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Monday, April 5, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "What a week"


I have a lot to write about this week. First of all I would like to talk about something Tiff brought up a few e-mails ago. She said she likes to honk and wave at the Elders when she sees them walking down the street. She also said that they probably think she is crazy. I'll tell you what I think when people honk and wave frantically as they drive by. I think, “Wow another Mormon driving by as we walk in the snow....Fantastic. I wonder if they ever think of asking if we need a ride?" haha That's what I think. :D

Heavenly Father played a couple of April fools jokes on Elder Kuck and I. First of all we woke up on what we had hoped to be a beautiful day on April 1, 2010. The first joke he played on us was when we looked out the window to snow falling. We had about 6 inches. brand new snow. Good one God...Good one. :D Then later we took some time to clear brother and Sister Alexander's drive where we stay. It's a big one so we tried to use the snow blower, but it was too wet. It kept getting clogged. So we decided to build a couple of snowmen. (I forgot my camera again so I can’t send pictures until next week.) One was about 7 feet tall while the other was about Elder Kuck's size. In the process of doing this our white shirts turned brown. So when we were done we went upstairs and changed to get ready to go to dinner. We took off our dirty shirts and decided we had better spray them with shout and get them in the washer before we left to dinner. So we did so. 2 P-Days ago Elder kuck and I had bought a brand new gallon of Liquid laundry detergent, and it sits on top of our stack washer and dryer. Which means that our dryer is on top of our washer and about 7 feet tall. We left top dinner and came back to the house to use the rest room before an appointment. We walked upstairs and Elder Kuck says, " it smells like laundry detergent up here." So we walked to the bathroom where the laundry stuff is and found the Second joke Heavenly Father played on us. The gallon of Liquid detergent had fallen from on top of our stack and Broke. Liquid Detergent everywhere!!!! haha Bummer right? So next step...We try to figure out how in the world we were going to clean up the mess. We felt it wasn't wise to use towels because if we did that we would need to put them in the washer. Then it would overflow with bubbles. So then we decided to use some pass-along card to scoop it. Not effective. Then I said wow...I wish we had a squeegee. So we got in the car and went to the brand new Safeway that opened days prior and bought a Squeegee and a dust pan and that is how we cleaned it up. God-2 Elders-0.

Our last mission President was made an area seventy during conference. That was pretty cool to hear. Craig G. Fisher. I really loved Elder Oaks talk during Priesthood. Talking about giving blessings to heal. It always makes me think of when I was in Helena. When Diane was so sick. I wanted nothing more but to heal her. Bishop gave me a talk he has used at funerals. It helped a lot. However, I still sometimes wish I could have done more. Then this talk made me think. It was God's will that she passed at that time. I was there for a reason and Elder Child too. I think it happened when It should have. When a couple of Dorks like Elder Child and I were there to still put a smile on Jim's face. I sure miss that place sometimes. I learned a lot there. President apologized one day for doubling me in training when I was only out 4 1/2 months. I told him don't be sorry. I learned more in the first 6 weeks of being there than I have learned my entire mission prior. :D

I also Liked Ronald H. Rasband. He talked about mission calls. I definitely know this is where I was supposed to come. No doubt it my little brain. Or heart for that matter. God places us where he needs us. I also liked Bradley D. Foster's talk. The part I remember is when he talked about never giving up on those that fall away. You never know how or when a person's heart may be changed. I liked that a lot. I love working with less active members. I figure if I help a few of them along the way maybe someone will be able the help my family as well. Who knows? I just always try to keep a prayer in my heart for my family and also for the people I am able to teach.

This week we have 5 baptisms happening!!! WOO HOO!!! We have 3 on Thursday and 2 On Saturday. The Trospers on Thursday. I'm very excited to be a part of this. And Teima and Adrianna on Saturday. Transfers are on Friday. Pray I will be ok with whatever happens. I hate transfers. I just need to know that whatever happens is what needs to happen. I love you all and thank you for your prayers. Love your favorite Elder in The Montana, Billings Mission.

Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Lander, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder Kuck

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