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Monday, September 27, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Hey family, Transfers have come to pass."

"Me, Elder G"
Hey There Loved Loves,

So this week was a little Bananas, Bonkers, Loco. You know...The Usual. Elder Hinton didn't want to do much this week. Which was tough, but he is now in Billings waiting to leave to Gilbert on Thursday. This transfer was pretty tough on me. We didn't daily plan one time in the 6 weeks I was here. He didn't want to. Never weekly planned either. Bummer. Makes it really hard when you don't have a plan. I have a new companion now though that is a stud so we will tear it up this transfer.

Elder Hinton and I saw a few people this week. Ann Martinsen is doing well. She hasn't been progressing a lot since I have been here, and all transfer we were trying to figure out what the deal was. Well, we were driving down main and saw Ann driving the other way so we honked and waved at her and she stuck her hand out the window to wave and saw a big nasty cigarette in her fingers. Ha-ha so now we know what is holding her up. She never smelled like smoke or even gave us a sign that she smoked. We always would ask if there was anything that was holding her back and she would say nope. She needs to learn more. I'm guessing there is more to it than that. We will see though. They are out of town this week so we won’t see them again until next week.

We are teaching this recently reactivated member. His name is Richard Ramos. He is in his early 40's. Just a great guy. He made some mistakes a few months back and was kicked out of the house. His wife and 3 kids are still living there. He is living with his brother right now. He hadn't been to church in 5 years and now he had been every week for 3 months. He had a disciplinary council and is disfellowshipped for a year. We asked him how he felt about everything, and he said, “I have never been so happy. I am getting blessings in abundance. People are showing me love and helping me even though they know about the things I have done. I may not even deserve this, but Heavenly Father continues to bless me." He had tears in his eyes. His happiness is so common place now. He prays everyday he will get to go back to his house and raise his family and be with his wife again. However, He said something to me that I really liked. Maybe because it was from him. I have heard it before. He said I can pray for the things I think I need or deserve, but it comes down to God's will for me. So I always pray for His will to be done. He keeps picking out his flaws though. We told him to list good things and count his blessings. I hope he does.

Now about transfers. Elder Hinton and I were waiting for the call when President Gardner called. Usually it's the assistants that call. He called and asked to talk to me and I thought...Hmm well maybe I'm training again. I'm not though. Which is fine. What he told me was that he was sending Elder House to be my companion. The same Elder House I came out with. :D He got here last night. We still can’t believe we are companions. We are going to have a ball and get a LOT done. We are excited for the chance we have to serve together. Elder House has been a District Leader for the last 6 months. So it was about time for him to be a Zone Leader. I didn't think President would put us together because we came out together, but he did. This transfer is going to be good.

Sounds like Jason had a good time running, swimming and biking. That's pretty sweet. What a stud. I have actually talked about doing a triathlon before. It would be pretty cool. IRON MAN someday maybe! :D Thanks for the e-mails. I got an e-mail from Mops, Pops, Tiff, and Joli. Glen hasn't e-mailed in a long time either. He is pretty busy though. Always doing something. Sawyer seems to be doing good down in the south. It's cool to read his e-mails. They are a lot more interesting than mine.

I have met a couple of cousins here in Worland. A Goff and some people who are descendants of Dudley Leavitt. Pretty cool. They asked what wife I was from and I didn't know. I'll have to take a look. Maybe we are from the same wife.

Enjoy conference. I'm excited for it. :) Glad Jason and Tiff get to go. I'll have to go next October. :D Won’t be home in time for April. Love you all and keep on trucking. Thanks for your love, and letters. A primary kid from our ward back home wrote me a letter and I wrote back last week. Taylor Allen. I don't think I know who that is. It was a great letter though. I couldn't wait to write back. I hope I get a letter in return.

Love, Elder God's Country Goff
P.S. Played basketball as a district.  Sat in a member's helicopter.  Cut wood with the Snyders.
P.S.S. Saw a Moose while getting wood. With its baby. First time I have seen a moose on my mission.

"District Ball"

"Sweet Blister I developed due to Playing B-ball"





"Hinton, Snyders and I"

"Hinton and I before his departure"

"Elder House and I"

""Elder House and I"

Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder House

From Elder S. Goff - "One Full Week"

"Me with the bridge on the way over.  It was the 1st time."

