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Monday, September 13, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "EL GUERO"

Elder Goff

So, to start off this last Monday the power wasn’t working in our house so I went down to look at the circuit box and see what was going on thinking that one might have tripped. Well I went down there to try and fix it and ended up getting shocked like no other. There was a lizard in there that got fried and somehow got in-between the power flow well I flipped the thing to off and tried to move my little reptile friend and the power hit me.
Well this last week I read our search for happiness by M. Russell Ballard. It was really great and it had some example in it that I really liked that I think will help a lot when I'm teaching. I’m going to start reading our heritage now and the Jesus the cristo. I’m excited to do it and I think it will help me in teaching and to understand things better as well. I’m also working on the New Testament and I’m learning a ton from that right now. I’m still in Matthew and moving slowing but there are a lot of things to learn that Christ did when he was here.

Well this week when we were knocking doors we found some people from hati. I knew when they answered the door that the didn’t have much time here. They didn’t know any Spanish but they knew a little bit of English, enough to be able to tell them about what we do. they seemed really great but they didn’t have time to talk to us and when we went by the next day no one was there but I’m going to keep on looking for them cause I thought they were really cool people they were like purple almost cause they were so black and their native language is French so when they were talking to each other it sounded way cool.

This week we were out knocking on doors like we usually do and while we were doing so my comp was getting really down and saying how he isn’t going to have any baptisms in this area. I told him that numbers really don’t matter and the sooner he gets that in his head the happier he will be. I also told him that we would find someone the next day who will be baptized. Well I said it and it seemed right when I did and I knew the lord would provide. My comp asked me how I knew and I said cause I feel like we will but we have to work super hard and talk to everyone in our path. well later on in the day we went with Estela the lady who should already be baptized and when we went with her she told us that she didn’t have time cause she was going to the doctor but told us to come back the next day cause she invited 3 of her friends to listen to us. I didn’t think of it right then but later on I was thinking that maybe one of those friends is the one that we would find the next day who would want to get in the water. Well it was too good to be true because the next day Estela called and said that she wouldn’t be able to accept us because she had other things going on. So we didn’t get to go and met her friends but we went and contacted some apartments that we already had but we decided to do it at a different time of day to see if there would be different people home. Well we went and we found Delia. She is golden. She is really catholic one that actually goes to church and knows the scriptures pretty well. Well we talked to her and taught the 1st lesson and everything we told her she believed and thought it was all great. She said it was all new to her and interesting and she was really excited to read about when Jesus came here to the Americas she thought that was awesome. We are praying and fasting for her to receive an answer and I hope it happens we will go with her again in Tuesday to see how everything is going and I hope she has received an answer.

Well another day this week we were in the street and we couldn’t find anyone we were looking for. We had name out of the area book we were trying to track down but no one was home. So I decided I would try something new. I asked my comp to tell me a color and he asked why. I was like just tell me the first color that popped in your head. He was like green I was like ok what kind of green. Like apple green, or dark green or what? He pointed to a green house and said that color. So I told him that we were going to look for someone in a green shirt like that. We went walking and searching for someone with that color. We saw a guy driving with a shirt like that and tried to fallow him but he was to fast for us so it didn’t work but we kept going. We walked up and down like 3 streets till we finally found Guadalupe with her green tank top. We talked to her and gave her the 1st lesson and it went well and we have another appointment with her this week. we kept walking down that same street and we passed an older lady out front with a green shirt and I was like well we already found one but maybe this lady as well is one of the chosen so we went to talk to her and we got going in the lesson talking about prophets and she told us that she thinks that there will be a prophet again here on the earth and we were like great just keep that in mind we will talk about that:) I was super stocked that she said that. Well we told her about everything and then she said that she had gone to our church before with a friend but when she was in the church the whole time she had a bad feeling in her gut and said that that’s how she knows it’s not right. well that kind of sucked to hear and we told her she should try to go again and pray about what she should do and she said that she might try and I really hope she does. We will go by with her again to see what she thinks later.

At church this week the bishop one of his councilors and the secretary of the ward were the only ones who talked the people who were supposed to talk didn’t show up this week. I felt bad and tried to like give motion to tell them I could talk but then didn’t know so after sacrament I told bishop to give me ten minutes next week to talk about something. So I’m going to talk to them about inviting people to feel the peace that they all feel from the church. I’m going to share some stuff from the New Testament I’m reading and hopefully get some people excited to help this ward out. I love these people but the whole ward just does there own things and we are going to try and unite them a little better.

we also had a party this week for the Mexican independence day on the 15th and it was awesome me and my buddy heppler went and bought some wigs and sombreros so we could have a good time and it turned out well everyone was wanted picture with us and even though I was sweating like crazy the whole time it turned out well. All in all it was a pretty good week.

I love you all and hope you guys have a great week I know I will :)

-Elder S. Goff (EL GUERO)

"Me above part of my area"

"Elder Hendricks from Mesa AZ, Me, and Elder Heppler from St. Geezy"

"Me and 2 of my buddies from another ward"

"Me and my sister Sarahi"

"Me and Hep"

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Salazar

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