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Monday, September 12, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - Hey Everyone"

"Divitions with Elder Van helping a guy break up concrete"

Hey everyone
  Well last week I talked about a miracle that happened that we were waiting for something to happen and a hna from our ward showed up with 2 young ladies to the services and I seemed like everything was going to be great and we were going to be able to put them both in the water before I go but its not looking that way anymore. After going with them a couple times this week to teach them, their mom said that she doesn’t want us to come back again that she decided that she is rathing going to take the girls to catholic seminary. It made us really sad and we tried to explain the importance of our message and she said that she didn’t care and that its tradition and that she doesn’t want to break that tradition that they have going. So as of right now we really don’t have anyone progressing and it makes me sad but this next week we have big plans with an activity that we are going to do along with a lot of looking for new people who really want to progress. I really want to leave this area better than the way I found it so this week is going to be a very important one - the last full week that I will ever have as a missionary. I love you all and I’ll see yall soon.

Love Elder Sawyer Goff

"That's right Green Bay baby"
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