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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Returned with Honor

Elder Austin Gene Goff
Montana Billings Mission
April 22, 2009 - April 28, 2011
Matthew 25:21 "His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant"

2 Years Ago!

Bunkerville saying good-bye to Elder A. Goff for 2 years

Austin and Sawyer saying good-bye at the Provo MTC

Dad and Mom saying good-bye at the Provo MTC

 Missionary Name Badge

Mom putting on his "Elder Goff" tag

Saying good-bye to my lil bro for 2 years

Elder Austin Gene Goff arriving at the Provo MTC

Jason, Tiff, Soyboy, Elder Goff, Mom, Dad, Joli, and Grandma Goff
(Glen and Garrett couldn't be there)

Elder Goff, Sawyer, & Jason carrying missionary luggage

Austin's good-bye with Glen and Garrett

Austin and Sawyer with Great Grandma Leavitt

From Elder A. Goff - I will not with ink and pen write unto thee

Hey Family,

I’ll see you on Thursday, April 28, 2011 at the St. George Airport at approximately 12:30 PM.  Please be prepared to hug me.

I know this e-mail is short and maybe not what you expected, but I hope these scriptures will explain my reasons well enough.

2 John 1:12  Having many things to write unto you, I would not write with paper and ink: but I trust to come unto you, and speak face to face, that our joy may be full.

3 John 1:13-14 I had many things to write, but I will not with ink and pen write unto thee:
But I trust I shall shortly see thee, and we shall speak face to face. Peace be to thee. Our friends salute thee. Greet the friends by name.

And last of all…Advice to girls…
Proverbs 8:17 I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Adams

From Elder S. Goff - "Time Flies"

  So I really can’t believe that it was over 2 years ago when we went and dropped Austin off at the MTC. I was thinking about that this passed week cause that date that I entered the temple passed by as well. I really can’t believe how time just goes by like that but I sure have enjoyed myself. It has been super tough at times but ill tell ya what the good times can’t get any better I love it all.
  I was wondering if someone could help me out I would really love to get some family stories about conversions and about pioneers to read and learn about my relatives I think it'd be awesome. And also a family tree to have for a few generations.
  This week was good. Its getting super hot outside but we don’t let that stop us. Last week I put the title of my letter as pingo and I didn’t even explain why. In this town where I am at they have their slang and how they talk and pingo in the slang is like satan. And well we have a lady we are teaching right now and she has a tree year old son that is absolutely crazy always swearing and hitting people and just causing troubles. Well the mom always calls him pingo because of how crazy the little guy is and I think it’s awesome that she calls he own child satan. I know that me and Austin were just little angles and didn’t do any kind of mischief so you’re a lucky lady mom :)
  This week we had divisions with the assistant and it went well. My comp went to Tampico and the elder swensen came here with me the 2 assistants are from my gen one gringo and the other Mexican. Swensen came with me here and it was really awesome we worked really hard all day in the awesome sun while my comp went to Tampico to be at the beach for semana santa. Haha jk it was good though and elder swensen were able to find 3 new INV and teach 5 lessons so we did well. We are really hoping of getting some people in the water this week and next week as well. We have a couple planned for this week but well see what happens.
  Well I hope you all enjoy your week tell Austin I love him when he gets of the plan and make sure you guys send me pics of him and everything when he gets there with you guys I'm really excited that he is getting done. I brag about him all the time haha
  Love you guys and Miss Yall.
Take care.

Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff

Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Botello

Monday, April 18, 2011

From Elder A. Goff - "One More"

