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Monday, July 5, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Hurricane Alex passed us by..."

So first off happy anniversary Tiff and Jason. 3 years down and an eternity to go.

This week has been kind of crazy. So last Monday in the morning a guy who was running for governor of Tamaulipas México was killed. He was the one who was most likely going to win out of everyone else. He was traveling on the high way from victory city to Tampico when they were cut off by some people and then stopped and shot at by a gang. People have been really scared because of that and think that nothing is safe anymore. Yesterday was voting for all that and in place of the guy who was shot is his brother now. I believe that today will be announced who is the winner but it’s been nuts. Apparently yesterday was supposed to be really bad cause of voting but we didn’t see anything going on.

The 4th of July was super boring. My bishop was the only one to tell me happy 4th of July but it was good I'm super stocked for the independence day of México in September cause that will be huge!!!!

Hurricane Alex passed by this passed week as well. It rained quite a bit on Wednesday. It rained all day and didn’t stop for anything. In the northern part of the state I guess there was a lot more rain and it was a lot uglier up there but everything is good here.

We had interviews this week with pres and they went well. We tried to put a baptism date with 2 investigators this past week and they said they wanted to talk to each other about it and would have an answer for us this week. Well when we told pres that he told us to go strait to their house and invite them to be baptized the fallowing day. We went and did it but they still wanted to wait and think about when they could within themselves and get back to us. I’m really excited for them and I’m pretty sure we will put the dates tomorrow.

So 25 days and my comp will be in his house he is pretty happy to be going home and to tell the truth me too. He is a great guy and a good friend of mine but I just want someone who wants to be here and wants to works so I hope that what I get this next change.

There is a guy who served in the Las Vegas mission named Christopher Calabria, I thought if anyone knows who he is it would be Steven but this guy served in the mesquite stake for a bit too but he can’t remember what wards.

I wrestled a guy who is my ward mission leader who is a big dude like 280 lbs at least and like 6 foot 3 I would say. He has studied martial arts for like 7 years he said, like karate, tea Kwan doe, gugitsu and all kinds of stuff that I can’t spell. We had a meeting with him and after he wanted to see what I could do so we went out on the concrete and wrestled. He was surprised that I beat him with all the things that he knows but it was fun. I have a video but it is too big to send threw this but you guys will see it someday.

Well that’s about it for the Goff and Alderete chronicles this week. I love you all and thanks for everything.

lotta love GOFF

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Alderete


innisfam said...

My gosh, I just wrote a whole bunch and it deleted it. GRR. okay
Elder Goff,
Steven didnt recognize that name so he pulled out his mission book and didnt find it anywhere either. did he say he knew steven? I also went to the las vegas mission alumni web site and couldnt find him. can you find out when he served and who his mission pres. was. oh and this is going to sound dumb but does he have any other names he used, like another last name lol. Im asking because it seems like a lot of hispanics have extra names, does that make sense? so when you find out let us know and we'll figure it out... or try to. so glad Alex passed you guys by and hopefully the others will too. I cannot belive that about the election shooting. so scary. Keep up the good work, we are proud of you and miss you.
love celeste

celeste said...

No need to publish this message as it is for Elder Goff's sister

This is Ethan Wolfe's mom. Enjoy reading the blog! So great to have a big sister who is blog wise! Wanted to let you know that we have some really good photos of your brother. (early mission stuff from the MTC and a few from Altamira) We have so enjoyed seeing the pictures that Sawyer has of our son, thought you might like to have these. Just let me know how to transfer them to you.

Celeste Wolfe