Well this week has been pretty packed with a lot of things. I’ll start out by last Monday night, I got a call from my buddy elder heppler at like 10 30 asking me to go and help his comp give him a blessing cause heppler wasn’t feeling too great at all. well I was ready for bed but I hurried and put back on my church clothes and we took off. We ended up not getting home till about 11 30 cause they didn’t have anywhere we could stay so we didn’t stay with them but it was ok he is doing a lot better though now so it was worth it.

We had elder DeHoyos from the 70 come to our mission this past week and talk to us. It was awesome I loved it and learned a ton. I’ll also be at a training thing this whole week from Tuesday till Friday everyday that I'm pretty excited for. I think it'll help out a lot. Its going to be about using inspired questions and how to just help people to teach themselves you just have to guide them. I’m pretty excited for it.

I went on divisions with heppler this week as well so he could help me out with a few things. I went to his area and ended up having a great time. I got there Wednesday night so I could do study and everything with him on Thursday. In the night we talked for a while but we got up in the morning and had some great study and then we went out to work in his area. There is this place in this area called chipus. You have to cross a bridge made out of wooden pallets to get there or walk way around. I had heard of this bridge so I was stoked to get to cross it. We went out and crossed it good the 1st time went and gave a lesson to a kid that had a baptism date then we had to cross the bridge again to get back. well as we were crossing me and heppler were walking together and everything was great till there was a guy who was walking the other way wanted to get by us well when he was right next to us and I heard the wood start to crack and next thing I knew I was down below in the nasty crap water that was below. The crap was up to my knees and luckily I didn’t fall over or anything but it was like a dream or something that you would see in a movie. me and heppler were the only ones that fell in the other dude jumped back and saved himself but it was ok me and hep were just laughing about it and took pictures and a video. It was a great experience. Just about all the elders know about the bridge and now we can say it broke on us. After that we went right to my house so I could change my clothes and take a shower and I felt a lot better.

When I was with heppler I got a call from my ex comp elder Tovar who is assistant and he told me that I would need to be at the mission house the next day in the morning because I would be receiving a kid. Well I did. My kid’s name is elder Franklin from lehi Utah. He had visa problems and was in the salt lake south mission for while till he got cleared and now is here with me. We are in a three sum with elder Salazar as well. Pres told me I have 2 weeks to train him and get him going in the right direction and then I would be turning him over to Salazar and I would be receiving another at changes and will be opening up a new area. I have no idea where or anything yet but that’s what pres told me. I’m pretty stoked cause I’m sure its going to be like some little ranch place.

Elder Franklin is a way cool guy and we all get along great he hasn’t worked on Spanish for like 2 months because he was in an English speaking mission till he got here but he will get it. I’m helping him out a lot when he has questions and I just tell him to just keep talking to Salazar and practice so that’s what he does. I make sure he teaches and shares his testimony at every appointment we go to so he can practice and he is coming along. Everything is going great and I’m having a lot of fun. I love you all and hope that all is great.

Love Elder S. Garrett Goff

ps you should send me peanut butter for Christmas its super expensive here

"Teahan and Tovar, my only comps that are still here.. All others I have killed (and seastand is in the back)"

"The bridge before it was broken"

 "Me and Heppler with the bridge we broke"

"The bridge broken"

 "My kid that I'm so proud of but I look fat and I hate wearing a suit.  It's so hot and I had to wear it."

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Comment from Mama Heywood"

Had to come do an online survey for Preach My Gospel. Tell Momma Heywood thank you for the Comment and also I wanted to say love you to the Family.

Hope all is well.

Love, Austin

Monday, September 20, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Bishop Danny"

Well there is a lot to say and not to much time. So Bishop Danny Allen will be receiving me when I get home this coming year that’s pretty cool. I didn’t think there was going to a bishop change till after I got back but that’s cool tell Danny congrats. Oh yeah some questions first off. Has Alex got home yet from his mission and has Colton teerlink got his call yet? I was wondering about them this past week.

We have some inactive member here from our ward that aren’t helping to great with the missionary work. We have some investigators that live close to them and one of the member kids gave our investigator a paper saying that the world id going to end the 10th of Oct of 2010. When we went to our investigators house and they told us that and showed it to us they were pretty nervous cause they believed it. We explained it all to them and showed them scriptures for evidence. It really made me upset that the members would be like that and that they are teaching their kids things like that. our investigators don’t know that the other family are members of the church I just don’t understand how people get the idea of the world ending on a certain day when nothing like that is said in the scripture or by any prophet. its says pretty clearly in the new testament that no one knows when christ will come again not even he knows only our heavenly father.

