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Friday, January 21, 2011

From Elder S. Goff - "Hey Family"

Hey Tiff, I just want to tell you first off keep your head up I love you and you are the best big sis ever. I know things are really hard right now being sick all the time but everything will work out the way it should. Love you sis.

This week was good. As usual we hit a bunch of doors looking for new people and we had a little success. we were able to find 7 new inv. I’m really excited still to work and be the best I can and p days always give me more excitement to work harder I love hanging out with the other elders and letting lose a little bit. We went and played some soccer this morning like any normal Mexican would do then we went to down town to look for some stuff. Me and my buddy elder Austin ended up buying some sweet knifes. We each bought a butterfly knife and a switch blade. We are pretty excited. I want to get good with my butter fly knife so I can do tricks with it.

This last week the weather was nuts and I really don’t understand how my brother Austin does it. Up in Montana it gets like 30 below. This week we got down to 2 C and I thought I was going to die. I'm not use to the cold weather at all. I’m going to die if I go to school up at BYU I or Utah State. It gets so cold up there. On Monday this week I was sweating like crazy well like normal but in the night it changed because in Tuesday in the morning it was super foggy and super cold. I couldn’t believe it, it was horrible. A hna (sister) here in my ward gave me 2 sweaters so I was super warm. I had to break down and well thought I was going to buy new shoes. the shoes I have, I've had since the day after I received my calling and they are getting kind of bad so I went with an hna that sells shoes to order some and I order some good ones that were going to cost a little over 600 pesos like 60 bucks. I told the sister that that’s what I wanted and she told me they would be there on Saturday so I could use them for church on Sunday. Well on Saturday when she called me to go pick them up I was like ok hna how much is it and she said nothing. I was like I have to pay you something hna these were expensive shoes and she was like no I'll receive blessings from doing this so don’t worry about it. I was so surprised and tried to give her money but wouldn’t accept it so I’m going to make them some food tonight and take it over to them. I know its nothing to big but I was so happy that she did that. There are a lot of great members here in our ward but not to many that help us out but I still love them.

Me and elder olvera are doing good I love the kid and we are getting a lot pretty well now. I’m trying to help him improve but sometimes he thinks that I don’t know anything so I’m trying to love him and be the best I can be to at lest give him an example.

Today when we went to play soccer there was an elder with some fire crackers but like bigger and well he lit one and threw it in my direction and I turned around and it popped me in the jaw with scrap pieces and cut me pretty good but it surprised me more then anything. The kid felt really bad but I wasn’t mad or anything just really couldn’t believe it.

Everything is going really good I love you all and hope things are going well and here are some pics from the week.

Love,  Elder GOFF

Current Area: Victoria City, Mexico
Current Companion: Elder Olvera

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