Hey there Fam.
It’s me, Elder Austin Gene Goff.  I have been serving a mission in Montana and Wyoming for 2 years in 4 days from now.  So I would like everyone to think of the day 2 years ago.  Let me refresh your memory, the date was Wednesday, April 22, 2009.  We sat in a large room at the M.T.C. when they still actually let you inside.  Watch a video and cried, hugged and off went Elder Goff on his 2 year mission adventure.  The MTC was quite the experience.  Meeting Elder Ryan Patrick Moore and all the other Elders and Sisters going to Montana with me.   Eating chicken sandwiches everyday with French fries and a bowl of fry sauce.  Learning how to teach the lessons and believing that we were actually good at them by the time we left.  Then realizing when we got to Montana that we were pretty awful at it.  Doing so many new things and being both scared and excited about it all. 
   I have experienced so many things on my mission; I have sat in Dog pee on a couch in Helena.  I went to a sun dance and watched people pierce their skin with bones and rip through their flesh in Hardin.  I administered fresh gauze to my companion’s appendix wound in Worland.  I hiked to Popo Agie falls in Lander and found beauty all around.  I traveled around our mission for the last 4 ½ months teaching and meeting people being taught the gospel.  And so many other things.  I wish I could have carried a camera with me for the two years on “Record” so everyone could truly see the things I have experienced.  Good and bad it had been an amazing ride.  As you all know I will be home in 10 days.  No I am not counting. I’m just not really bad at math.  In your last month all you have to know is the date and you will know how long you have left.  The only way you can’t know is if you are really bad at math.  I hope everyone is excited to have me home.  I have been pretty nervous.  I try not to think about it, but it’s really hard when you spend a lot of time in a car.  There is only so much advice people can give to a returning missionary.  It all ends up being the same but in different words.  I have a lot of goals now.  I have a lot of things I want to accomplish.  I have Satan bugging me all the time trying to make me think that things won’t be like I want them to be when I come home.  I all ready know things aren’t perfect at home, and that’s ok.  It’s not going to stop me from being who I have become and achieving the goals I want to.  I will admit that fear is an overriding factor at this point.  I don’t know why Satan is trying so hard.  The fear is making me want to stay on a mission and teach the gospel forever.  Maybe he knows something I don’t about me going home.  Maybe I have a lot more to do off a mission than I now realize.  So many thought go through my head as I think about the time I have spent as a missionary and how that time as a full-time missionary is coming to an end shortly.
   We have had a good week once again.  We have finished our meetings and this week is transfer week.  I will get to have a bunch of “lasts” this week.  I will have my last transfer calls, planning for a new route and all that jazz.  My replacement will even be in here by about Thursday at the latest.  That will be strange.  I’ll have to train him on what to do for transfers and stuff.  Most of what he will learn is learned pretty quickly, and the rest will be learned throughout the transfer.   One more p-day.  One more E-mail as a missionary.  One more haircut as a missionary.  One more…blah blah blah.  I sure do love you all.  See you…VERY…Very soon.  One more time signing an e-mail as Elder Goff.
   I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels like coming home in ten days is unreal.  I know I go home in ten days but it sure as heck don't feel like it.  I'm not sure what I want to do as far as a luncheon goes.  I'm not too picky.  I would guess that more people will come to my talk than the first week I am home.   So it’s up to you.  I wouldn't even mind if we didn't do anything.  I don't want everyone to spend money on my behalf.  I sure do love you all.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Adams

From Elder S. Goff - "El Pingo"

  This week went well. I have a lot of people who tell me I look like some guy off of the movie called universal soldier but I have never seen the movies so idk who it is and other have told me I look like the Russian off of rocky 4 and I take that as a complement cause that guy is cut.
  We had interviews this week. Pres came up here to Mante in the morning and all the elders in our zone had our interviews then in the night we had a junta with pres call and the stake president here from Mante and all the bishops. Me and my comp were the only missionaries there. In the afternoon between the interviews and the meeting in the night pres call and mama call came with us to work. It was the first time in the mission that pres has been with me during the day working and it was a great experience. He really knows what he is doing. He teaches with love but direct as well go right to the point and it work we and elder botello are trying to do the same. He was with us for a few hours and we visited some families and we have in teaching right now it went good and I love mama call. She is so funny. we were waiting outside one of our investigators houses and a drunk lady came up and started talking to us like she knew us and we had never seen her and mama call thought it was our INV and gave her a hug and looked and me and asked in ingles is she the Inv I was like no hna call and she like cracked up. She is a lady full and love and shows it to everyone. The day went good though. The meeting we had in the might as well went good we talking about how the members here are sleeping and we need to wake them up and we made a plan to wake them up. I just hope that all the bishops do what they said they are going to do. Some are kinda lazy at times.
  there is a kid from the ward I am in that leaves for the mish this Wednesday and well he is a way cool kid and I have become friends with him and I was talking to him about the things he has and what more he needs to buy before he goes and I was like you have a camera right and he was like no. I was like what are you going to do and he told me that he didn’t know so what I did was gave him my camera so now I don’t have one but my buddy pino does. Haha idk what I'm going to do. I feel like when a thought comes to my head to give something to someone and I don’t do it I’m being selfish so when I thought about it I then had to do it. I think I’m going to just go and buy a cheep one from like a pawn shop that will work till I get home nothing fancy but something that does take pics. I know he was really happy that I did that. He brought it to church yesterday and was taking pics of everyone to remember them. I feel good that I did it.
  well I’m sorry everyone I never have enough time to say everything I want to but that’s why I try to keep my journal up to date so later ill have everything there but I love you all be safe say your prayer and read them scriptures

