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Monday, July 19, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "All the Fun"

"Fiddlers lake. How Pwetty!"

Hey Everyone.

Once again another exciting week in the mission feild. 18 Lessons this week. So we almost hit 20 again. Close, but no Mac and Cheese. This week we are going to hit 20 again I can feel it.

Last P-Day was a lot of fun. Us Lander Elders hiked to the falls early and came back to e-mail. Then the zone leaders and the 2 sets of Elders in Riverton came down and we played ball. 10 of us all playing ball. It was a blast. We played until 5. So we went home ans showered then drove to dinner way up in the mountains. Fiddlers Lake is where we went. It was a neat place too. we got to take some fun pictures up that way. The Zone Leaders went with us. On the way back down the mountain the Zone Leaders kept having me stop because they would see a "cool rock" or "pretty lakes" they were pretty funny. It's like they have never been in the mountains before.

Tuesday for District meeting there were 10 of us again. Usually there are only 8 in the district, but the Zone Leaders stuck around for District Meeting. It went really good. Sometimes in District Meetings the elders don't take it very seriously so first thing I got up and read from our leadership manual where it says basically "District Meetings should be as spiritual as sacrament meeting and should help us to better each other." And it worked. It was on the Christ-Like attributes Hope, Patience and Humility. They Elders did a great job on their assignments. This week we wont have District Meeting. We have training in Cody for 2 days. So I guess we will see what happens. No one really knows why it's for 2 days other than President. Maybe the Prophet will be there. ;)

We are teaching a little girl named Tristyn now. She is 9 and her family is starting to come back to church so we are goint o start teaching her the lessons so she can be baptised. I guess we will see when that all goes down. We have a lesson set up for Saturday this week. She loves when we come over so hopefully it will go well.

Our poor Dodge Caliber has been making some crazy noises. To me it just sounded like the belt because it would squeal all the time when we started it. So we took it in on Friday and the said that it was the idoler or something and they didn't have the part and it was too late friday to order it so they would order it first thing on Monday. So it will be down Wednesday or Thursday. I can tell you one thing though. I'm glad I'm not on a mission in your neck of the woods! 118 degrees. Those poor Elders down there. the 90's about do me in up here. Just wait til I get home next year. I'll have a heat stroke.

It sounds like you all had a blast at Sand Hallow. I'm jealous I won't lie. I love getting the pictures from home too. I always tell Elder Searle when I get pictures that they are of all the fun my family is having without me. :D haha I'll have to send another picture of my BRICK of pictures next week. It's pretty ridiculous. Ridiculously AWESOME! all the Elders that come to our place always say HOLY TAR BUCKETS! WHO'S ARE THOSE! (While pointing at my BRICK) then I sheepishly raise my hand and look at the ground. ;)

Sounds like everyone got a little sun. So you all know...I have a wicked tan. My face and Half of my neck and my arms. OH YEAH. The ladies will love me when I get home. :) Nothing is more cute than a R.M. tan. Elder Ika is jealous too. We were talking about cliff jumping over there just the other day. Melissa Guthrie got toasted eh? she is a lot like her bro. He gets toasted too. And Melissa is even more white than he is.

Naomi can write me. I wont complain. :D However, going to SUU would take a lot of prayer and fasting. ;) So many people from Mesquite go there. Who knows but God? I still have no idea where I want to go. We had dinner with Bishop Sutton and his family last night and he asked me where I'm goingto school and I named a couple of potentials, but I never know where I'll actually end up going.

JoliAnn wrote Sawyer and I a funny E-mail. She cracks me up. I always read half of her e-mails to the Elders here because she is such a dork. She takes after the rest of us.

That's sweet you are trying to learn to crochet Tiff. I remember at one of sawyer's wrestling tournaments Mom taught me a little and I made a braclet and then I gave up. :D So I pretty much rock at it. So just so you know Tiff, If I was sitting next to Mom and asked Jason how I was doing he would have said..."Wow..You are kicking Mom's butt." haha Ok that's not true. I would be well behind both of you.

Things are great up here. Still beautiful and green. Too bad it doesn't stay this way all the time.

good luck to Glen flying to cali all the time. you and Pops both are in my prayers for jobs.

I love you all. hope all is well.

Love, Austin (Elda G)

"Fiddlers lake. How Pwetty!"

"Lyons, Searle, Goff and Hinton"

"The Sinks"


Current Area: Lander, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder Searle

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