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Saturday, September 3, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Hi family"

"Sugar cane"

  Hey everyone well this week was a little rough we had 5 baptism dates fall and a couple decided that they don’t want to listen to us at all anymore. there is this couple that we have been teaching and were getting ready to get baptized this weekend but we went to go and talk to them at the 1st of this week last week to tell them that they need to get married to be able to get baptized and that me and my comp would help out with the money but as we talked to them about that the girl told us that she didn’t want to get baptism then cause she doesn’t want to get married to the guy. She has 2 kids with him but doesn’t want compromisos I guess. It was pretty sad but on Sunday when we were leaving the house to go pass by for some INV and go to church I said the prayer and ask our heavenly father to help us have a miracle happen and that the people we were going to pass by with would be ready. Well we went by for the family but no one came out of the house so we went off to the church alone. When we got there the turn out wasn’t too great but a sister in the ward walked in and had 2 young ladies with her that I had never seen before. After sacrament meeting I went over to talk to the Hna and she said that the 2 girls were nieces of a bishop from another ward but live in our area. After church we talked to the girls and put an appointment for today in the afternoon to pass by and talk with them and the rest of their family. I really believe that that was the miracle that god sent us that I asked for. 
  This last Monday I was pretty down about how things have been going and how I wanted to end the mission isn’t the way that its ending now but my comp told me something that made a little sense. He compared me to a man dying of cancer. He told me that my day to die is coming just like the dude with cancer. he said that the man that has cancer if he is happy he will die happy if he is sad he will dies sad if he is angry he will die angry he said its the same way with me my day is coming and if I'm happy its going to get here and I'm going to go home happy if I'm sad and upset about things well that’s how I will be when I leave. It’s all about mind set. I know I'm doing all I can so I have no reason not to be happy. I have to just keep up the things that we are doing and if I don’t get to see the fruits of my efforts well someone else will another day so it’s ok. Things are going well and I’m loving life once again I love you all and hope things are going well. Take care.

Love Elder Goff
 "Service project with a sister in our ward"

"Everyone together"

"Me and Elder Dominguez with Allen, a guy in our ward that helped us"

"Us with the hna that we helped out"
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