Love Elder Goff #2 
Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Botello

Sunday, April 17, 2011

From Elder A. Goff - "I'm going to say it....HOLY CRAP."

Two and a half weeks.  I have never had butterflies so much in my life.  I try so hard not to think about it, but it's impossible.  I promise I am still working hard and doing what I'm supposed to, but it’s just hard not to think about it.  I have really felt every feeling in the world this transfer, as I explained in my most recent blog post.   that will explain how I have been feeling...well kind of.  I can't explain the feelings I've had.  I am scared, I am excited, I am ready, I'm not ready, I want to stay forever, and I feel like I will be doing this forever.  It won’t sink in until I get on the plane I don't think.  In a lot of ways it breaks my heart.  I am excited to see my family!  That will be awesome.  I love being a missionary though.  Can you even believe that I ever thought of not coming on a mission?  Crazy.
   We had a good week this week though.  Elder Adams and I drove to Powell, Wyoming for our Wyoming north Zone Training.  It went well and after we went on team ups with the Zone leaders.  I got to go on team ups with Elder Child for the last time.  Once again...Noticing lasts.  Which can get pretty lame after a while.  Then we went to Riverton for the Wyoming South Zone Training and after that I got to go to Lander and see a few people.  I love Lander!  It was great to be back there.  I always feel like I never left when I go to an old area.  The next morning we went to Worland for team ups and got to see a few others too.  It's been a pretty uneventful week.  Not a lot has happened other than more traveling.  I still haven't found out my track for BYU-I yet.  So Mom and Pops!  If you get anything from BYU-I in the mail...OPEN IT! And let me know if it's my track.  I have been waiting for weeks and weeks to find out, then in dawned on me...well maybe it gets sent to my house address.  So if you get it please let me know. 
   Funny story...I made my last planner and put a picture of a plane on it and lost it a couple weeks later.  Made a new planner and accidently washed it with my whites last night...Sad day.  I have never lost a planner on my mission.  Now I have lost one and washed the other in the same transfer.  So I'm trying to decide if I even want to make another one for the last couple of weeks.  I'll send a picture of how I'm deciding. :)  I sure do love you all.  Can't believe it's so close.  See you soon.

Love, Elder Goff

I almost forgot.  I tried and failed to eat a one pound burger from Fuddruckers a couple weeks back.  So when we didn't have a dinner on Saturday we went to Fudd's with Elder Ika and Elder Krambeck, so I could attempt the one pounder again.  With much pain and even less enjoyment I was able to accomplish an item I have had on my bucket list since the day I was born.  I finished the One pound burger.  It was rad.  I woke up the next morning and felt like I got hit by a train!  Totally worth it, and I'll never have to do it again.
   And second, I was able to take a bath in a massive tub in Worland at the Cannons, where the Elders live now.  So I wanted to include explanation for my shenanigans. :) love ya!