We had a meeting this week for all the leaders from our mission from the 5 zones that are here in Tampico. All the zone and district leader and it was good. President talked a little more about what we should be do our responsibilities and such. It was great and I learned a little more what I'm supposed to be doing. I also got to see my buddy elder Ruiz one of the elders I was in the mtc with. It was the first time I have seen him in over a year. He has gotten a lot skinnier now and looks taller as well. It was really cool to see him.

So tiff be looking for an elder lerma up there in Ogden. There is an elder here that has a brother going on this mission up there. He is from chiuahah. Just keep your eye out.

I can’t remember if I told you guys about carols and Maria. We found them because she has on a green shirt. One day I and my comp were out looking for people when I told him to tell me a color. Well he told me green and I said we are looking for someone in a green shirt that is ready to listen to us. Well we talked to a lady in a green shirt that we found and I was really happy with it. we ended the lesson and took off only 3 houses down there was another lady in green but I was like well we already found the one we were looking and kept walking but then I felt that we needed to go back and we went back and talked to her and her husband. Well everything went great that day. We ended up passing by another day and talking to them again. We taught the 1st lesson better then what we were able to do the 1st time and Maria really liked it and knew that the BOM is the word of god. It was really amazing. Well Carlos suffered from a seizure about 30 years again and the left side of his body doesn’t work. Well apparently he has been able to see things since it happened to me. He told me that day that I had on angle on my side. He said it helped to give me more power. He said the angle was bigger then me and right beside me. He said my comp had one as well. I told him that I have it to help me speak a little better Spanish. He was like no he is here to help you with more then that. It was pretty cool to hear him say that. Idk if he really can see those things or not but I know I have angles with me guiding me.

Well on Friday after that meeting of leaders I went on divisions with my faithful zone leader elder heppler. We went and visited Maria and Carlos and ended up putting a fetcha (date) with them. I was stocked for that. They know it true and they went to church with us yesterday and loved that as well.

In church yesterday it was pretty crazy. President Call, my mission president and his wife ended up coming to visit our ward. Well we got there right on time with our investigators and president was there. There were a couple other but not to many. There was only one person from the bishopric as well. I went up and talked to hno. Ruiz from the bishop brick for a couple announcement to make then went to my seat, I closed the doors for the prayer and for sacrament I passed the sacrament as well, I gave a talk, and taught a class in Sunday school. it was a busy day in the church and sister call told me that I looked like I knew what I was doing and that she cant believe the change from a year again when I got here. It felt good that someone recognized that I was trying to help so much.

Well we have the date for baptism for the 30th of this month for Maria and Carlos. I’m excited for it and ill keep yall updated on what’s going on.

I love you all and have a great week. Well see yall real soon.

Elder S. Goff

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Current Companion: Elder Salazar

From Elder A. Goff - "Another week on a mission"

Hey there everyone from around the world,

It's me Elda g who is still actually in Wy-Om-Ing. Not a lot happened this week which isn't that surprising. Let me explain. This transfer has been kind of tough. Elder Hinton and I get along good, but as far as the little things go he doesn't like doing them. Daily Planning..Nah..Weekly Planning...Nah. Which is tough because I'm so used to planning and having something to do for every hour of the day. This transfer I have found that since we never plan that we end up saying after we see someone. So...What do you want to do now? Rather than just looking at what we have planned. So we end up wasting time trying to decide what to do next. So therefore we don't get as much done. Every time I talk to Elder Heywood we talk about President putting us together. We would have a ball and get a lot done. I think he will probably be made assistant soon though. So there is a good chance we won’t ever be companions. Bummer right? Anyway.

Elder Hinton and I went on Ward team ups for the first time since I have been here. Which was nice. I went with our ward mission leader and Elder Hinton went with Bishop Wilde. We got a lot done that night and even found a couple more families to go teach. I had Root Beer cookies for the first time. They are REALLY good!

We went to play basketball this week with some high school kids and had a good time. I enjoy going to play basketball to get some real physical work going. It's not very often that we get to go play, so we had a ball.

