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Monday, September 6, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "What a Great week...For everyone else."


Hey Family,

Alrighty, So first of all I would like to answer Tiff's questions so she cant say I didn't answer her. :D haha

1. How goes? Great, I feel a lot better than last week. My fever is gone and we got a lot done this week. Just not in our area, but I'll explain that in a little bit. :D

2. You also mentioned the cedar chest I made for you. I'm glad you like it. I spent a lot of time on that thing.

3. How is being a Zone Leader? Is it a lot more work than before?

I don't think it's a whole lot different. I get that question a lot from Elders and I don't think it has changed a ton. We do a couple more things, but other than that we do everything any other Elder does. It the same work, with a couple extra things we do. So I don't get why missionaries want this so bad. It's not a big deal or anything special.

4. You mentioned my favorite nephew getting huge.

All I have to say is...Are you surprised? haha have you seen the kid's Father? :D

5. Pop's got a job. I'm glad he did. He has been in a lot of prayers. :D

6. Joli and Soccer. Kiera Ogden e-mailed me suddenly last week and I told her about Joli and she said she LOVES Joli and loved how she would always say hi to her in the halls at school.

7. Shirt size-L, unless you are talking about church shirts. Then I don't know. I'll have to look. I'm in P-day clothes right now so I can’t check.


Church Pants-Um...Well it depends. I wear 34-33 in jeans. and if you get normal dress pants that should be the same, but some dress pants are actually going to be 36. the sizes drive me nuts.

Shoes- One pair I have are ugly and destroyed. And I keep gluing them and the other pair I have I only wear on Sundays and to zone conference. So they are pretty nice. I should be fine. They will last. :)

I think that's all. :D Love you Tiff.

Alright so this week was not very productive for our area, Elder Hinton and I took Tuesday-Friday to go on team ups in Lander and Riverton. It was a ball though. We started in Lander at their District meeting. Elder Searle was made District Leader for his last Transfer. He did really well. Planned it out and had a great District Meeting. After District Meeting Elder Hinton and I teamed up with Elder Catron and Wilkins. I went with Elder Wilkins and Elder Hinton went with Elder Catron. It was a good day. We worked our butts off and found 3 new investigators in their area. For Dinner Elder Hinton and I went With Elder Searle and Houston to the Crane's house. He is a dentist in Lander and fixed one of my teeth that chipped. I love that family. So we spent some time with them. Then on Wednesday I went with Elder Houston. Elder Hinton went with Elder Searle. Elder Searle hasn't been seeing a whole lot of people. So it was good I got to go with Elder Houston and show him around and introduce him to a lot more people. I think Elder Houston was getting a little frustrated with Elder Searle. haha So I think it was good we got to show him some more people to see and also to give him a break for a day. We ended up finding 2 new investigators and a couple of potentials as well with them. The whole reason we went on team ups was to help these Elders find and It worked out. I got a hair cut when I was in Lander too. The Lady that did it cut it in seriously like 3 minutes and I was really surprised. So Elder Houston and I left and as we were drive to the house to rinse the hair off of me He started laughing and was making fun of my hair because the lady screwed it up. So I had elder Houston try to fix it and it still looked like trash. Then that night we went to get a picture with Bishop Sutton's family. Only Sister Sutton and Little Todd were there. So we went over and Elder Houston made fun of my hair so Sister Sutton fixed it for me. :D So now I look fly again. :) Alright. Now back to team ups.

Thursday we were in Riverton with Elder Mangelson and Merrell. I was with Elder Merrell all day and we had a good time talking about East Helena. He served there after I did so we had a ball talking about all the people there. Fond memories. We found 2 new investigators with them.

Friday we were with Elder Lewis and Hepworth. and with them we found 3 new investigators. It was a good week. When we got numbers yesterday we found out they kept finding. Because in our zone altogether there were 20 new investigators found. :) It was an awesome week for our zone. I'm glad to say that they all kicked BUTT this week.

So team ups are the reason we didn't get much done in our area. We have Zone Conference in Wednesday at Rock Creek Hallow. It should be really neat. I have already been there a couple times, but I think the spirit will be there everytime. It is a neat place. We are going to go down tomorrow night to Lander so we won’t have to wake up so early wednesday morning to drive down. I told Elder Hinton as we drove into Lander last week that I felt like I was coming home. Lander is another home to me. I have a few homes now. :D Hope you don't mind.

Alright I think that is all. I don't think I'm fogetting anything. I love you all.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

"Sutton Family and I."

Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder Hinton

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