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Adams

From Elder S. Goff - "Hello"

Well hello everyone
  This week has been pretty great. we weren’t able to find to many new people this week like we were hopping but we were able to get 7 INV to church so that made us really happy. we are working like crazy and its getting hot out now so all I do is sweat but the thing is I feel like the muscle I have is just melding anyway and them tortilla are just staying with me so its not to great but oh well.
  I have started to read the BOM once again and I'm using a manual this to study it better and it going well something interesting that I was reading was in the dream that Lehi had. He described 4 different types of people. From that I thought again things and you can use that example as the people in the world and the investigators that we have as missionaries. 1-he described that there were some that just went right to the building, 2-he said that there were some that got on the bar and started to walk but then decided it was easier so go hang out in the building, 3- the people made it to the tree to eat they tasted the fruit and then heard the people in the building laughing at them and got embarrassed and went to the building as well even after tasting the godly fruit, 4- the people got to the tree settled down and then ate the fruit. The example that I was thinking was with the people we find from day to day. 1- sometimes from the get go people don’t want a thing to do with them Mormons , 2-others listen to the greengo trying to speak Spanish for a little bit but then later get bored and decided to go to pray to the virgin on their wall, 3- some people listen and get on the path and even make it to baptism taste the greatness and decided that they would rather be out with the vatos drinking some caguamas , 4- but then there are those few that are able to gain a testimony and be able to feel how great it is and want it forever and make it a part of them. They go to church every week and read and do the things like they should. Those are the few de oro that we are looking for.
  This week went good I sent a few pics from this morning when I killed a tlacuache. It’s called a Mexican rat in English I believe but its super ugly and eats the eggs of chickens so I took it out and we gave it to some members and I’m hopping to try some meat later tonight I really hope they save some for me and my comp I want to try it.
  Well peps I love you all I wish my bro elder Austin Goff would write me but I know he is a busy man. I want to know what day he gets home. Let me know tiff.

Have a great week Elder S Goff

Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Botello

Monday, April 4, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "NO TE RINDAS!!!! NUNCA"

"My new zone, after conference"

  Well first off I’m for sure down with doing that triathlon with Jason in September that would be awesome. I was going to ask you tiff if you could check on the internet and see when the community college in Roosevelt, UT starts the next semester. I would like to go up there and work but I want to be doing some kind of studying as well and check to see if I'll be able to transfer the credits to UVU in Orem because I think that’s where I'm going to end up going. I just want to start figuring out what is going to go down. Thank you.
  This week went well we really didn’t get too much done in our area cause of conference this weekend and cause we had a 2 day trip to Tampico with all the zone leaders of the mish. It went really well though.
  So the first couple days here I got to chill with me buddy heppler. I came here to take his place and he took off Wednesday morning to go back to St. George with his family. It was cool because I really didn’t think I was going to see him again here in the mish but I did for one last time. me and my comp elder botello are getting along great we have the same amount of time and its cool cause he knows what he is doing.  I really thought it was going to be a lot more stressful to be ZL but its not you just have to be a good missionary and be an example to the rest and well that’s what I’m doing. It’s a lot easier than training that’s for sure. I don’t have to worry about him teaching apostasy or anything like that and he can help me get better. It’s going awesome. We have big plans to turn this zone around. Pres always seems to send me to tough places but I love it. This zone has had some struggles but we are going to help it out a ton this change. I’m excited.
  I really enjoyed conference this weekend there are a few talks that I want to say some stuff about. In the last session there was a man from the 70 named Benjamin de Hoyos. He came to my mission about a year ago and I got to hang out with him. I sat with him and his wife to eat and we hung out and well he gave a talk and I felt awesome because I got to hang out with him before. I loved the talk from elder dallin h oaks about our priorities and desires along with Richard j Mayes from the 70 that talked about the importance of the family and the one that hit me the hardest was president monson in the priesthood session. It was like a smack in the face. he was talking about how guy shouldn’t wait to get married they just need to do it and well I was planning on getting home and having some alone time but it made me think about what I really need to do. He said COOSE YOUR LOVE, LOVE YOUR CHOICE. It’s a pretty cool saying I think. It was all a great conference. I only saw aunt B 3 times but no worries I let the whole stake of mante México know who elder goff's aunt is haha.
  Well I love you all and hope things are going good for yall back home be good and take care.