Anne Martinsen is doing well. She came to church last week and is continuing to progress. Slowing but Surely. We have a lot of work to do to get things rolling like I would like them to be. Elder Hinton flies home in about 10 days now. He is excited to see his family, and to start the next part of his life. He is planning on going to BYU Provo for Winter Semester.

Not much else to talk about this week.

Oh yeah. Almost forgot. Stake Conference was this week. For the Adult Session on Saturday night Sister Snyder spoke. I really enjoyed her talk. She is the stake President's wife and we live with them. She told a story I really enjoyed. There was a mountain climber who had climbed a lot of huge mountains. She had conquered many mountains she thought she never thought she could. So she planned to climb a mountain she had never done before and it would easily be the biggest. She found herself a guide who had been up the mountain May times and they began the climb. She did really well until they got about 3/4 of the way done. Then she had difficulty even putting one foot in front of the other. She had decided in her heart and mind she would give up. She told the Guide of her plan to give up and begin her long journey back to the bottom. Her guide told her she could do whatever she thinks she should, however, he asked her to first look behind her and to see how far she had gone. She turned and looked at how far she had gone. Then looked to the top of this mountain and continued on. She finished the climb.

So no matter where we are in life and when it gets tough. Look back down the mountain and truly think about how far you have gone and continue on. I love you all. Thanks for your letters and e-mails. They mean a lot. I need to give a shout out to Elder Heywood's mommy. He told me she still reads these. :)

That's pretty neat about Danny being bishop now. Did Bishop Brotherson get another calling? I was kind of wondering if he would still be bishop when I got home. Thanks for your e-mail Pops Tiff and Joli. I still haven't heard from my mommy. Hope she hasn't forgotten about us boys on missions.
Love, Austin

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Monday, September 13, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "EL GUERO"

Elder Goff

So, to start off this last Monday the power wasn’t working in our house so I went down to look at the circuit box and see what was going on thinking that one might have tripped. Well I went down there to try and fix it and ended up getting shocked like no other. There was a lizard in there that got fried and somehow got in-between the power flow well I flipped the thing to off and tried to move my little reptile friend and the power hit me.
Well this last week I read our search for happiness by M. Russell Ballard. It was really great and it had some example in it that I really liked that I think will help a lot when I'm teaching. I’m going to start reading our heritage now and the Jesus the cristo. I’m excited to do it and I think it will help me in teaching and to understand things better as well. I’m also working on the New Testament and I’m learning a ton from that right now. I’m still in Matthew and moving slowing but there are a lot of things to learn that Christ did when he was here.

Well this week when we were knocking doors we found some people from hati. I knew when they answered the door that the didn’t have much time here. They didn’t know any Spanish but they knew a little bit of English, enough to be able to tell them about what we do. they seemed really great but they didn’t have time to talk to us and when we went by the next day no one was there but I’m going to keep on looking for them cause I thought they were really cool people they were like purple almost cause they were so black and their native language is French so when they were talking to each other it sounded way cool.

This week we were out knocking on doors like we usually do and while we were doing so my comp was getting really down and saying how he isn’t going to have any baptisms in this area. I told him that numbers really don’t matter and the sooner he gets that in his head the happier he will be. I also told him that we would find someone the next day who will be baptized. Well I said it and it seemed right when I did and I knew the lord would provide. My comp asked me how I knew and I said cause I feel like we will but we have to work super hard and talk to everyone in our path. well later on in the day we went with Estela the lady who should already be baptized and when we went with her she told us that she didn’t have time cause she was going to the doctor but told us to come back the next day cause she invited 3 of her friends to listen to us. I didn’t think of it right then but later on I was thinking that maybe one of those friends is the one that we would find the next day who would want to get in the water. Well it was too good to be true because the next day Estela called and said that she wouldn’t be able to accept us because she had other things going on. So we didn’t get to go and met her friends but we went and contacted some apartments that we already had but we decided to do it at a different time of day to see if there would be different people home. Well we went and we found Delia. She is golden. She is really catholic one that actually goes to church and knows the scriptures pretty well. Well we talked to her and taught the 1st lesson and everything we told her she believed and thought it was all great. She said it was all new to her and interesting and she was really excited to read about when Jesus came here to the Americas she thought that was awesome. We are praying and fasting for her to receive an answer and I hope it happens we will go with her again in Tuesday to see how everything is going and I hope she has received an answer.

