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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "I love you all"

  Well this week went well I went to training down in Tampico with all the leaders of the mish and it went really great. The mission has changed so much since I first got here. I had a lot of fun down there and learned a lot. The week went well and we have been super busy a lot of the time we have to run to our appointment because we have so many and so little time. This is the last week of this change and I'm pretty sure ill be getting out of here. I was in my 1st two areas 4 changes 6 months and that’s what I have here now so I think I'll out but who knows where ill be going next. The members always mess with me and tell me that I’m not getting moved and that I just need to start building my house cause ill be here awhile longer. Well see what happens.
  My buddy elder hruska goes home and he is getting really nervous. He can’t sleep at night and calls me to tell me what’s going threw his mind. It was always really tough having the comps that were going home but elder hruska is still working with all kinds of ganas so I’m happy for that he is a great guy. I can’t believe that I’m getting so close to hitting 20 months time sure does fly by.
  my and vela have got some things we are going to get done this week cause I want to leave this area with some good stuff going down so I hope I can make it happen.
  me and my comp bought a little turtle today and I’m pretty happy with the little guy but I think we will be giving him away in the next couple days but we will see how he goes :)
  there has been some things that have happened in the church and we have some INV that don’t want to come back again for the way a few of the members were I’m not to happy with that and I have tried to talk to them and help them out but pride is a really tough thing to let go. a recent convert doesn’t want to come to church ever again cause of something a guy in the ward said to her nephew and it makes me really upset and we have tried to explain to them that things happen but the things important are taking part in the sacrament but she said he doesn’t feel the spirit with the other guy there as well. So we have some things to fix but we are hoping that the ward will help out a little more.
I love you all ELDER GOFF

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Vela

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