Love Elder S GOFF

"My comp and I"

"Babies do not want me"

"I have my own bib"

"The city of Mante"
Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Botello

From Elder A. Goff - "The Lasts" Begin

Hey there family of mine,
   What a crazy week!  We left Monday at about 3 PM to drive to Kalispell about a 7 hour drive.  We got to Kalispell at about 10:30.  Then we started our zone training on Tuesday in Kalispell.  Wednesday in Missoula, Thursday in Helena and Bozeman on Friday.  The meetings are about 3 hours long compared to regular zone conference which last from about 9 to 3.  So after each meeting we went on team ups with the Zone leaders.  Had some good times with them.
   The title of this e-mail is "The Lasts” that’s because there comes a time for every missionary when you start noticing the lasts.  That time has come for me.  I'll tell you about a couple of them.  After our meeting in Helena Elder Adams and I went to see a couple of people from East Helena.  We got to eat with the Mangums.  Dutch oven Chicken, Potatoes, Peach Cobbler.  All great.  However it was my last time in their home as a missionary.  So that was pretty sad. 
   My last time watching conference on my mission.  It was so great though.  I really enjoyed it.  Tiff talked about Elder Paul V. Johnson's talk and how it was for her and that’s what I thought as I was listening to it so I wrote a note in my planner to mention it.  I learned a lot from conference.  I learned that I need to get married and not take 10 years to do it.  I need to focus more on my TO BE list rather than my TO DO list.  I really liked that one.  I loved Priesthood Session too.  I always feel bad for the women when they don't get to watch.  Haha It's always so good!  I of course saw Aunt Bonita about 34789 times.  I always find myself bragging about having an Aunt in Mo-Tab when Conference comes around.  :)  I totally want to meet Alex Boye though.  Aunt Bonita could probably hook me up. :)  I have listened to one of his CD's basically my whole mission. 
   This week we are traveling to Wyoming.  It should be good.  I'm hoping I'll get to go to Both, Lander and Worland for my last time a missionary, but we will see what happens.
   I'm so excited Jason got in to University of Utah. That's so cool!  And yes I am willing to do the Xterra!  That actually would be really good for me.  So as far as my plans for when I get home...They change all the time.  I plan to go to San Francisco to work with Chris, Colby and Preston.  I don't know all the details, but I do know I will be selling Vitamix Machines.  They are Blenders.  I wanted to do the Fire Fighting thing but couldn't get on in Worland so I didn't want to do it.  If I do Vitamix, I will be able to make good money.  I don't know what I'll do about a car yet.  I want to buy a car before I go to Rexburg in The fall.  Something that can make it back and forth to school and home.  I don't want to have to worry about having a car that doesn't run well.  So I’ll save all my pennies and get something that will be ok for winter, gas mileage and so forth.  I sure do love you all.  3 more e-mails now.

Love, Elder Goff

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Adams

Friday, April 1, 2011

From Elder A. Goff - "Time Flies"

Hey there family -

In the office again, it’s Sunday night right now and 10:25 P.M.  Elder Adams is at the computer to my right entering numbers from around the mission.  He is entering the East side of the mission and when he is done I will enter the West Side of the mission.  We are trying to get everything done tonight because we want to have a little bit of a p-day before we have to drive to Kalispell on P-day.  I like to say I would rather shower with a grizzly bear than drive to Kalispell on P-day.  Seeing how I don’t have a grizzly handy I guess I’ll have to drive to Kalispell on P-day.  Lame.  Oh well, I guess its part of our duties.  We have a lot going on the next couple of weeks, but I’ll explain that after I tell you about this last week. 

We had a busy week this last week.  We had leadership meeting on the East side here in Billings on Tuesday.  Then we had leadership meeting on The West Side in Helena on Wednesday.  Elder Adams and I taught “How to Begin Teaching”.  It went really well.  We enjoyed both sides.  President had the Departing missionaries bare their testimonies again.  Boy it’s weird to think this is it.  This is the last time I will travel around the mission and see these missionaries.  Everyone tells you not to think about it…And you try hard not to think about it.  I honestly think that it is impossible not to think about it.  Even when I’m busy and teaching lessons I think about how much I’ll miss doing it.  We had 2 great lessons tonight and afterward I said to Elder Adams, “Wow. I’m really going to miss those kinds of lessons, and the feeling I have right now because of it”.    I’m going to miss standing in front of these amazing missionaries that I look up to and TRYING to teach them.  When really most of the time it is them teaching me.  As much as I complain about it, I’m going to miss being up putting Numbers into the computer at 11:00 P.M.  I feel like I’m going to be left out.  We have already seen the pictures of the new missionaries coming in at the beginning of the next transfer.  I have already gotten to know most of their names.  I won’t be able to be a part of watching them grow and become great missionaries.  It breaks my heart in a lot of ways.  I’m going to miss going to Helena and seeing the people I love up there as a missionary.  I’m going to miss being a Missionary!!!

