes on and was ready to go and we headed out the door. We got walking down the street and I took out my phone and I was like hey Tec what time does this say I can’t see. Well he looked at it and then we all just started to laugh. It was way funny to tell the truth. Well I gotta get going still gotta write my leader, Pres. Call.

Love you all and have a great week

Love Sawyer Garrett Goff

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Tec

Monday, October 18, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Another week of another transfer"

Hey everyone,
So, this week has been pretty good. Heavenly Father has been helping us out a ton! We ended the week with 27 people we had taught. It was incredible. We stayed pretty busy all week.

We went to teach Jason Allen this week. He is 17 and really wants to learn. His family isn't really interested in the gospel, but Jason is. Last time we were over there we asked him about baptism. He said, "Well I was baptized when I was a baby, but I don't think that counts. I didn't make that decision. Someone else made it for me." We then talked about how infants can’t sin. How there is no such thing as original sin. We will be punished for our own sins and not for Adam's transgression. We asked him how he felt about the Book of Mormon. He said, "It makes sense to me. I never understood why God would talk to only one group of people." We asked him to really read and pray. He did and the next time we went over, which was Thursday we asked him how he felt about the things we have taught him. He said he really liked what we taught and feels like the Book of Mormon is true. So, we extended the baptismal commitment. He accepted and has a date to be baptized on November 6th. We were really excited. We still are actually. He is a way neat kid. Hopefully it all works out.

We had a goal set to set a date with Ann Martinsen as well. That didn't work out. We still don't know what is holding her back. We went over the baptismal interview questions, and asked if there was anything in there she was struggling with. She said no. So, then we invited her to an 8 year old baptism. Kent and Ann Martinsen came. (Kent is a member) She enjoyed it. Came to church on Sunday. She is Golden, but there is something holding her back.

We got a call from brother Trombley on like Thursday and asked if we would each speak for a few minutes on whatever we wanted. Elder House chose to speak on the scriptures, which worked out great because that's what the youth speaker right before him spoke on. I spoke on finding happiness amidst all of the hard things that happen in life. Happiness can continue to be with us as long as we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Men are that they might have Joy. God wants us to be happy. Happiness only comes by doing what we know we need to. Happiness will never come by doing things we know we shouldn't be doing. Long lasting happiness comes through Jesus Christ. There is a scripture that I read in personal study that was an answer to my prayers. I had been praying to know what to speak on, and as soon as I read it I knew what I needed to speak on. Its right after Captain Moroni was introduced as chief captain of all the armies of the nephites at age 25. They go to battle with the lamanites. Through Moroni seeking the guidance of Alma the Prophet they end up surrounding the Lamanites on every side. Moroni stops the slaughter that is taking place to give them an option. Moroni tells Zerihemnah to give up his weapons and swear an oath that they will never come up to battle against the Nephites again. Zerihemnah decides to give Moroni his weapons, but tells him he will not make an oath he knew he would break. So, basically Moroni gives him his weapons back and says, alright let’s do this thing. This Scripture comes from when Moroni explains why the Lamanites have fallen into the hand of the nephites. It says:

Now ye see that this is the true faith of God; yea, ye see that God will support, and keep, and preserve us, so long as we are faithful unto him, and unto our faith, and our religion; and never will the Lord suffer that we shall be destroyed except we should fall into transgression and deny our faith.

And now, Zerahemnah, I command you, in the name of that all-powerful God, who has strengthened our arms that we have gained power over you, by our faith, by our religion, and by our rites of worship, and by our church, and by the sacred support which we owe to our wives and our children, by that liberty which binds us to our lands and our country; yea, and also by the maintenance of the sacred word of God, to which we owe all our happiness; and by all that is most dear unto us— Alma 44:4-5

We owe all that makes us happy to God. That’s why it is so important that we pray and thank him for our many blessings.

I have been sick the last couple of days too. It's been miserable. I have never had a Sinus cold before now. I usually only get regular colds. This one hurts a lot more haha. The sinus cold makes my eyes, ears and teeth all hurt. Two nights ago I couldn't even sleep. But last night I took one of the sleeping pills I had from when I was in Helena and I slept a lot better last night. I think I might be getting better now.

