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Friday, June 17, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "almost done with another change the start of week 6"

"Our last district meeting this change"

This was actually a great week. Last Monday me and my comp both went out on divisions to a city that is in our zone a little town an hour out of mante. We went out there with 2 other elders to help them out a little bit because they told us that they have been having a hard time. On the way out there idk why but I wasn’t feeling too great at all. I hadn’t eaten all day and the bus ride wasn’t too great so when we got there we get there at the time to get in the house and well I was hungry so my and elder Dominguez went out searching for something to eat before ending the night. We ended up buying some eggs and some sausage to eat with beans and tortillas like any real Mexican would do :) and well I felt great afterwards. In the room where me and my comp were going to sleep didn’t have light so I got on my comps back to take a bulb out of one room and put it in ours it was really funny. One of the other elders has pictures and I'll for sure send those later. We had a good night and a good study in the morning my comp challenged me to wrestling and well we already had the mattresses on the ground so we went for it. It was a lot of fun just messing around. I think the other 2 elders were thinking that we are crazy but we told them ya gotta get along with your comp in order to have success. Elder Dominguez and I are always having a great time and enjoying ourselves. Our day there working with them was really good we each went with one of the other elders and all together we were able to find 7 new INV and put 3 different dates for baptism it made the other 2 elders really happy and excited to keep that going and we hope that’s what they do. We had to end the divisions early because my comp got really sick and was throwing up and didn’t feel good at all. We think it was from the eggs we ate or something but we aren’t completely sure about that.

My comp ended up being in bed for a long time this week cause he was sick but then when he felt good I felt like crap so that wasn’t to great but the most important thing that happened this week is that we were able to have 3 baptisms on Sunday. It made the week so much better we are fulfilling our goal that we set to have a baptism every week. It’s been awesome. When we went to the church on Sunday to get the font ready and filled up all the doors to get in the fount were locked and well me being the James bond wanna be I am came up with the great idea of going threw the roof to get in and turn on the water and open the door from the inside. Clearly everyone we called people to asked for key but we couldn’t get a hold of our bishop and no one else had any so we have to do something. Our church has the ceilings like at schools and big buildings where you can get up inside at what ever part you want and so I did. My comp boosted me up and I climbed over and opened up the ceiling above the baptismal fount and jumped down opened the door and we started filling it up. It was quite an experience. I scrapped up my forearm pretty good along with my chest but all for this great work right.

This week we find out changes and we are really hoping that nothing is going to happen to us and that well stay the same another change. We are going great together and loving the work.  Well peeps I love yall but I gotta go have a great week and we'll talk to ya next time.

Love, Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff

"My comp trying to wrestle me"

"UTAH!  That's for you Jason... We wore these ties together to a meeting with the Stake President because he studied at BYU haha"

"Me and Elder Alveres with my bike that we broke because we weigh so much"

 "Under the sunset"

 "Beside Rio Mante"

"Check out my pants and shirt.. I ate it doing a wheely down the street"
Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Dominguez

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