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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "What a Week"

Well everyone this week I think was one of the most intense week of my whole mission and one of the weeks most effective as well. Me and my comp now have bike and are able to move around a lot faster then before. We were able to find 13 new people to teach this week along with putting 10 baptism dates. We have baptisms planned for the next 6 weeks and are super excited for it. How our area is set up its a little weird. It goes from one side of the city to the other side but its only 5 streets wide. So it’s really long but super skinny. The bikes are helping out a lot we talk to pres call and she gave us permission to use them so that’s what we have been doing.

We had zone conference this week in witch me and my comp got to teach a little bit and address our zone about what we have planned this change it was really good. Sister call did a little presentation about how we need to have our houses clean to be able to have the spirit with us there. And well she had taken pictures of certain houses that her and pres call had inspected and well guess what our house was the high light of the video it was almost all pics of our house. Certainly it was before I got there :) but it was super gross and our whole zone knew it was our house and were laughing about us but we have been cleaning it step for step and it’s getting a lot better. Today we are even moving the house we found another little apartment and are moving later today everything over then going to finish cleaning the old house really good as well.

There is this man named José Aviles we call him José (amen) cause he used to go to a Christian church so when were talking out of no where he will yell AMEN!!!! He is a great guy he was living up in the states for a long time and was sent back here due to DUIs that he had. He has really changed and I really excited about the church. He came on Sunday and loved and participated in the classes and it was great. We found him cause every time we go by his house he would always yell things in English at me like hey white boy... or even hey nigger (I think I’m getting tan but not that dark yet) hey would yell something every time but I just yell something back and keep on walking finally one time i turned around and went to the door and started talking to him we taught him the first lesson and accepted a baptism date the first day. He really wants to church and understands that baptism with the authority of god is the things most important to help him change. We are really excited for him. He has his date for the 11th of June to get in the water.

Things are going really well here in mante just loving life and sweating like no other I love you all.

Take Care
Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff

Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Dominguez

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