Well another day this week we were in the street and we couldn’t find anyone we were looking for. We had name out of the area book we were trying to track down but no one was home. So I decided I would try something new. I asked my comp to tell me a color and he asked why. I was like just tell me the first color that popped in your head. He was like green I was like ok what kind of green. Like apple green, or dark green or what? He pointed to a green house and said that color. So I told him that we were going to look for someone in a green shirt like that. We went walking and searching for someone with that color. We saw a guy driving with a shirt like that and tried to fallow him but he was to fast for us so it didn’t work but we kept going. We walked up and down like 3 streets till we finally found Guadalupe with her green tank top. We talked to her and gave her the 1st lesson and it went well and we have another appointment with her this week. we kept walking down that same street and we passed an older lady out front with a green shirt and I was like well we already found one but maybe this lady as well is one of the chosen so we went to talk to her and we got going in the lesson talking about prophets and she told us that she thinks that there will be a prophet again here on the earth and we were like great just keep that in mind we will talk about that:) I was super stocked that she said that. Well we told her about everything and then she said that she had gone to our church before with a friend but when she was in the church the whole time she had a bad feeling in her gut and said that that’s how she knows it’s not right. well that kind of sucked to hear and we told her she should try to go again and pray about what she should do and she said that she might try and I really hope she does. We will go by with her again to see what she thinks later.

At church this week the bishop one of his councilors and the secretary of the ward were the only ones who talked the people who were supposed to talk didn’t show up this week. I felt bad and tried to like give motion to tell them I could talk but then didn’t know so after sacrament I told bishop to give me ten minutes next week to talk about something. So I’m going to talk to them about inviting people to feel the peace that they all feel from the church. I’m going to share some stuff from the New Testament I’m reading and hopefully get some people excited to help this ward out. I love these people but the whole ward just does there own things and we are going to try and unite them a little better.

we also had a party this week for the Mexican independence day on the 15th and it was awesome me and my buddy heppler went and bought some wigs and sombreros so we could have a good time and it turned out well everyone was wanted picture with us and even though I was sweating like crazy the whole time it turned out well. All in all it was a pretty good week.

I love you all and hope you guys have a great week I know I will :)

-Elder S. Goff (EL GUERO)

"Me above part of my area"

"Elder Hendricks from Mesa AZ, Me, and Elder Heppler from St. Geezy"

"Me and 2 of my buddies from another ward"

"Me and my sister Sarahi"

"Me and Hep"

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From Elder A. Goff - "16 days left...For E. Hinton"

Elder Goff

Hey Family and everyone,

This week was great. We had a fun P-day last week. We went to a park with a couple of families that invited us and had a BBQ and played Volleyball and frisbee and threw a football around too. We had a good time.

We had Zone Conference this week. Which was amazing. They had it at Rock Creek Hallow for outdoor zone conference. Elder Hinton and I drove down to Lander Tuesday night and the Sutton's had us over for dinner. It was Sage's birthday, their youngest daughter who is now 13. So we had a good time eating over there and having cake too. Then that night we went out with Elder Searle and Houston again. Elder Houston and I went to Jay Parker's house. He went to church last Sunday which was really neat to hear. I didn't get a chance to go see him when we were down the week before for team ups. So it was nice to go see him and talk about some of the things going on in his life. I think he is truly wanting to know if the LDS church is something that is true and to know if he needs to make some choices concerning it. Which is incredible! That was really exciting.

Wednesday we woke up and met President Gardner at the church in Lander and had our interviews. Then we met up with all the other Elders and Sisters from Wyoming in a parking lot there in Lander and headed for Rock Creek for Zone Conference. We were all pretty excited for an outdoor Zone Conference. Mostly because we got to wear regular people clothes. :D We got to Rock Creek and the first part of Zone Conference President Lorimer who was Stake President at the time of the Second Rescue spoke to us about missionary work and a lot about the stories of the pioneers and what went on in Rock Creek. It was a neat experience. I have now been there 3 times and it only gets better each time I go. After President Lorimer left, Sister Gardner talked about the things around us and how like Alma said, Everything Denotes that there is a God, and refers to everything around us. Then President Gardner stood and said that he was going to give us an hour to go find a spot to sit and answer 4 questions. Somewhere where we could be seen by our companion, but somewhere we could just think. The 4 things were: 1. Dust for fingerprints, Look for God's hands all around. 2. Write down things I am doing well. 3. Write down things I can improve on. 4. Write down things I am grateful for. It was a great thing. I loved it. I spent time thinking about my mission and the chances I have had to stretch myself. The times I was scared and freaking out about how much I was about to be stretched. However, it made me thankful for those times. God is always stretching us. Thank Goodness he is. I wrote down things I thought I had done well at and also a thousand ways I can improve. haha It was a long list. :D I wrote down about my dear family. :D Like I would leave you goof balls off of my Grateful list right?! haha Love you :D I put a lot of people down from my mission as people I am grateful for. Jesus Christ. So many things. It was good to have that time to sit a think about those things. It was a grate Zone Conference and I got sunburned to the sun and back. I looked good! :S

