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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Hey Fam"

  Well I'm not going to write too much today but I want to share something with yall. Everyone knows that I love the green bay packers and well with that goes loving Vince Lambardi. He once was talking about his team and said (teamwork is what the green bay packers were all about they didn’t do it for they individual glory, they did it cause they loved one another) I shared that quote with my zone and told them that we need to love the members and work with them to be able to achieve the goals that we’ve put we need to love one another as well cause if you don’t get along with your comp, you will get absolutely nothing done. We were really close to achieve our zone goal this last change and well we did turn out having the best change out of all the other zones :) most success in numbers that is. In the letter from my mission president today he told me that he wishes that he could somehow keep me here another year till him and his wife finish up so I can continue to work. He told me that he is happy with what I have been able to do and the progress I have made. It was a really cool letter to receive.

  Also this week me and my comp were talking a lot about what we are going to do after the mish and things like that and one day of study we both ran into scriptures that put us in our places. My comp was reading in 3 Nephi 13 and me in san Lucas 12 and we both were told to look first for the glory of god and later the worldly things will fall into place. It was kind of a smack in the face telling me that I haven’t completed what I have been called to do yet and that later I can worry about those things but now I need to worry about the things I’m here to do. I’m excited for this week. I think it will be a lot better than this last week cause we had a couple baptisms fall threw for different reasons but we will keep at it. :) I love you all

Elder Sawyer Goff

Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Dominguez

Thursday, June 23, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Hey Fam"

"Baptism #1 of this change Jose Manuel"
  So today is change day but me and comp are staying the same so we were just trying to get everything in order for our zone and get everyone sent off in the right buses this morning and put other elders together to wait for their comps to get here. It’s been a good day but a little hectic. Its always nice on p day when I don’t have changes cause that means I get a longer p day.:) We wont have district meeting today cause of changes so our p day is extended till 6 in place of 3 30. wooo whooo. I'm really excited to stay with my comp another change. We will be able to get a lot done I think and then my last change I think I’ll just be a normal missionary somewhere without responsibilities as a leader.
  Me and my comp have been working really hard to have a baptism every week here in our ward and it’s been going really great.. it’s been awesome to tell the truth. Yesterday was the forth week consecutive that we have had a baptism. We had a goal to have 5 this change and we had 6 so it’s been really awesome and I’m super excited to have another change with Elder Dominguez. We work really well together.
  Yesterday for my birthday what we did was the baptism of Angel. At our food the hna had a cake and we ate that with her and her son so that was really nice but other than that we didn’t do anything. We had fun and it was a good day but nothing too special. There is a guy from our ward who was going to take us fishing today for my birthday but he ended up not calling us yesterday to put everything together so oh well.. I guess maybe another day but it doesn’t matter.
  Everything is going great here. I love you all and hope all is well

Love Elder Sawyer Goff

"Baptism #2 Giel baptism by his grandfather the patriarch of our stake"

"Baptism #3, 4, and 5 Elder Goff, Fidel, Jose Aviles, Karen, and Elder Dominguez (1st time in white with one of my comps)"

"Baptism #6 Elder Goff, Angel, And Elder Dominguez (in white the day of my 21st birthday)"

"Us with mama mague for breakfast before doing service"

"José Aviles with us after cleaning the church and getting things set up for the baptism of angel the next day"

Our new comps :)
Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Dominguez

Friday, June 17, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "almost done with another change the start of week 6"

"Our last district meeting this change"

This was actually a great week. Last Monday me and my comp both went out on divisions to a city that is in our zone a little town an hour out of mante. We went out there with 2 other elders to help them out a little bit because they told us that they have been having a hard time. On the way out there idk why but I wasn’t feeling too great at all. I hadn’t eaten all day and the bus ride wasn’t too great so when we got there we get there at the time to get in the house and well I was hungry so my and elder Dominguez went out searching for something to eat before ending the night. We ended up buying some eggs and some sausage to eat with beans and tortillas like any real Mexican would do :) and well I felt great afterwards. In the room where me and my comp were going to sleep didn’t have light so I got on my comps back to take a bulb out of one room and put it in ours it was really funny. One of the other elders has pictures and I'll for sure send those later. We had a good night and a good study in the morning my comp challenged me to wrestling and well we already had the mattresses on the ground so we went for it. It was a lot of fun just messing around. I think the other 2 elders were thinking that we are crazy but we told them ya gotta get along with your comp in order to have success. Elder Dominguez and I are always having a great time and enjoying ourselves. Our day there working with them was really good we each went with one of the other elders and all together we were able to find 7 new INV and put 3 different dates for baptism it made the other 2 elders really happy and excited to keep that going and we hope that’s what they do. We had to end the divisions early because my comp got really sick and was throwing up and didn’t feel good at all. We think it was from the eggs we ate or something but we aren’t completely sure about that.