Also, Elder House and I will be driving to Billings today. We have a meeting in Helena on Tuesday with Elder Packer of the 70. It will be the Zone Leader council. It should be pretty cool. I doubt I will have time to go anywhere to say hi to people in Helena. We will be in the big van. If we had our own car we would go see Jim and the Mangums and about 1,000 other people if we had time. :) Kinda a bummer we will be in my old area and have no time to see anyone. Maybe someday when I graduate from being a missionary I'll go back and see everyone. :)

Thanks for all of the e-mails. I love getting them from you guys. Joli cracks me up, and Pops too. He even called Sawyer and I a pain in the Ass because of Garrett. We were way worse apparently. I got a good laugh out of that. I'm glad everyone had a good time in Bunkerville. Elder House and I are loving Worland. Thanks for the pictures too Tiff. I love you all. Hope all is well.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder House

From Elder S. Goff - "1st week in Victoria"

Dang Jason is a little skinny dude now. I think he might be smaller than me but I can’t help it they wont stop giving me tortillas. :)

So, me and my kid are doing pretty good here elder tec. he is really excited to be here He is over a year older then me but still seems younger. He is the oldest in his family and the 1st to go on a mission. He is really quiet when we are in the street and it’s tough to keep a conversation going. He is still pretty nervous to just go out and talk to anyone in the street but he will get it. He is always asking questions which is good so he can learn.

Our area is pretty awesome I love. There are a bunch of hills that we get to play on everyday and climb some dirt and some paved. One part of our area is really close to center Victoria where you can buy stuff and another part is up on the side of the valley. At night it’s pretty awesome to see all the lights down below. I haven’t taken any pics yet but I'll get some this week to send to you guys. It's a really pretty place. The weather is amazing here right now as well. I sweat a bunch still but in the mornings it’s perfect maybe even a little too cold but it’s a good change.

We are going to have a baptism this week on Saturday already. I'm so stocked for that. The kid came to church yesterday and loved it. Also in church we got to meet a lot of the members and talk to new people. I ended up giving the gospel principles class and I didn’t know I was going to so I felt like I did a crappy job but it was a subject that isn’t too hard to talk on. It was faith in jesuscrist. This week I will get a lesson ready just in case the teacher doesn’t show up again.

We did a ton of knocking on doors this week and I hope some of the people we found will progress. The people here are nicer than my last area and open their doors to listen but we don’t want them to just listen. We will see how it goes. I have an activity planned that I’m going to present to the bishop this next week and hopefully it goes well. I am thinking about trying a few new things here to see what will happen. Everything is going great though.

In my district I have a guy from my group from the MTC and I’m pretty stocked for that.  I’m going with him in a bit to sams club to buy a big thing of granola for the granola and yogurt that I love so much. I’m pretty excited.  There are some cool things up here, there is even a zoo that I think we will be going to sometime soon to play with Joli's real family. haha just playing sis I love you :) well everything is going great I’m happy and we are working super hard.  I hope everything is going just as great for all you back home. Love you guys.

Sawyer Garrett

A scripture I want to share that I love its DyC 128, 22 I found it today and I just had to tell you guys about

Love ya

D&C 128:22 says… Brethren, shall we not go on in so great a cause? Go forward and not backward. aCourage, brethren; and on, on to the victory! Let your hearts rejoice, and be exceedingly glad. Let the earth break forth into bsinging. Let the cdead speak forth anthems of eternal praise to the dKing Immanuel, who hath ordained, before the world was, that which would enable us to eredeem them out of their fprison; for the prisoners shall go free.

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Tec

Monday, October 11, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Alrighty...Another good week."

Hey Family,

So by now you all know that I am now an active participant on Facebook and It has been a little interesting trying to figure it all out again. I never used before, so that's completely new. I'm still trying to figure things out. We announced it in church on Sunday in one ward. The bishop there thinks it will be a great tool and the other bishop didn't seem to care at all. So only about half of the people know about it. It's more than before though. So more and more members are becoming our friends. Now we just have to figure out how to better use it as a missionary tool. There are a few resources for us to use to improve our blogs and to know how to use it better, but until I figure out how to use it better I'm in big trouble. Haha Elder House is always asking questions about it and I don't know most of the answers. So we dink around until we figure it out.

