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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "I love being a missionary :)"

Hey fam,
   Well I'm glad to hear that my bro Austin made it home alright. I’m sure you guys all enjoyed being together and seeing him I bet it’s a pretty great feel I’m pretty excited to see the kid as well.
   To start out, for a couple of weeks now I have been praying for something in particular. A while back mi compa was talking about the gifts that are promised in the P blessing and well I got to thinking well what are mine because my P blessing doesn’t say anything and I have been praying a lot trying to figure out what I have. The first one I found is well that I have the gift of the Holy Ghost :) that’s a huge blessing right. the other day in a lesson with a girl that getting baptized on Saturday told me that I have the ability of making people happy when they are down and to help people feel better about themselves. I thought well that’s great maybe that can be one of my gifts. they one more I was able to come across is that mi compa told me that I’m a great leader and I should never be scared to show people how to do it cause they will fallow me for the kind of person I am. That made me feel good and made me think about my P blessing because it says I will be a leader in many way but I didn’t realize that maybe its saying that that’s one of my gifts I have. its been cool studying about it and searching to find what they are I’m reading the articles of fe by James Talmage and its helping me as well thing of things and open my mind more.
  This week here in the stake I’m in they had a missionary activity with the jovenes and me and my comp were invited to give them a little bit of training. We talking to them about effective study and the importance that it has in being a good missionary. It was a lot of fun I love working with kids from the Aaronic priesthood. It went really well. one day we went to talk with them and a couple of kids came with me and mi compa to hit some doors and that day just happened to be the hottest day we ever had here so far it got up to 49 degree C not sure what it is in F but I think like 115 but it was hot and the kids enjoy themselves still so I was happy.
  The 30th of abril here is the day of kids and well we had a fiesta here in the ward and it was a lot of fun. There were dances that some kids in the ward put on and some people that sung including me. I really didn’t want to do it but mi compa was playing the flauta and a sister was going to sing and well then made me do it as well not cool at all. Everyone was telling I looked like a tomato because I got so red and just laughed at the gringo oh well though.
  we have an INV that’s name is lupìta that is getting baptized this Saturday and well yesterday in church I got up to share my testimony then my comp fallowed me then lupita fallow him. She got up and told everyone why she is getting baptized and invited all the members out to the baptism. She is super excited. When we first found her she said she was never going to stop praying to the virgin and los Santos but now she is thinking completely different... she only prays to god now and knows it’s true.
  Me and elder botello started our fast on Saturday and well the last thing we ate were hot cakes. I just want to recommend to everyone that that is a horrible idea and to never do it. Start a fast after a good meal hot cakes feel you up but only for a little whole. We were super full at 2 in the afternoon but by 5.30 or 6 we were dying of hunger. It was quite the experience and we had fun with it.
  Well ill be talking to you will this week and I’m excited to hear how my bros talk goes in church. I love you all take care.

Love Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff

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