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Sunday, February 20, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "4th Kid"

Well fam sorry I didn’t write yesterday but I didn’t have time. We had changes and well guess what I got another kid. Yup I'll be training for my 4th time in the mish. I was not too happy when we found out changes on Saturday but when I went and got the kid yesterday it made me feel a little better. I really couldn’t believe that I was getting another one but of well it’s all good his name is elder Vela and is from Chihuahua. He is super young 18 years old but knows what he is doing here so I’m happy for that.

On Sunday I dedicated a grave that was a neat experience. It was for a member that had her husband buried in Guadalajara but then a few days ago went there and got him up and brought back his bones to put here closer to the family. He died over 17 years ago from cancer. they had his bones in a suit case that they put in a hole and it was neat cause the sister let me and my comp see the bones so I got to see a real human skull and bones quite the experience. It was cool.

This week we also had a conference with President Johnson from the 70. He is the area president of México and that man is awesome he is super smart and sure did teach us a lot I really enjoyed it.

Well peeps I love you but I gotta get back to work. I love you all and I’ll see yall real soon. Keep it real and read the blue book.

Love Elder Goff with an S

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Vela

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