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Monday, July 12, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Elder Neilsen"

"Me catching some craw dads...  had a bunch of mexicans standing around watching me at work :)"
Message from Elder Goff's sister, Tiffany - "My brother-in-law, Darbin entered the MTC last Wednesday.  He called my husband Jason today saying he wants to come home.  He is really having a hard time just like Sawyer did at the MTC.  As soon as Jason told me about Darbin, I knew Sawyer would be the one to help him.  He has been there and he knows what its like to feel that way.  I e-mailed my brothers and asked them to pray for Darbin and fast with us.  We are trying to set up a way for Sawyer to talk with Darbin over the phone from Mexico to the Provo MTC.  In the meantime, this is what Sawyer wrote for Darbin.  He has been so willing to try and help.  I have the best family in the world.  Please keep our 3 missionaries in your prayers.  It means a lot."

So here is his e-mail today...

That was a huge surprise to me but I know he is in the right place without a doubt in my mind. It’s tough that’s for sure. Maybe Darb isn’t the fastest learner I'm not either though but I have other things that I am good at and I know Darb does too. From what I've heard he is one heck of a worker and that’s great because that’s one huge thing missionaries need. The little bit that I know about Darb is that he really is a great kid and he has done the right thing by going on this mission. One thing that was so hard for me was my comp, elder Wolfe he was such a fast learner and I was so far behind him when in the MTC. To this day I have got almost a year but there is a kid that only has 6 months and his Spanish truly is better then mine its ok though because he hates to work. He has been blessed with the gift of tongues very strong and it’s a lot slower for me but I’m learning.

Having a girlfriend doesn’t help either but the truth is if things work out after then great but if not then great too. Things have a way to work themselves out no matter what it is. All trials we have are to make us stronger. Darbin is going to run into and meet kids in Africa that are thinking about going on a mission or not and maybe Darbin will be the one to help them see that it is worth it!!! In the mission you feel everything. You will feel the best you ever have in your life but as well the worst, you will feel stronger then you ever have but at other times the weakest. Its like a marry go round it has its ups and downs but the thing is we just gotta hold on and enjoy the ride. I promise Darbin that he will never regret going on a mission but going home he will. I regret going home for the time I did. I was home for about 5 weeks and I feel terrible for the time of the lord that I wasted. The mission is such a wonderful place and I know there are people waiting for

Elder Neilsen to find them people that he promised before we came here to this earth that he would find them and help them out.

Darbin has wanted to serve a mission his whole life and that is great but he can’t let anyone take that away from him. This is something you will love with all your heart I promise but don’t let the people in your district get you down and think you can’t. Just know in your head that you can. Don’t worry bout them anyhow they don’t matter. They have their mission and you have yours. We are all different and we all have different missions. I promise Darb that he has made the right choice by going on the mish but he can’t give up. just keep pushing and remember that prayer is the strongest tool that we have on this earth and I promise that the lord will send angles down from above to lift you up when you need it most but you can do this bud and I promise that you’ll never regret this either.
lotta love GOFF

I wasn’t sure what to write you but that’s what I could think of. I didn’t send anything to him cause I know he hasn’t got a ton of time on the computer but I wish I could talk to him and tell him how great it really is.
After writing this e-mail.. he sent this next one for the family with the pictures.
Well I really don’t have a lot to say and don’t know what to say I'm just thinking of what more I could do or say to help Darbin out.

Here are some pictures at least from this week. Just one more week left and I’ll have someone else. I might be in a 3 sum for a bit but it will be alright.
lotta love GOFF

Me and Alderete together... I always have such great faces in pictures..

Me and my boy Elder Hepler from St. George, UT

Me and Nephi and Angel

An amazing sun set that I got to see

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Alderete

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