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Friday, April 1, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Changes to ZL"

Me and vela my last kid ill ever have #4

  Well I just got to me new area. I got moved today to the city of Mante. It's a city that gets super hot and well I thinking ill be here till I head out in August. I got a call from the mission president Saturday morning telling me he wanted me to be zone leader over here and that’d be taking the place of my buddy elder heppler who goes home in 3 days. well I got here this morning and Heppler with be here with me until Wednesday and then ill be with elder botello an elder that has the same amount of time as me and well we will just work our butts off I'm super happy to be here and to be able to be with someone that has a little more time and knows what he is doing. I have had 4 kids in the passed 5 changes and I felt like my personal progress as a missionary was at a halt so I'm super stocker to have a comp to help me learn more. I will for sure miss my buddy elder vela and the fun and success we had but it’ll be great here.
  Yesterday I went to say buy to the members in my ward and a few mad me feel really great. In church yesterday we had over 80 people there but when I get in the area we only were having like 30 or 40 each week so it was awesome to see so many people there. The members were all really great to me saying buy and well I will for sure miss the area but I know it will still go great. I went to another ward as well when they were getting out of their classes and a lot of the members I had met and when I was telling them I was leaving they were all sad as well and more then anything it mad me feel like I really had made a difference there so I’m really happy about it.
  Elder vela and I had a baptism on Friday and it went great a lady that is super excited and ready to help the kingdom of god grow. Her name is Griselda and is loving reading the book of principios de evangelio and is just putting it all out to learn more. I was kind of sad to not be able to see a few people that were have been working with for awhile get baptized but I know it’ll happen someday soon.
  What else can I say well... Jason congrats on U of U that will be a whole lot easier to visit you guys later. And glen as well happy 26th birthday you’re getting old bro. love you brother.
  Oh as well I’m even going to be a grandpa. My 1st kid elder Franklin is getting a kid today which mean I’m a grandpa and oh yeah tomorrow I hit 20 months in the mish. Dang time really does fly by.
  Well I love you all have a great week enjoy conference and Aunt Bonita no worries ill let everyone here know when I see you on TV that your aunt :) I love you all be safe and take care

Loves, Goff-o
Part of my zone this morning victoria

 Just me with my sick tie from tiff

Last district meeting I'm teaching (P.D. the turtle is in my hand the district mascot I bought last Monday)

Baptism of Hna Griselda

My old bishop

One of my little buddies
Current Area: Mante, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Botello

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