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Monday, July 26, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "It’s almost time"

Elder Alderete, hno. Alejandro, Jared and Me (Elder G)

Well guys I don’t have to much time cause I have district meeting in a little bit and we took up all this morning visiting people that my comp wanted to say buy to. I’m very excited for Thursday that’s the day my comp will be out of here and on the way to his house. I really have no idea what is going to happen to me whether ill get another comp or ill be put in a 3 sum for the rest of this change but I think ill know by Wednesday what’s going to happen. I'm just really excited for a change.

This week we went and visited a less active lady that I found awhile back when I was on splits with the priest I went with. Her name is angelica and she has been inactive for 15 years and has 2 kids that aren’t members a boy that’s 14 years old and a daughter of 12. We went to an appointment with then this week and I was just expecting to talk to them and get them excited to come back to church. I thought for sure the kids had already heard about José smith and the book of Mormon but just didn’t want anything but then had no idea about anything. They didn’t have enough time to listen to the whole first lesson so I gave the kids a couple pamphlets to read and look over and we will go back with them tomorrow and teach the 1st lesson I’m really excited because they seemed interested and let’s hope so.

There really isn’t too much going on here just trying not to make my comp to mad because he never wants to do anything that involves being a missionary. He gets mad at me for a lot of things but I’m just trying to be obedient and fallow the rules that we have been giving. I know things will get better soon I just gotta keep positive. Well I gotta go love you all.

Oh and Thomas thanks for that message love ya cuz and you too Mama Wolfe. Eathen is doing great

Lotta love GOFF

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Alderete

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