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Sunday, January 9, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Hello Everyone"

Well, I’m sorry I didn’t write on Monday. I took off to Tampico early Monday morning and didn’t get back up here till late and we have had cites the passed 2 days without down time to stop and write but I’m here now. We had changes and well elder Tec took off to a town called manta and I’m still here in Victoria I got another kid #3. I’m caught up now Austin :) his name is elder lover. He is from Puebla and has been a member 10 years. And was baptized when he was 9. He is a stud and we get along really well.

Well a little about the passed week and new years. We ended up having a baptism on Thursday the 30th tiffs birthday (by the way happy late b day sis love you) it was a guy named Joel. A complete stud. We had his date sit for on Friday the 31 but when we went to our appointment with him on the 29th he said he wanted to be in the water the next day. It was really crazy but we made it happen. I called up the zone leaders to get their butts over there and do the interview so he could get wet the next day they got there and we got that taken care of. The next day we went and got the font ready along with calling members to inform them of what was going down. It ended up really well. Joel is 22 years old and is a Mexican cowboy. He has 1 kid and is separated from his wife right now. He showed up on Sunday to church in a suit and tie to be confirmed I was so happy to see him like that because there aren’t too many people that are member that come with a shirt and tie on.

For new years we went and hung out with our bishop and had a great time. We ate carne aside and discard that was just amazing. We sat around and talked and even played Jenga. in Jenga the person that lost had to eat a super hot chili and well I wasn’t losing so I started to talk some crap to everyone and well everyone that was losing would just take a bite of the chili and I said if I lost I would eat the rest of the chili well guess what I ended up losing when I said that and had to eat a half of the chili that hurt super bad. Well you think I would have learned my lesson but nope. we started again and I said if I lost I would eat a whole chili having a lot of confidence that I wasn’t going to lose but guess what I did and I had to hold up my words and I ate the whole things and just about died. I was going crazy it was the hottest thing I have ever eaten and well it hurt leaving as well. The night was pretty fu we even had a couple fire works that me and Tec bought in the street that we lighted off with the kids of bishop and bishop as well and it was pretty fun. Well it started to get late the gun shooting started to happen. We were planning on going home before that started but it started sooner then we thought and the obi spa wouldn’t let us leave. So we waiting till the shootings went down to leave it was crazy though it was like being in a war is what I imagine. It was insane I have a video where you car hear all the shootings and bombs going off. We really enjoyed ourselves and well the next day really sucked. The 1st not one person was in the streets and no one wanted to talk with us and it was just a tough day.

everything has been going great though I found a member who served in our stake and remembers president karate of the Spanish branch I asked if he knew who Danny Allen is but the guy couldn’t remember he was in our stake from about Feb. to Julio of 2003 and was in the Bunkerville church I thought it was pretty cool that he had been in my church building before.

so one of my buddies is up here in Victoria with me now and I'm super stocked to hang out with him on Mondays his name is elder Austin he is from Orem and he is in the ward right next door to us and we use the same church building so ill see him a bit. Also my 1st kid elder Franklin is now senior comp and is in my same zone I am so proud of the kid. I also hit 17 months this passed week. I’m getting old.

Well I love you all but I better get going ill send pics on Monday from new years and my new kid and everything.

Love Elder Goff

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Olvera

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