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Saturday, March 12, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Family"

Well, this week went really well. Me and my comp had one baptism and it went well and the ward next to us had another one. 2 great stories. 1st one about the guy that was baptized in the ward next to us. His name is Juan. One night when I was still with elder Tec we were waiting for the bus on the boulevard and s we were waiting a man came up and started to talk to us. He was a really nice guy. He said he lived just across the river and I was like well great. Well then our bus showed up so I was like hey bud well we got to go but take it easy and we left on the bus. As soon as I sat down I felt so bad because I passed up an opportunity to talk to someone about the gospel more and I just sat there in my seat feeling like crap for that. I could have waited for the next bus and been a little late for where we were going but I didn’t. well I was super worried that I was never going to find him again and well one day when I was with elder olvera last change the man Juan showed up to a funeral that was going on at the church and we just so happened to be there setting things up and I knew it was him and I was like hey Juan how have you been doing and he was surprised I remembered him but I started talking to him trying to find out when we could visit him and where he lives. He told us when and where and we ended up going the next day. the lesson went great but he lived one street outside of our area and I was like nah we'll be alright he is ours lol but he came to church the first Sunday and when he was there he loved it we went and visited him again and when we did I explained to him how we have our areas and that he lives just outside of our so other elders would have to teach him instead of us. Well the other elders have been working with him since and he got to take a dip in the water the other day.  He got baptized and I was so happy that he did it was a great experience.

The other baptism we had was of hna lupita Villanueva. The lady I have been working with ever since I got here to this area. It went really good as well all the members got there half an hour late so I wasn’t happy about that but oh well. Me, my comp, the bishop and hna lupita were the only ones there on time. she was getting nervous thinking that no one was going to show up but after waiting half an hour extra people started walking in the church. It really embarrassed me to see them all get there that late but it’s a weekly thing no one ever gets to church on time. so this week we had a ward leadership meeting and I told them all straight out that they need to be better with it and when I said that the bishop was like I 100 percent agree with elder Goff. The bishop really wants to help the ward out and so do we so I hope we can get some things changed in the rest of the time ill be here.

Well today went well we went and talked to the people this week that own the bowling ally here in Victoria to see if they would open up early so we could go and they did only 6 elders went but it was super funny and my comp got the best scores my comp first place with 127 and me second with 125. It was a ton of fun and well next week we are changing our p day so I'll write you peeps on Tuesday in place of Monday. We are going to go to the zoo :) I'm stoked!!! We are working out butts off and trying to have a good time and I feel like its going well I love you all be safe and say your prayers.

Love Elder Sawyer Goff

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Vela

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