I got a letter from Jason Cosby on Saturday. It was good to hear from him. He is up at SUU going to school. He heard I was coming home soon. Haha Funny huh? I still have quite a while. He also heard I am going to school in Arizona. Probably not. I'm thinking Dixie or BYUI. So I don't know where he is hearing this nonsense from. :) Haha He seems to be doing really well.

Elder House and I learned a lot at the Leadership meeting in Billings on Tuesday. Went over a lot of the stuff we learned at leadership meeting. So now we are using those things in district meeting. It's been good. We have district meeting again tomorrow. Plus going to billings was nice because we got to go to Wal-Mart!! WOO HOO.

That's sweet Sawyer is Training and getting doubled in. That's what happened to me the first time I trained. It will for sure teach you a lot.

Tiff and Jason thanks for the HUGE package. That was a huge surprise. I really loved it. The portrait of myself was pretty sweet. I looked good.

We had a good week teaching wise. Didn't get as many in, but they were quality. That’s what counts right.

Not a whole lot happened this week. We just will get back on the horse and do it again this week. Hope you are all following my blog. I'm not very good at it yet, but just you wait. If you want to see anything on there let me know. I could use a lot of help. I love you all. Thanks for another e-mail Pops.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder House

From Elder S. Goff - "Last week in Tampico for a while"

"Me and The Martinez Family. Brother Martinez was my Stake President and will be a general authority someday."

Well I found out changes on Saturday night of what was going on and I will be out of here at noon today. I have to go to the mission home get my kid and then we will go up to Victoria City later today to go get some work done. I don’t have a house yet so ill crash with other elders till we have a house for our area. I'm pretty stocked because there are a lot of people of there that are my buddies. Everyone that talks about Victoria says that it is the bomb so I’m excited. I’ll get to see some mountains for the 1st time in almost a year so that’ll be sweet.

This last week went well we did a couple of service projects with elder heppler in his area; we had a baptism and received changes. The services were a lot of fun. One of them was just cleaning the house of elder heppler because it was so gross. It looks amazing now. I didn’t take and before and after pictures but it was like night and day. It is going to be the spot to be on Mondays now I think.

Our baptism went well. I was nervous because we got there and the other elder that told me he would fill the font up for me didn’t do it. We couldn’t get the font to turn on either when we got there so we got a garden hose from outside and stuck it in there to fill it up. We started late but it was worth the wait I think. Everything went well in the service. We have another lady that wants to get baptized here but she only will do it if she can in the ocean. I’m sad I won’t be here to go and see it but I think it'll be way awesome I’m sure the members will send me pictures later though.

so I thought I would be a lot more happy to get out of here after 6 months but to tell the truth I’m really not I’m going to miss it a lot. It’s been tough but it has been a great place. I got a letter from pres today saying that it just seems like I keep getting tough assignment but what he has given me what he has felt I needed. I felt good he said that. I know he know where I need to be and with what missionary. He told me my next area isn’t going to be any easier then the last one but nothing is impossible and I need to go up there and change it and help the area out. I might not get to see the fruits but I know someone will someday and no matter what I know I will be growing myself. I’m going to go and just get to work and not think about what anyone has told me cause that doesn’t matter. Today is a new day and things will change.

Well I love you all and I hope you enjoy all the pictures ill see ya soon


Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff

 "Me and my buddy Elder Hendricks from Mesa, AZ"

 "The fruit of 6 months, Elder Salazar, Frankling, Carlos Vasquez, and Me"

"Ladis, Me and Cesar. Ladis is getting ready to go on his mission and Cesar has been home for a year."

"Me and Elder Jensen, my buddy from Highland, UT"

"My name on a sign that I had been wanting to take a picture by since I got here."

"At interviews with Pres."

"Helping do service by cleaning the house of Heppler and Hendricks.
You should have seen the fridge from before."

"The crew - Salazar, Hendricks, Fankling, Me and Heppler"

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder ???