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Monday, September 27, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "One Full Week"

"Me with the bridge on the way over.  It was the 1st time."

Well this week has been pretty packed with a lot of things. I’ll start out by last Monday night, I got a call from my buddy elder heppler at like 10 30 asking me to go and help his comp give him a blessing cause heppler wasn’t feeling too great at all. well I was ready for bed but I hurried and put back on my church clothes and we took off. We ended up not getting home till about 11 30 cause they didn’t have anywhere we could stay so we didn’t stay with them but it was ok he is doing a lot better though now so it was worth it.

We had elder DeHoyos from the 70 come to our mission this past week and talk to us. It was awesome I loved it and learned a ton. I’ll also be at a training thing this whole week from Tuesday till Friday everyday that I'm pretty excited for. I think it'll help out a lot. Its going to be about using inspired questions and how to just help people to teach themselves you just have to guide them. I’m pretty excited for it.

I went on divisions with heppler this week as well so he could help me out with a few things. I went to his area and ended up having a great time. I got there Wednesday night so I could do study and everything with him on Thursday. In the night we talked for a while but we got up in the morning and had some great study and then we went out to work in his area. There is this place in this area called chipus. You have to cross a bridge made out of wooden pallets to get there or walk way around. I had heard of this bridge so I was stoked to get to cross it. We went out and crossed it good the 1st time went and gave a lesson to a kid that had a baptism date then we had to cross the bridge again to get back. well as we were crossing me and heppler were walking together and everything was great till there was a guy who was walking the other way wanted to get by us well when he was right next to us and I heard the wood start to crack and next thing I knew I was down below in the nasty crap water that was below. The crap was up to my knees and luckily I didn’t fall over or anything but it was like a dream or something that you would see in a movie. me and heppler were the only ones that fell in the other dude jumped back and saved himself but it was ok me and hep were just laughing about it and took pictures and a video. It was a great experience. Just about all the elders know about the bridge and now we can say it broke on us. After that we went right to my house so I could change my clothes and take a shower and I felt a lot better.

When I was with heppler I got a call from my ex comp elder Tovar who is assistant and he told me that I would need to be at the mission house the next day in the morning because I would be receiving a kid. Well I did. My kid’s name is elder Franklin from lehi Utah. He had visa problems and was in the salt lake south mission for while till he got cleared and now is here with me. We are in a three sum with elder Salazar as well. Pres told me I have 2 weeks to train him and get him going in the right direction and then I would be turning him over to Salazar and I would be receiving another at changes and will be opening up a new area. I have no idea where or anything yet but that’s what pres told me. I’m pretty stoked cause I’m sure its going to be like some little ranch place.

Elder Franklin is a way cool guy and we all get along great he hasn’t worked on Spanish for like 2 months because he was in an English speaking mission till he got here but he will get it. I’m helping him out a lot when he has questions and I just tell him to just keep talking to Salazar and practice so that’s what he does. I make sure he teaches and shares his testimony at every appointment we go to so he can practice and he is coming along. Everything is going great and I’m having a lot of fun. I love you all and hope that all is great.

Love Elder S. Garrett Goff

ps you should send me peanut butter for Christmas its super expensive here

"Teahan and Tovar, my only comps that are still here.. All others I have killed (and seastand is in the back)"

"The bridge before it was broken"

 "Me and Heppler with the bridge we broke"

"The bridge broken"

 "My kid that I'm so proud of but I look fat and I hate wearing a suit.  It's so hot and I had to wear it."

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Salazar and Elder Franklin

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