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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From Elder A. Goff - "Another good week."

So, Monday evening Elder Heywood and I drove to Worland for our meeting on Tuesday. We stayed at the Snyders. It was good to see them again. And our meeting on Tuesday went well. After our meeting I got to go on team ups with Elder House. We went to see a few people, like Brother Ramos, and later that night we got to go out and teach Sister Butterfeild. It was so cool! She said, "So I guess you heard I'm getting baptized February 27th." I said yep I heard and then she said, "So. You gonna come do it?" And I said, OF COURSE!!! I'm honored that you would ask me to do that for you. So I told you the wrong date though. I think I told you January, but it's actually February. Still exciting though. :) After that eventful day we went to Powell, WY in the Wyoming North zone for our meeting. Then we went to Cody to go on team ups with the Wyoming North Zone leaders. Elder Child is one of them. So I got to go on team ups with Elder Child. It was sweet. I really enjoyed teaching with him again. So the first of the week was filled with meetings. We finished our loop of meetings on Wednesday with the Billings East Zone. It went pretty well. I'm glad they are over. We had some time to actually get out and find more people to teach again. And now the craziness begins again. Transfer week is upon us. I remember the last time around and how crazy it was and I'm not excited for the little sleep I'll get, but I am excited for new missionaries to come in. It's always exciting to see them come down the stairs at the airport. They are always so ready to get out and work. :) I just can’t believe that is it time for transfers again already. Time is flying by. I only have 3 months left. In fact I even got my paper to fill out for my release and flight home. I filled it out. I'll be flying in to St. George. AHH!!!!! Haha I’ll get the info my last transfer I think as far as what time and day. So be ready for that. Time is ticking. Elder Heywood has about 7 weeks left. He is a super short timer.

President Fisher came through for a wedding this weekend. IT was cool to see him. Elder Heywood and I got a picture with both of our mission presidents and their wives. :) It was great. President Fisher kept giving us advice about when we go home. He told me to apply to LDS Business College as well. So Tiff if you could figure that out for me that would be great. He said it's really good schooling for really cheap. It's only a 2 year school and then I would transfer somewhere for pre-med. Let me know what you think. I would be in the middle of Salt Lake. I guess I just want to keep my options open and decide when I get home where to go.

Didn't have much time this week to e-mail. Love you all. Also...Tiff and Jason. President Fisher, my last mission president who came through wants to meet you. I can give you his contact info if you want or I can give him yours. You have to promise to call him. Elder Craig G. Fisher of the 70.

Love you all. Oh shoot one last thing. Sawyer, do you know an Elder Matt Lundstrom. He was the best friend of a member family her in Billings. Their son was killed in a Bicycle accident and never got to serve. Matt was best friends with their son when they lived in AZ.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Heywood

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