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Friday, July 8, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "enjoy the fotos :-D"

"The river that used to not move or have anything in it grew"

Hey peeps
  So this week was filled with all kinds of exciting things but not too much missionary work. If anyone has been watching the news lately, there was a tropical storm that was forming in the gulf and it was heading right for Tampico. The news was saying that it was looking to form into a hurricane. We got a call from the assistants on Wednesday morning telling us to let all the elders in our district know and that everyone needed to have a least 3 days worth of food in their houses. Well I don’t think I have ever had  3 days worth of food in my house in the mission, so me and my comp notified all the elders and we went out and bought a bunch of things just in case as well. In the afternoon when we were out working, the water started to come down and the wind started to pick up a little. We kept working and got home at night super wet and wrinkly. The next day on Thursday it was still raining but not so bad and me and Elder Dominguez had to take a trip down to Tampico for our meeting with pres and the other zone leaders. The ride went well but there were a lot of places flooded that we saw on our way there. Also in Tampico, the water was still coming down but nothing too bad. We left Friday in the afternoon back up here to Mante and it wasn’t raining in Tampico when we left but when we got here it was coming down super hard and everything was flooded. We got home later so Saturday in the morning we went out to look for people that needed help due to water damage and things like that. We went looking for members that we thought that their house would have problems but didn’t find anyone who really was affected to bad. There were a couple families in the ward that had water in their houses up to the knees but when we got there, they had already taken off to somewhere else. It continued to rain all day Saturday and Sunday morning as well but when we got out of church, the sun had come out as well. There sure was a lot of rain and a lot of people were affected by it but everything seems to be getting better.
  In the midst of all the excitement this week, my camera ended up breaking. I was very angry but oh well I guess. It didn’t get wet or anything, it just doesn't want to work, like turn on even though the battery is fine but oh well I guess.
  Sunday at church there were a couple of people that showed up and I wasn’t sure who they were. I was waiting at the door and a man and a kid like my age walked in wearing normal clothes and were like, what’s up elders!!! They stayed the whole three hours and after we got to talking and they had been over here working and the rain had trapped them so they stayed the night in a hotel and went church searching and found our ward. They are from another state here in México over by México City. The kid is a x missionary and they have like 6 years as members. We got talking a little more and come to find out, they sell dead man boxes for a living. I got excited and was like, you know what I've always wanted to take a picture inside one of those things and he was like well we got some in the back of the truck, if you want we can take one out and take your picture in it. I was like really let’s do it. So we went to his hotel and took one out of the truck put it on the ground outside the hotel and I climbed in it :) there was this lady that saw and started to freak out but I thought it was awesome. It was a great experience. They shut the door on me for a minute and I was there just thinking like wow it would suck if I died right now but I guess it would be easy cause they would just have to ship my body home and put me in the hole and yeah easy!! Haha it was super cool but my comp got scared and didn’t want to get in but I enjoyed it. The member was way cool to let us do that as well.
  Well for this week that’s pretty much all that went down. This coming week we have interviews with pres and a lot of work to do to catch up on the days that we couldn’t do anything this week.
  I love you all and hope you guys are staying safe oh and by the way HAPPY 4TH OF JULY... blow something up for me alright

Elder Sawyer Goff

"Me and my comp walking through a soccer field"

"Walking down the street like any other normal day"

"The river behind a recent convert’s house"

"Me and my broken camera :("

"I'll tell you how I was able to take this picture in my letter"

"One of my biggest dreams came true - to take a picture inside a dead man box"

"Picture from President Call's wife from our meeting this past week"
Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Dominguez

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Russo said...

I'm sister russo from yucaipa california. my son elder russo is also in the tampico mission.
i have been following the elders goff for the past year. what good missionaries! I don't think my son knows elder goff but it has been fun for me to hear more about the tampico mission which my father served in over 50 years ago, only then it was the new northern mexico mission. good job boys I appreciate your work and example for my other sons.
sister russo
ps the picture is my husband not me its his account haha