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Monday, July 19, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "¿sin combios?"

Elder Goff and the kid he went on divisions with.
Elder Goff says he is way cool and really excited for his mission!

Hey family it sounds like you guys had a great time together this passed weekend that’s awesome I miss all you guys. I can’t wait to see Garrett in a year and see how big he has gotten by then. He sounds like a pretty cool little guy.

Well today I have been hanging out with my buddy elder helper from st. George. I get along really well with him and he is a great guy. Transfers were today and nothing happened with me and my comp or him and his comp so they came over this morning to hang out in our room with AC that we are so blessed to have:)

So I guess I better start off by telling about what went down on Friday with my comp and why he didn’t talk to me till Sunday night. Well this week there was a huge convention here in Tampico for all the stakes in the mission so people from all parts of here. In was a youth convention but tons of families and people all over. On Friday there was a cultural dance in a college that’s in our area where each stake had prepared a dance to do and present. Well the missions from the zone close to the college where it was going to be were able to go but only if they had an investigator with them. We didn’t have anyone that had time to go to it with us but my comp really wanted to go because there were people from his past areas. I told him not unless we find someone to go with us. He was mad at me and starting throwing a fit about how he just wanted to say buy to some people like members and stuff that would be there from out of town. after seeing him cry for a bit o told him we could go but only for 30 minutes cause elder helper had a baptism and had asked me to talk at it and I didn’t want to be late for it. so we went to the dance thing and I just fallowed him around till it was time to go and when it was I told him we needed to go and he said 5 more minutes so I was like ok then after those 5 I was like yeah we need to go or well be really late. He finally said buy to the members he was talking to and we left and he was way mad at me for making him leave. We got to the baptism on time and we were getting ready to start when I got a phone call and walked outside the room to talk. It was a number without a name and they asked for my comp I said he was busy because we were getting ready to start and because he isn’t aloud to use the phone and pres told me to say he is busy whenever someone calls for him. I went back in the room and alderete asked who called and I said that I didn’t know because I didn’t ask. he then asked what they wanted and I said to talk to him and he was like and why didn’t you give it to me (he said it really loud and in a rude voice) then I was like well we are about to start here so yes you are busy and your not aloud to use the phone I'm only doing what pres told me to do. So we started the baptism and everything was going good I gave my talk and didn’t sweat too much doing then as soon as I was done alderete stood us and said we can leave now. your done with your talk we don’t have reason to be here so were going and I was like well I want to stay for the rest of it and he was like well I'm leaving you can come if you want or not and I was like ok bye. And he took off out the door. I then grabbed my stuff and took off as well and he wouldn’t say a word to me till last night when we got home. He said sorry for everything and he told me he didn’t want things to end this way for us. I explained to him that I was only doing what pres told me to do and trying to be a good missionary and fallow the rules that I’m given. Everything is ok with us now but it was kind of a crazy couple of days.

We found out changes during this stuff and nothing is happening to us. It’s really weird because my comp goes home in 10 days and then idk what ill do. I thought for sure there would be someone coming today and we would be in a 3 sum but nope nothing so I guess well see what goes down in the next couple weeks.

Well my buddies elder torgerson (from Cali one of Wolfes old comps) and elder Jacobs (from Kanab) are both on there way out on Thursday which is crazy. In a year that will be me.

I really hope that Darbin is doing ok I’m glad to hear that people aren’t being to hard on him I don’t think it to great when members are like that at all I’m glad he tried it and I really hope that he can find his way back I know he is a good kid I just know he would love this like I do.

So this week also on Thursday so part of this convention all of the elders from my zone went on divisions with priests. I went with a kid that is getting his papers ready right now and it was awesome. I felt the spirit when me and him were working stronger then I have felt it in a long time it made me discouraged because I didn’t realize before how much my comp really is holding me back. It’s ok though I love the kid but he just doesn’t want this anymore only 10 days and ill be able to work as hard and as much as I want. Things can only get better right? :) I love this stuff

We also did divisions on Sunday with a couple x missionaries from our ward. Our ward mission leader and our stake president’s son. I went with my ward mission leader and he said he wanted to do it cause he church he could tell that something was wrong and he thought I could use a break. There really are some great people here that I am so grateful to be around and to serve with. Elder Torgerson is leaving and he has been a great example to me I’m going to miss that guy but its ok it comes to an end for all of us at sometime.

I just want to have some success here and I know that we can find people here I just need someone who wants to help me look.

I love you all thanks for everything and ill see yall soon

lotta love GOFF

Elder Goff with his district from this past change

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Alderete


napakapogi0415 said...

Hey elders it is so good to hear how amazing you both are. And how good you are doing as well I love how clear you talents and strengths come out in your letters. Sawyer man I am not sure if you are still with you bum companion but keep it up man I had a couple of baby sitting jobs on my mission and I know it drains all your energy and drive fast but it sounds like president trust you and that you are doing a great job. Sometimes your comp just has to not like you for a while but as long as you are doing what is right don't let it stress you man just keep on keeping on. Serve and love him and be sure to work as hard as you can and it will all work out for you and your area. And most important don't become like home when you have only 10 days left truckiness ne'er was happiness :)
Austin you always have had the ability to reach out and make eeryone feel good and included and special (even if you sometimes choose not to :) ) it is cool to see you be able to do that in the mission feild and really change that elders mission. District leader is awesome I think it is one of the most important training callings on the mission cause you do get to recieve that revalation for your district and it is so personal and catered to them. And you get to know them and see them every week. district leaders molded my mission so dont take it lightly and it sounds like you don't. Guys use every minute cause I promise it goes by way to freaking fast. I will be home two years next monday and it has blown by. Don't waste a min distracted by home or heat or anything you guys are doing Awesome keep working hard 20 lessons a week is rocking man go for 25 a week next month. :) love you guys and keep working hard

Jason and Tiff said...

By the way, that comment is from your cousin, Thomas Leavitt :) Thanks Thomas! Love ya!