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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Last week of the change"

Mosquito Bites

  So today we are starting week 6 of the change last week of the change the one that would have been my last one but ill be sticking around here a little longer. I'm really excited for that but it’ll be weird saying bye to my gen this next week when they all take off. I've had Elder Teahan with me here in Mante this change my 2nd comp from the MTC and its been cool to see him but I sure will miss him. Ill be the oldest in the mish this next Thursday when they take off.
  This week went really good. Yesterday I gave the best talk that I think I have ever given in my life. I talked on a few things that I enjoyed in the liahona from this months and I felt really comfortable up there and felt like I did really good I invited all the members to repent and god out of the old habits that they are in. when I was done a lot of people told me I did a great job and that they enjoyed it so I asked them what they are going to do to not let it go to waist what the learned from my talk. It was really net though and I was really happy.
  This week we went and visited a lady that we were teaching awhile back but stopped because she wasn’t keeping her compromisos. when we got there she was super happy to see us and told us that she had a dream that an angle went and told her that during that day there would be other angles that would go by her house to visit her well she didn’t understand that but when she saw us walking down the street to her house she knew the dream was about us. It was a really cool experience.
  another hna this week gave us food from her taco stand when we went by one day and she said that the rest of the night people didn’t stop coming to buy and that for the first time ever that they ran out of food to sell so they told us that we can go by for free tacos when ever we want :)stocked for that haha.
  Things are going good this week we have planned a zone baptism and just about every companionship has 2 baptisms planned so we are really excited and think it will help our stake out here to get excited.
  Well have a great week I love you all



"Fighting with the ward secretary cause he was talking crap :)"
Current Area: Mante, Mexico
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