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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Hey Fam"

  Well I'm not going to write too much today but I want to share something with yall. Everyone knows that I love the green bay packers and well with that goes loving Vince Lambardi. He once was talking about his team and said (teamwork is what the green bay packers were all about they didn’t do it for they individual glory, they did it cause they loved one another) I shared that quote with my zone and told them that we need to love the members and work with them to be able to achieve the goals that we’ve put we need to love one another as well cause if you don’t get along with your comp, you will get absolutely nothing done. We were really close to achieve our zone goal this last change and well we did turn out having the best change out of all the other zones :) most success in numbers that is. In the letter from my mission president today he told me that he wishes that he could somehow keep me here another year till him and his wife finish up so I can continue to work. He told me that he is happy with what I have been able to do and the progress I have made. It was a really cool letter to receive.

  Also this week me and my comp were talking a lot about what we are going to do after the mish and things like that and one day of study we both ran into scriptures that put us in our places. My comp was reading in 3 Nephi 13 and me in san Lucas 12 and we both were told to look first for the glory of god and later the worldly things will fall into place. It was kind of a smack in the face telling me that I haven’t completed what I have been called to do yet and that later I can worry about those things but now I need to worry about the things I’m here to do. I’m excited for this week. I think it will be a lot better than this last week cause we had a couple baptisms fall threw for different reasons but we will keep at it. :) I love you all

Elder Sawyer Goff

Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Dominguez

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