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Monday, February 21, 2011

From Elder A. Goff - "16th transfer, 3rd week, and another trip to the West."

Hey everyone.
   So the e-mail from Joli was really exciting in several ways.  The most exciting I think is that Zach Horlacher got his mission call and is coming to the BILLINGS, MT mission!  Haha I freaked.  We are at the office this morning as usual and when I read that I jumped up and told President Gardner.  He is excited to get another Bunkerville boy.  I have been hoping someone from home would get sent here ever since I left.  Apparently he doesn't actually get here until after I am home for like a month, but I'm still excited he gets to come up here.  I sent him a message on facebook as soon as I got the E-mail from Joli.  I told him that if he had any questions to let me know. :)
   This week was pretty crazy.  We just got back this morning.  We left last Tuesday.  So it has truly been a long week.  Tuesday we embarked on our adventure by first heading to Butte to go on team ups with Elder Catron and Elder Davis.  It was a good time.  When we woke up the next morning we ran 2 miles in preparation to go home and look good for all the pretty young ladies.  It felt pretty good to go running.  It's hard to motivate yourself to go outside and fun in the mornings up here during the winter.  It can get pretty chilly. :)  It was good though.  Now I need to do it everyday. Rather than once in a great while.  Push ups and sit ups aren't cutting it.
  Wednesday we headed up to Missoula for team ups with Elder Sims and Elder Tabor.  It went well up there.  We had a good time and found a new investigator while tracting. 
   Thursday was our first Zone conference.  It was in Missoula with the Kalispell and Missoula zones.  It went pretty well.  We focused a lot on finding this time around.  Our mission has been struggling to get out and find new people to teach.  So we talked a lot about it and it seems to have motivated that side of the mission from what the numbers show this morning.  Friday we were in Helena with the Butte, Bozeman and Great Falls zones.  Once again went well.  It was good to be in Helena as always.  We ate dinner at the Mangums and the Snoddy's were there as well.  Good food and good company. 
   Saturday we back tracked a little and went up to Kalispell to do team ups with Elder Vroom and Elder Weight.  Their area is beautiful.  Right off of Flathead Lake.  They are pretty lucky.  I have never served in a place like that.  Lander is the prettiest place I have served.  Which is all right.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Sunday morning we drove to Polson, Mt for church and Elder Heywood got to baptize a man he taught when he served there.  It was his very first area.  It was a great experience.  His name is Dustin Kent.  He is about 23.  Next Sunday we will be in Worland and I'll get to perform the first baptism of my life. :)  I'm pretty excited.  We will get to go to church down there and get to visit with my Peeps and get to baptize sister Butterfield.  :)
   Overall this has been a good week, Long, Tiring, Long, and Rushed.  But good nonetheless.  We will have another week like that this time around.  Team ups, Zone Conference, Teaching, Baptizing...The works.  I hope all is going well back home.  JoliAnn!  Good luck with your patriarchal blessing.  I'm excited for you to get it. 

   Love you all.  Miss you all.  Love, -Elder Austin Gene Goff.

P.S.  A bunch of those pictures were taken at a museum in Polson that a member owns.  It's a pretty cool place.

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Heywood

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