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Monday, March 29, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Happy B DAY bro!"

So, first off HAPPY B DAY glen I sent you a card but idk if it will get there in time or not I hope everything goes good for you though bro.

This week has been pretty good but yesterday was tough. My comp had something wrong with his back and couldn’t even get out of bed so we stayed in the house all day. At time I would put a hot rag on his back and ice and then I rubbed on some bengay for him as well just trying to help but it’s still hurting him today. We bought some pills today so I hope they work and he will be ready to go tomorrow.

We had zone conference this week on wed. And that was great. This past exchange the mission had 112 baptisms. That’s more in one change then they have had in the mish for over 6 years so that was exciting. This mish isn’t like others in México. In México City and up north people and just jumping in the water but this place is tough. There is this thing call saint death it’s like the grim riper and everyone thinks he is like god. They give him things and supposedly he gives them money not sure how it works but yeah. I heard a story this week of an elder who was here who was a great guy 100 percent obedient he was a zone leader and an assistant to the pres but he only had one baptism in his whole mish. That was pretty crazy but I know that some places most people don’t even get one.

In my interview pres asked how I feel about the whole mission splitting thing. I told him I love him and sister call but wherever he feels I need to be is where I will go and I will work. He told me that am good because a lot of people just say they don’t want to go. He is a great guy though.

Also in conference we found out that a town called Monte in the mish has been shut down. no one can leave there houses unless they really need to so the missionaries there are just stuck inside and something with the city of Victoria which is also in our mish it has been shut down. Things are getting pretty crazy in some places so the elders just gotta be careful.

Thanks for the pics and stuff you sent me tiff. E. Zamora one of my buddies the comp of Nagtuvi looked at them too and thought you and Joli were twins. And there is one of Joli in her new church cloths and I think I’m just gonna hide that pic so none of my comps will say anything about my little sister. I also want a sweat shirt (Weber state) like what you have in your pic with Trish maybe not for here but I want one when I get home its sweet and a t shirt too.

About the work this week both of the baptisms I had set up, both fell through. One of them is moving to the other side of the country and already left so we didn’t have time to dun him and the other is a 12 year old girl and we contacted her family and she liked listening to us but now she doesn’t care to listen she like to suck the mango more than listen to us lol. We are working well and staying busy its fun at times and tough at times but it’s all good.

The BOM is like a dessert, to know that it’s good you don’t have to eat the whole thing just part of it. So with the bom to have a testimony or to know that its true all you gotta do is try it out.

I love you all have a great week, E.Sawyer Goff

Current Area:  Monte Alto - Altamira, Mexico
Current Companion:  Elder Tovar

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