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Monday, September 27, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Hey family, Transfers have come to pass."

"Me, Elder G"
Hey There Loved Loves,

So this week was a little Bananas, Bonkers, Loco. You know...The Usual. Elder Hinton didn't want to do much this week. Which was tough, but he is now in Billings waiting to leave to Gilbert on Thursday. This transfer was pretty tough on me. We didn't daily plan one time in the 6 weeks I was here. He didn't want to. Never weekly planned either. Bummer. Makes it really hard when you don't have a plan. I have a new companion now though that is a stud so we will tear it up this transfer.

Elder Hinton and I saw a few people this week. Ann Martinsen is doing well. She hasn't been progressing a lot since I have been here, and all transfer we were trying to figure out what the deal was. Well, we were driving down main and saw Ann driving the other way so we honked and waved at her and she stuck her hand out the window to wave and saw a big nasty cigarette in her fingers. Ha-ha so now we know what is holding her up. She never smelled like smoke or even gave us a sign that she smoked. We always would ask if there was anything that was holding her back and she would say nope. She needs to learn more. I'm guessing there is more to it than that. We will see though. They are out of town this week so we won’t see them again until next week.

We are teaching this recently reactivated member. His name is Richard Ramos. He is in his early 40's. Just a great guy. He made some mistakes a few months back and was kicked out of the house. His wife and 3 kids are still living there. He is living with his brother right now. He hadn't been to church in 5 years and now he had been every week for 3 months. He had a disciplinary council and is disfellowshipped for a year. We asked him how he felt about everything, and he said, “I have never been so happy. I am getting blessings in abundance. People are showing me love and helping me even though they know about the things I have done. I may not even deserve this, but Heavenly Father continues to bless me." He had tears in his eyes. His happiness is so common place now. He prays everyday he will get to go back to his house and raise his family and be with his wife again. However, He said something to me that I really liked. Maybe because it was from him. I have heard it before. He said I can pray for the things I think I need or deserve, but it comes down to God's will for me. So I always pray for His will to be done. He keeps picking out his flaws though. We told him to list good things and count his blessings. I hope he does.

Now about transfers. Elder Hinton and I were waiting for the call when President Gardner called. Usually it's the assistants that call. He called and asked to talk to me and I thought...Hmm well maybe I'm training again. I'm not though. Which is fine. What he told me was that he was sending Elder House to be my companion. The same Elder House I came out with. :D He got here last night. We still can’t believe we are companions. We are going to have a ball and get a LOT done. We are excited for the chance we have to serve together. Elder House has been a District Leader for the last 6 months. So it was about time for him to be a Zone Leader. I didn't think President would put us together because we came out together, but he did. This transfer is going to be good.

Sounds like Jason had a good time running, swimming and biking. That's pretty sweet. What a stud. I have actually talked about doing a triathlon before. It would be pretty cool. IRON MAN someday maybe! :D Thanks for the e-mails. I got an e-mail from Mops, Pops, Tiff, and Joli. Glen hasn't e-mailed in a long time either. He is pretty busy though. Always doing something. Sawyer seems to be doing good down in the south. It's cool to read his e-mails. They are a lot more interesting than mine.

I have met a couple of cousins here in Worland. A Goff and some people who are descendants of Dudley Leavitt. Pretty cool. They asked what wife I was from and I didn't know. I'll have to take a look. Maybe we are from the same wife.

Enjoy conference. I'm excited for it. :) Glad Jason and Tiff get to go. I'll have to go next October. :D Won’t be home in time for April. Love you all and keep on trucking. Thanks for your love, and letters. A primary kid from our ward back home wrote me a letter and I wrote back last week. Taylor Allen. I don't think I know who that is. It was a great letter though. I couldn't wait to write back. I hope I get a letter in return.

Love, Elder God's Country Goff
P.S. Played basketball as a district.  Sat in a member's helicopter.  Cut wood with the Snyders.
P.S.S. Saw a Moose while getting wood. With its baby. First time I have seen a moose on my mission.

"District Ball"

"Sweet Blister I developed due to Playing B-ball"





"Hinton, Snyders and I"

"Hinton and I before his departure"

"Elder House and I"

""Elder House and I"

Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder House


Anonymous said...

Well it has been a very long time since I have taken the time to come read your letters. TOO LONG. I'm trying to get caught up now and was reading backwards, from the newest letter down. I just have to tell you both how proud I am of you and how much I love and miss you both.
In just the few recent letters I have read I can see how much you both have grown.
Keep up the great work and see you elders soon! By the way, in case you haven't heard I will have another new grandbaby by the time you both get home!!! yippee!! Daiton's getting a sister or brother in April! life is great.
Love you both,
Aunt Allison!

lorraine N dale said...

Dear Elder A. Goff,
I just want you to know that what I LOVE the most about your letters is your positive attitude!
You LOVE being a Missionary. I can tell. You are doing a GREAT work & I want you to know that you are always in my thoughts & prayers.
One part of your email caught my eye. The Geneology part. :-)
You were wondering which wife of Dudley Leavitt's you come through? Well, now I will totally confuse you because you come from 2 different wife's!! CRAZY huh?
OKAY, I'll see if I can explain:
Mariah Huntsman, the 2nd wife had Charles Albert Leavitt, that's Great Grandma Ethel's dad, then comes Grandma Sheila, then your mom & then you.
Thirza Hale Riding, the 3rd wife had Alfred Weir Leavitt, that's Parley Leavitt's dad, who is Great Grandma Della's dad, then Walter Glen Weber, then your mom & then you.
Whew!! Did you get all of that? You will have to write it down & carry it with you to be able to tell it! hahaha :-)
Fun stuff!
Hey keep up the great work & the great attitude & know that you are being prayed for by lots more than just me & that you are LOVED so much!
Take care.
Love, aunt lorraine