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Thursday, August 11, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Hey Everyone"

"Me with Elder Swensen, his mom, and Elder Dominguez"

This week went good. The 1st week of every change the zone leaders all go to Tampico for a meeting to talk about what we have planned for the change. It always takes 2 days from working in our own area because we go down Thursday stay the night and have the meeting in Friday and get home late on Friday. We had a good meeting though I really enjoyed it. We talked a lot this time about leadership and what we have to do to direct our zones and help them out. Me and my companion really want to reach the goal that we have for baptisms as a zone and we are trying to get everyone else excited to do the same. Thursday night we stayed in the house of the office elders and it was the worst it was super hot and we didn’t even have fans to put on us to cool it down a little. I ended up staying up way to late talking to my buddy elder Newton from Centerville. We talked about all kinds of stuff and it was cool but in the morning it sucked because we were both super tired.
  On Monday this passed week elder swensen came by with his mom to say hey. his mom came to pick him up from the mission cause he was done and they went around to visit people in the places that he had been and he said that he wanted me to meet his mom so they stopped by and I got to talk with them for a bit it was pretty cool. His mom told me that while back she was at a scrapbooking party thing up in Heber Utah and that she had pics from back in the MTC with me in them with her son and there was a lady there that was like hey that’s Elder Goff from Bunkerville. Swensen’s mom couldn’t remember what the ladies name was but I guess I've became pretty famous since I left cause I don’t know anyone from Heber.
  this week we were talking to a lady named Perla someone that I have awhile talking to and that started listening to the missionaries over 20 years ago and well we were able to put a baptism date with her she is very excited and likes church a lot but the only thing is that we need to get here married before that date cause she lives with a dude but she isn’t married to him. We are hoping that it wont be to hard to convince him but we will see I'm really excited for her though.
  Yesterday for the 1st time I had the chance to give a baby blessing. It’s the baby of a recent convert and she asked me to do it so I thought it was awesome. I was a little nervous but it went good. Things are going well over here and I love the humidity I just keep thinking that I won’t be able to be in weather like this forever so I just got to love it while I can :)
 I love you guys take care and be safe.
Elder Goff

"Me and my buddy Elder Newton"

"Me, Elder Hernandez, and Elder Frinklin (my 1st kid)"

"Me and Elder Vanderheyden - the finance secretary, he lives in Green Bay so I will have to visit him someday"

"My comp taking pictures of me at lunch"

"fotos from the zone leaders meeting this past week, my last one I will ever go to"

Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Dominguez

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