At Zone Conference we made goals for finding new investigators. Our Zone set a goal of 25 a week. Which is a HUGE number, but that's what they wanted to do. So Elder Hinton and I went out and hit a bunch of doors and found 4 new investigators. It was AMAZING!!! I have never had success like that tracting on my mission. So, hopefully we can keep that up. I'm excited about the things that have been happening. We have people progressing and finding new people to teach and teaching less actives and having a ball doing it.

Elder Hinton only has 16 days left and he reminds me everyday how long he has. Which gets kind of old, but it's all good. He still will get out and work so it's ok with me. I won’t complain too much. He is excited to go home and see his family again. I can’t blame him. haha that will be a happy day. And he will get to hang out with girls...LUCKY. ;)

All is well up here. Surviving. Glad to hear Pop's is getting a lot of work. Joli got to play some soccer and show those Pahrump Trojans that the Goff girl is going to kick some butt. Glad to hear Tiff and Jason are moving into a new place. They seem pretty excited. :) Hope Mom is doing well. I haven't heard from her in sometime now. I hope she still loves me. :D

haha I love you all and hope you are doing Well. Hope Glen and Garrett are doing well. I was looking through my pictures the other day and found one of Garrett when he fell asleep on my chest and in the back ground is my chipotle burrito. YUM! haha

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

"Elder Goff and Rock Creek"

"Missionaries spreading out to find a spot"

"Elder Hinton and I"

"Hinton and Goff at the Remember Rock"

"Keep off Exhibits"



"The West's and I. (LANDER)"

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Sorry for being late :)"

Hello everyone,

So I'm sorry that I didn’t write anything yesterday I got on for a minute but then some elders came over and wanted me to cut their hair because I did such a great job on mine awhile back. As you can see in the pictures I’m becoming a pro. I even have another elder that wants his done next week so well see how that goes. I’m thinking about starting to charge for them taking time out of my p days. Nah I wouldn’t charge anyone for having the chance to make them look servants of the lord :)

Well this week was alright we had an activity in the ward that I and my comp have been planning for like 3 week on Sunday but only like 2 families and some other people showed up. My comp was pretty down for that but I was trying to keep hope in him. we had an activity when I was with alderete and no one showed up not one member so its really getting better here and I hope it keeps going in that direction. We are going to plan something else we aren’t sure what yet but we will think of something. We are trying to get the ward more united.

For one day this week the comp of elder heppler came with us. He had less than a week here in México when he was with us and it was great. His name is elder Hendricks he is from mesa AZ. he reminds me a ton of myself when I got here but he is coming along he is a great guy. We had some fun being together the day we were.

This week is the huge party for our stake for the Independence Day here in México. It’s going to be so much fun and I'll be sure to take a bunch of awesome pictures to send home. Me and heppler have got some good stuff planned of what were going to do and I’m stocked for it.

We also had a family night this last week with a member and his wife. his wife isn’t a member and she use to not want anything to do with the church but we went over and talked about the atonement with them and something changed is what her husband told us at church on Sunday. (its the same couple that bought me a birthday cake on my birthday) he said that he was talking to her about her getting baptized and she said maybe after learning a little more. He said before when he would try to talk to her about it she would always just say she didn’t want anything. Well she ended up at church on Sunday and we are planning on doing another family night later on this week.

Everything else is pretty much the same as always. I’m buying me some new shoes today and this week is going to be a ton of fun with this party we are going to.

I love you all and hope all is well.

Lotta love,

E, Garrett Goff

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Monday, September 6, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "What a Great week...For everyone else."