The Mangum’s were here in Billings over the weekend and On Saturday took Elder Adams and I to Jonny Corino’s this really good Italian place.  It was so good to see them and to eat with them.  We are going up to Helena this week and we are going to eat at the Mangum’s house.  It will be my last time in Helena on my mission.  Yikes.  It sounds so incredibly cliché to say it but it’s truly gone by fast! 

Karla Pierce is now officially a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!!  The baptism on Saturday was so good.  Bryson King, formerly known as Elder King came to baptize her.  After she was baptized Karla bore her testimony of the gospel.  She talked about the life she has led in the past and how the gospel has transformed her.  She talked of her Father who is a Baptist preacher and how he has been against her joining the church from day one.  She talked about her Father taking her out of his will, and how it is ok because she is still in her Father in Heaven’s will, and how she is truly doing his will.  It was great experience. 

Now it is Monday morning.  Thanks for your e-mails this week.  I enjoyed reading them.  Tiff you can count me in on that fast.  Not a problem. :)  Sure do love ya sis.  Thanks for your e-mail too Jason.  I’ll keep going till the end.  Not a problem. 

This week is going to be crazy.  Like I mentioned all ready, we are driving to Kalispell today.  We have zone training in Kalispell tomorrow, Missoula on Wednesday, Butte/Helena on Thursday, and Bozeman Friday.  We will be traveling all week long.  Plus the next two weeks after as well.  So we will have 10 zone trainings altogether.  I love you all!!!  Hope all is well on the home front.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Adams

From Elder S. Goff - "Changes to ZL"

Me and vela my last kid ill ever have #4

  Well I just got to me new area. I got moved today to the city of Mante. It's a city that gets super hot and well I thinking ill be here till I head out in August. I got a call from the mission president Saturday morning telling me he wanted me to be zone leader over here and that’d be taking the place of my buddy elder heppler who goes home in 3 days. well I got here this morning and Heppler with be here with me until Wednesday and then ill be with elder botello an elder that has the same amount of time as me and well we will just work our butts off I'm super happy to be here and to be able to be with someone that has a little more time and knows what he is doing. I have had 4 kids in the passed 5 changes and I felt like my personal progress as a missionary was at a halt so I'm super stocker to have a comp to help me learn more. I will for sure miss my buddy elder vela and the fun and success we had but it’ll be great here.
  Yesterday I went to say buy to the members in my ward and a few mad me feel really great. In church yesterday we had over 80 people there but when I get in the area we only were having like 30 or 40 each week so it was awesome to see so many people there. The members were all really great to me saying buy and well I will for sure miss the area but I know it will still go great. I went to another ward as well when they were getting out of their classes and a lot of the members I had met and when I was telling them I was leaving they were all sad as well and more then anything it mad me feel like I really had made a difference there so I’m really happy about it.
  Elder vela and I had a baptism on Friday and it went great a lady that is super excited and ready to help the kingdom of god grow. Her name is Griselda and is loving reading the book of principios de evangelio and is just putting it all out to learn more. I was kind of sad to not be able to see a few people that were have been working with for awhile get baptized but I know it’ll happen someday soon.
  What else can I say well... Jason congrats on U of U that will be a whole lot easier to visit you guys later. And glen as well happy 26th birthday you’re getting old bro. love you brother.
  Oh as well I’m even going to be a grandpa. My 1st kid elder Franklin is getting a kid today which mean I’m a grandpa and oh yeah tomorrow I hit 20 months in the mish. Dang time really does fly by.
  Well I love you all have a great week enjoy conference and Aunt Bonita no worries ill let everyone here know when I see you on TV that your aunt :) I love you all be safe and take care

Loves, Goff-o
Part of my zone this morning victoria

 Just me with my sick tie from tiff

Last district meeting I'm teaching (P.D. the turtle is in my hand the district mascot I bought last Monday)

Baptism of Hna Griselda

My old bishop

One of my little buddies
Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Botello