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Monday, July 5, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - " I know where I'm coming next year."

Hey Family,

So this week has been Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S! So much has happened that I don't think I could possibly fit it all, so I'll just do my bestest. I will start by saying thank you to Tiffany for sending me what has been declared by The West Girls "THE LADY BUG TIE". haha I LOVE IT!!! Today is my 3rd time wearing it since I got it in the mail. :D

Next I want you all to know that last P-Day we played FOLF. Otherwise known as frisbee golf. Elder Ika kicked my trash, but it was fun. We spent most of P-day in Riverton. Some family was having a birthday party in the gym so we didn't get to play basketball. BUMMER!

Elder Ika and I have had a moth invasion in our apartment and every night we go on a moth murdering rampage. They are everywhere and we are going to vacuum today. :D

We had team ups on Tuesday in Riverton. It went well. It was over 100 degrees on Tuesday though. I have come to find that my body has gotten a little more used to the cold weather. It's all good though. I just might have to cut my suit pants all into Daisy Duke shorts for summer this time around. That would be HOT! :D

We Helped a lady named Sister Cole with yard sale. This was no ordinary yard sale. This yard sale was HUGE! The Coles own a bunch of storage units and after 10 days without the person paying the stuff becomes theirs. However the coles will call the people and tell them to come get their things and A LOT of people wont. So once a year they have a HUGE yardsale with all of the stuff. Elder Ika and I helped with it. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We carried boxes and boxes of stuff. We found all kinds of neat stuff and anything we found we could take. So we got a few things for our apartment and I Even found a brand new Cowboy hat. A wrangler. It's so nice. It was in a case and everything. It's a little tighter than I would have liked, but it's not bad. I might give it away or send it home. Which reminds me. Brother Wadsworth and his wife are driving to vegas for vacation and they told me they would take some stuff down if I wanted them to. So I'm going to be sending a box o' junk. Plus I got some indian bead work I'm going to send home with them. I got something for all of you. Tiffany and Glen's I will send in the mail, but i'll send the ones for Mops, Pops and Joli with the Wadsworths.

The 3rd of July was as good as everyone has talked about for the last month. It beats any show I have ever been to. It was 1 1/2 hours of pure fun. haha So this is where I'll be coming next year for the 4th.

Now about transfers. We got the call from the zone leaders on Friday and they said, " Elder Ika...You are.......Staying. Elder are.....Staying." So we both did our celebrating and later we had a missed call from president. So we called back and I was talking to him. He said elder Goff I'm going to send Elder Searle to be with you. So I said so we will be in a 3 sum for this transfer. He said didn't your zone leaders call you. Well yes but all they said was that we are both staying. He said Well you are both staying, but you will both be getting a new companion and we are splitting your area again. hahaha. So Elder Ika and I are going to be in the same town still, but he will cover Lander 1st and Du bois and Elder Searle and I will cover Lander 2nd and Fort Washakie. Elde rika's new comp. is Elder Catron. I have really loved serving with Elder Ika. He is a great Elder and he made training very easy.

So that's our week with a lot left out. Next week will be better I promise. I love you all.

Love Elder Goff

P.S. Wadsworths will call you Pops. they are coming through on tuesday or wednesday. I'll have them call you to let you know the details. And Put the Box I send home with my stuff in the trailer in the back. It's just letters and a few books and binders. And they are personal so I would appriciate it if you all wouldn't go snooping through it. haha :)

Wadsworths - Branch mission leader on Fort Washakie
Best EVER! used to teach in Beaver Dam. He is from Lincoln County and she is from Cedar.

Shirt and Pants from yard sale. COWBOY haha

Yard Sale. well maybe half of it

Moth Murdering




Elder Searle and I
haha I hope I don't scare him
Current Area: Lander, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder Ika - Elder Searle

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