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Sunday, August 7, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Last week of the change"

Stake baptism

  This last week went really well. It started off kind of bad but it changed as the week went on. on Saturday we got the changes and ill be staying here in Mante as zone leader for my last change and ill be staying with my comp elder Dominguez as well our 3rd change together. I'm pretty excited to be ending the mission here I wasn’t at first but it’ll be good. It was the last thing that I was expecting to happen though that’s for sure. I think it will be a really good change though I’m going to work my butt off till the end. I already talked to my comp and told him that I want to end the mission the best I can and he told me and he just hopes he can keep up I think it’ll be good though.
  at the first of this last week we had 12 baptisms planned for Saturday for our stake baptism night and well through out the week and in the interviews that we did a few didn’t make it till the end but we were able to pull out 7 this last week so we were happy for that. It’s crazy how hard the devil works at to try to destroy the things of god and he really does hit some people hard at times. As my buddy elder rindlisbacher was coming over to our area Friday afternoon after the food to do some interviews for our baptism his comp elder Mejia or (PERU) got really sick he had an allergic reaction to something he ate in the food and started throwing up and these bumps were breaking through his skin all over the place. we got pretty nervous but we were close to a clinic and took him in to the emergency room and there was no one there so we started to yell to get someone’s attention and a lady came around the corner and asked what we needed we told her the situation and she asked elder Mejia for a card that all Mexicans have for the hospital and when she asked everyone was like well we don’t know what that is and I told her well he is from Peru so I don’t think they do the same things and she was like oh well hang on then idk what to do. so she went back in the back and Mejia started to through up once again and she came out again and let him pass hooked him up to and IV and gave him a few shots and saved his life. she didn’t let us pass into the back with him at first so we were just outside talking and making jokes and I guess the lady could hear us cause we were saying that elder rindlisbacher would have to call his family in Peru and tell them that he died and well just messing around and the lady hear us talking and we could hear her and Mejia start to laugh in the other room and finally she let us pass to see how he was doing. we took some pictures with him checked our weight on the nice scale that they have back there and found a wheel chair that no one was using so we decided to put it to use. If you’d like to know I’m the 2 wheel champion. The lady loved that we were having a good time and was like I always see you guys in the street and just have thought that you guys are just always so serious and we were like no it’s just because its so hot outside. we got to talking and she asked what we do we explained and as we were talking elder Mejia half alive pulls a BOM out of his bag and signs it and give it to her. Haha it was the best! She wants to listen to the other elders cause she liked the way that we are that we have fun doing what we do. She is married and doesn’t live in either one of our areas so we passed the reference and I guess we will see how it turns out.
  The stake baptism night went great. we had a lot more members from the stake show up then what I was thinking there going to come it was awesome though cause the converts had so much support. The stake pres was way happy too with us and said he wants to do it at the end of this next change but in the river so that we have more space to ¡so it. So I’m pretty stocked for that. He wants that every elder in the stake is in white with someone else so that’s the goal we have right now. I’m really excited and I think that it got the members more excited too. We will see if we have a change in help these coming weeks.
  Things are going really well can’t believe that time is going by so fast but I know it has to come to an end someday.
I love you all take care and be safe

Love Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff

The stake president pres Guerra with me and my comp 

 Getting ready to put Benito in the water

 My comp and I

 Me and my buddy elder Mejia from Peru

Everyone has seen lilo and stitch right? Well I found stitch :)
Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Dominguez

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