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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Hey Fam"

"Elder Dominguez and me on the bike of a member"

This week went really well. Things have been pretty slow here in our zone but we are doing all we can to get things up and going once again. We have a stake baptism planned for the last week of this change and are hoping that everything works out, that every missionary is in white that day. We are pretty excited for that. Elder Dominguez and I decided to drop all the INV that we have found recently that weren’t doing anything and start over once again. It hasn’t been easy but we think it will turn out pretty good later. We have been working with the members that we have and are only finding new INV through the members. We have created an activity here in our ward and it seems to be working well and getting people excited but we will see if we start to see the fruits in a couple weeks.

This week a kid from my ward came home from his mission after having served 11 months. He returned home due to health problems. His name is Carlos and he was in Culiacan Sinaloa here in México but the other side of the country. He was having a hard time in the mission due to depression and nerves and different things. I got to meet him the day he got home and well the second time I got to talk to him, I shared with him that I as well returned home from the mission early and now I’m about to finish up. He didn’t believe me at first but I told him that after a couple of months in the MTC, I went home but returned to the mission field after a month of being home. I was telling him that he can do the same, that he just has to focus on getting better and he will be able to head back out and finish up what he started. He is a way good kid and I get along with him well. He even ended up working with us in the afternoon after church yesterday. I talked to him about how he felt in church and he said it wasn’t as bad as what he thought it was going to be. I told him that that was the worst thing for me, when I entered church the first Sunday being home. I told him not to worry about what anyone says because there is always gossip but to focus on what he really wants and everything will be alright and he will be out on the mission in no time.

I always say that I think everything that happens, happens for a reason and I think me being here at this time is a great opportunity for me to help Carlos out and get him back out on the mission. I’m grateful for the challenges in my life because they have truly helped me grow and become stronger. Just like one of my favorite scriptures says in Ether - that we have to become humble and ask God for help and he will make those things that were once our weakness, our strength.

I love you all and hope things are going well back home.

A shout out to mama Russo. I don’t know your son but from what I have heard about him from other elders is that he is a great missionary so you should be proud of him :) I know he is in Victoria right now, where I was before here so I might not get to know him before I go home but just so you know, he is in the best mission in the world.

Take care everyone

LOVES Elder Goff
"Doing service with a member in our ward"

"Me with my rubics cubes which I have mastered"

Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Dominguez

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