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Monday, January 31, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Working super hard"

Well this week has passed by super fast like every other week. We have been working super hard but just can’t get anything going really. I gave a talk yesterday in church and I was super excited to talk to the members but Sunday morning at about 6 a man from our ward died and well a lot of people ended up not coming the church so my talk wasn’t heard by to many. We are giving it our all but the whole agency things kind of sucks when there are so many people who are stuck in apostasy. I wish they could all see the truth but only the ones that want to see it will be able to. I read a talk this week by pres. utchdorf and well it was a great talk it was called the faith of our fathers. Talks about the impotancia in being part of the church of The father god and getting rid of traditions that don’t have feeling. It was good.

I hit the big 18 months in the mish this week a few of us elders got together to eat and it went really well. I really enjoy being with the other missionaries.

Life is going good but there really just isn’t much to say. We have been hitting a ton of doors and talking to members for references but not finding anyone good but we will keep our heads up and keep driving along. I love being a missionary and I only like 6 months more of it so I have got to live it up while I can I love you all hope yall have a great week.

Love Sawyer Garrett

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Olvera

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