Hey Family,

Alrighty, So first of all I would like to answer Tiff's questions so she cant say I didn't answer her. :D haha

1. How goes? Great, I feel a lot better than last week. My fever is gone and we got a lot done this week. Just not in our area, but I'll explain that in a little bit. :D

2. You also mentioned the cedar chest I made for you. I'm glad you like it. I spent a lot of time on that thing.

3. How is being a Zone Leader? Is it a lot more work than before?

I don't think it's a whole lot different. I get that question a lot from Elders and I don't think it has changed a ton. We do a couple more things, but other than that we do everything any other Elder does. It the same work, with a couple extra things we do. So I don't get why missionaries want this so bad. It's not a big deal or anything special.

4. You mentioned my favorite nephew getting huge.

All I have to say is...Are you surprised? haha have you seen the kid's Father? :D

5. Pop's got a job. I'm glad he did. He has been in a lot of prayers. :D

6. Joli and Soccer. Kiera Ogden e-mailed me suddenly last week and I told her about Joli and she said she LOVES Joli and loved how she would always say hi to her in the halls at school.

7. Shirt size-L, unless you are talking about church shirts. Then I don't know. I'll have to look. I'm in P-day clothes right now so I can’t check.


Church Pants-Um...Well it depends. I wear 34-33 in jeans. and if you get normal dress pants that should be the same, but some dress pants are actually going to be 36. the sizes drive me nuts.

Shoes- One pair I have are ugly and destroyed. And I keep gluing them and the other pair I have I only wear on Sundays and to zone conference. So they are pretty nice. I should be fine. They will last. :)

I think that's all. :D Love you Tiff.

Alright so this week was not very productive for our area, Elder Hinton and I took Tuesday-Friday to go on team ups in Lander and Riverton. It was a ball though. We started in Lander at their District meeting. Elder Searle was made District Leader for his last Transfer. He did really well. Planned it out and had a great District Meeting. After District Meeting Elder Hinton and I teamed up with Elder Catron and Wilkins. I went with Elder Wilkins and Elder Hinton went with Elder Catron. It was a good day. We worked our butts off and found 3 new investigators in their area. For Dinner Elder Hinton and I went With Elder Searle and Houston to the Crane's house. He is a dentist in Lander and fixed one of my teeth that chipped. I love that family. So we spent some time with them. Then on Wednesday I went with Elder Houston. Elder Hinton went with Elder Searle. Elder Searle hasn't been seeing a whole lot of people. So it was good I got to go with Elder Houston and show him around and introduce him to a lot more people. I think Elder Houston was getting a little frustrated with Elder Searle. haha So I think it was good we got to show him some more people to see and also to give him a break for a day. We ended up finding 2 new investigators and a couple of potentials as well with them. The whole reason we went on team ups was to help these Elders find and It worked out. I got a hair cut when I was in Lander too. The Lady that did it cut it in seriously like 3 minutes and I was really surprised. So Elder Houston and I left and as we were drive to the house to rinse the hair off of me He started laughing and was making fun of my hair because the lady screwed it up. So I had elder Houston try to fix it and it still looked like trash. Then that night we went to get a picture with Bishop Sutton's family. Only Sister Sutton and Little Todd were there. So we went over and Elder Houston made fun of my hair so Sister Sutton fixed it for me. :D So now I look fly again. :) Alright. Now back to team ups.

Thursday we were in Riverton with Elder Mangelson and Merrell. I was with Elder Merrell all day and we had a good time talking about East Helena. He served there after I did so we had a ball talking about all the people there. Fond memories. We found 2 new investigators with them.

Friday we were with Elder Lewis and Hepworth. and with them we found 3 new investigators. It was a good week. When we got numbers yesterday we found out they kept finding. Because in our zone altogether there were 20 new investigators found. :) It was an awesome week for our zone. I'm glad to say that they all kicked BUTT this week.

So team ups are the reason we didn't get much done in our area. We have Zone Conference in Wednesday at Rock Creek Hallow. It should be really neat. I have already been there a couple times, but I think the spirit will be there everytime. It is a neat place. We are going to go down tomorrow night to Lander so we won’t have to wake up so early wednesday morning to drive down. I told Elder Hinton as we drove into Lander last week that I felt like I was coming home. Lander is another home to me. I have a few homes now. :D Hope you don't mind.

Alright I think that is all. I don't think I'm fogetting anything. I love you all.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

"Sutton Family and I."

Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder Hinton