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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "HNA Lupita"

F ather
A nd
M other
L ove
Y ou

  So the other day I found this on a piece of paper that had family going down like that and I thought it was pretty cool so I thought I would share it with yall today.
  This week went good. The weather has been nuts, it got over 100 yesterday and we are only in Feb. still. It wasn’t too great cause me and my comp were knocking on doors when it was like that but we were able to find a couple new people and we will see how they progress.
  Something awesome happened this week. there is this lady named hna Lupita and well I have been teaching her since I got here and well we have tried and tried to get her in the water and its been really tough. My last comp wanted to just drop her. She even told us last change to stop going by her house cause we were causing problems in her family but when my new comp Elder Vela got here, I decided that we would go once again to visit her and we had gone a few times and she had also came to church with us and well one morning we went over to her house for an appointment and she asked us if there was an activity in the church this next coming Saturday and I said I don’t think so hna idk for sure but I can check if you want and asked if she had heard that there was going to be something she was like no elder it’s just that next Saturday I want to be baptized!!!!!! I was so excited I could not believe she said it but after 5 months of just continuous work she will be getting wet. Me and my comp and super stoked because this is someone I truly care about. I love this lady and have never cared so much about anyone in the mish like I care about her. Me and my comp I believe have a better spirit with us than I did with my last comp and I think that helps a lot. I truly believe that my mission president receives divine revelation because I think me and my comp were put together for a reason. We get along super good and he is going through something that I am and was going threw and its awesome to have him here cause we help each other out with everything. He used to be emo and cut his wrists and stuff. He even has scars but its awesome how good we get along. Things are going great. I also think I was here in this area another change to keep working with hna Lupita. Things are great and life is going good
  Joli I'm glad to hear that you were able to get your PB this week. Sounds like it had some pretty great things in it. I love mine, it helps me out a lot sometimes. Mine is super short but I know it’s got like some hidden messages in it that I just gotta find.
  I love you guys have a great week ill see yall soon. Today I hit 19 months!!! Dang I’m getting old.
Love Sawyer Goff

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Vela

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