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Thursday, March 17, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Hello Everyone"

   Well I have decided that I'm really not to cut out for this whole e mail thing. Seeing what others write home every week and mine are just super little and well I’m sorry for that but I try to write the important things down the things that really matter.
  I wanted to share a well known story from the scriptures with ya'll today but in the way I understand it. It makes me think about the way I go about doing missionary work. Or something like that. I like to get to know the people a little bit and build their confidence with me and well I think a great example for that would be the way the ammon went about doing the work as well. He left to go and preach to another town and when he got there he told the king that he was there to serve him and be his servant and said that he was even thinking about staying there till he would die. well the king was like what’s up with this vato he has gotta be crazy so Mr. king was like well how bout you take one of drop dead gorgeous daughters to be your wife well ammon was thinking in his head yeah right your daughters are ugly but ammon being a very fin educated man turned down the offer and said he would rather work for you king. so the king sent him out go work by letting him be the head man in change of protecting his sheep what a honor right? Well the other servants told ammon that there were a few dirty rotten no good thieves that were killing off the sheep. well they went down to the water hole and the bad dudes or in other words the followers of Jafar (if your up to date in your Disney trivia you’ll know what I’m talking about) well they were there waiting and scared all the sheep and well the other servants of king Lamoni were like great now the boss is going to kiss us like he did with the last sheep keepers cause his sheep ran away. Well ammon got excited and called the team to a huddle. He called the play just like my buddy Aaron Rogers did and they went for it. the bad lamonitas were like hey we aren’t going to let this little white boy ruin our fun and well they got there clubs of wood and went over to fight him. they had no idea that ammon had been meeting up in an under ground fight club for some time before that preparing himself and as well had the power of god and was protected by him. Well in no time he had dropped 6 of them to the ground and was going for more. After all the dust had settled they gave some water to them sheep and took them back up to the kings place to chill a little bit. well a couple of the servants liked chismear and went to tell lamoni what went down and the boss was like wow this dude has gotta be the great spirit when the king ask where ammon was and the servants said feeding the horses the kind was ever more surprised. he said not ever had he had a player on his team so devote to really go that extra mile and he told them to bring ammon to the king and when they did the king was speechless for an hour then ammon read his thoughts and told him that the lord had blessed him with the strength to do so and that open the door for ammon the start teaching him the lessons so he could be baptized. And later the king even told everyone to listen to ammon and even gave him the MVP.
  Well I know that this story is a little advanced for some of those readers but all in all the moral of the story is that we have to build confidence with the people threw our words and our actions. The example that we give to other can be great or can be very gacho it just depends.
  This week went great got a ton done and well tomorrow I’m going down to Tampico for a training with the leaders of the mish and ill leave here tomorrow at 5 in the morning and ill get back late Thursday night so well see how it goes. I’m stoked to see some people that I haven't seen in a long time.
  Today was fun we went to the zoo to hang out and had a blast I snuck in some bananas to give to the monkeys and boy did they go crazy them monkeys. We even gave an apple to the buffalo. I mean in Austin’s mish he sees that kind of stuff everyday but here in not normal they even have deer in the zoo here ha-ha. It’s been awhile since I had seen one of those. It was great. I have a bunch of great friends with me here in my zone and I love just hanging out with them we always have a great time.
Well I gotta go but I love you all hope ya’ll are doing great and that your saying your prayers.

Love you guys

P.S. Tiff I love you. Smile. I really hope you get feeling better soon. I know you miss me but you don’t have to get sick for that... I mean... only like 4 months and ill be home. I love you.

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Vela

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