My comp ended up being in bed for a long time this week cause he was sick but then when he felt good I felt like crap so that wasn’t to great but the most important thing that happened this week is that we were able to have 3 baptisms on Sunday. It made the week so much better we are fulfilling our goal that we set to have a baptism every week. It’s been awesome. When we went to the church on Sunday to get the font ready and filled up all the doors to get in the fount were locked and well me being the James bond wanna be I am came up with the great idea of going threw the roof to get in and turn on the water and open the door from the inside. Clearly everyone we called people to asked for key but we couldn’t get a hold of our bishop and no one else had any so we have to do something. Our church has the ceilings like at schools and big buildings where you can get up inside at what ever part you want and so I did. My comp boosted me up and I climbed over and opened up the ceiling above the baptismal fount and jumped down opened the door and we started filling it up. It was quite an experience. I scrapped up my forearm pretty good along with my chest but all for this great work right.

This week we find out changes and we are really hoping that nothing is going to happen to us and that well stay the same another change. We are going great together and loving the work.  Well peeps I love yall but I gotta go have a great week and we'll talk to ya next time.

Love, Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff

"My comp trying to wrestle me"

"UTAH!  That's for you Jason... We wore these ties together to a meeting with the Stake President because he studied at BYU haha"

"Me and Elder Alveres with my bike that we broke because we weigh so much"

 "Under the sunset"

 "Beside Rio Mante"

"Check out my pants and shirt.. I ate it doing a wheely down the street"
Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Dominguez

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Hey Peeps"

  Well I’m not going to send pictures this week either I lent my converter thing for my memory card to someone from our ward and they still haven’t gave it back. This week went really good though. We had another baptism yesterday and it was really awesome. dad told me that Daiton got baptized this weekend as well that’s way cool I’m glad that Austin was able to do that and I hope to get some pics of it soon along with some when Austin got off the plane. That’d be cool.
  We had a meeting in Tampico this week with all the zone leaders and it was a little different then normal but it was awesome. We got to the institute building of Friday morning and we went in the room we always go to for the meetings put our stuff down and started to study a little bit all the zone leaders got there along with president and his wife. Then they told all of us to pass over to the other room when we walked in everything was set up for the sacrament. We sat down started out with a devotional like always then we all took part of the sacrament and president call was the one who passed it to all of us. It was a really great experience. We they took turns going up to the pulpit and sharing our testimonies or an experience that we have had. I talked about a man we are teaching and how he really is someone who was prepared to receive the gospel in his life. He was in jail for 4 years has 7 kids with 5 different people tattoos, piercings and long hair. I explain how we should never judge someone from the way they look because this man was just waiting for us to talk to him and help him find the road he should be on. I talked about him and shared my testimony about the gospel in my life. Once we had done that for a little bit we all went over to the other room where we usually are and talked about how we are going to make this mission better. We came to the conclusion that the thing we need to work on now is using the members to our advantage. President call is just about to get 2 years in the mission and he and his wife talked a little bit about the change that we have taken. They are really happy with how the mission is doing now and want us all to leave our own legacies behind. I had never seen my mission president cry until Friday as he was talking to us about how much we mean to him. He made us all feel really great I think he told us that the group of 20 elders that were present that if he had to only pick 20 to work here he would pick us. He was thanking us for the things we have been doing and encouraged us to continue to do the same. It really was quite the experience and I loved it.
  We are started week 5 of the change already and I can’t believe it because time has gone by so fast. I love my comp and we are really getting things done but having a blast doing it. We have got baptisms lined up for the fallowing 6 weeks. Things are going great.
  I love you all and hope things are going good back home

Love Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff

Here are some pics that my mission president’s wife sent to me.  Love you.

Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Dominguez

From Elder S. Goff - "Half way through the Change"

  Yesterday me and my companion were able to have a baptism of a kid we have been working with since I got here. It went really good and the kid asked me to do the ordinance for him. It was really cool but he didn’t want to go all the way under the water the first time I tried and he wasn’t going to the 2nd time I told him hey bud you got to go all the way under to the 2nd time I forced him into the water so I wouldn’t have to do it again. Afterwards he was telling everyone I was trying to drown him but I just didn’t want to take forever to get him in so I got the job done. We were going to have 2 baptisms but one didn’t go threw because the ladies kid got sick and she spent the weekend at the hospital. We are going to work with her some more and see when we can get her in the water as well.
  We are teaching this lady named Karen. She has listened to missionaries for the passed 3 years and well never accepted the gospel into her life till now. She is getting wet on the 11th of June and is really excited for it. We have taught her in the most basic way possible and its turning out really well. We are also teaching her mom perla. Perla has listened to the missionaries for about 20 years now. We were talking to her and I was like hna what is keep you from accepting this into your life and she said nothing then I was well what needs to happen for you to accept it. And she sat there thinking and said well a miracle. We were like well that’s what we are here for is to do miracles. She told us if she can see the change in her daughter and in her family she will accept it into her life. We are going to work really hard with her and are excited for it.
  We have been doing really well together me and elder Dominguez. I would love to be with him until I'm done with the mission but that would be a long time with one comp so we will see what happens.
  In our church building there are a bunch of books that no one ever uses so yesterday me and my comp took all the books that we wanted and think will come in handy. We took like seminary student books along with a few from different prophets of our dispensation. if I’m not able to read it all here in the mish I might be carrying a few home with me but they weigh a ton so who knows.
  This week me and my comp are taking a trip to Tampico for a zone leader council and are going to be missing out 2 days on work in our area so we are going to need to put everything we've got in the few days that we do have to work. Things are going great and I love it.

Love Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff

Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Dominguez