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Monday, June 21, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "TORNADO IN BILLINGS..crazy haha"

Apparently it wasn't too bad though. I saw a picture of it just before we sat down to e-mail. It looked pretty rad. I Wish I would have been up there. I would have rode my bike right through it. OH YEAH! not really...but really. not really. ☺

Well Alright now about our week here in Fremont County, Wyoming. I have really been wanting a special treat. What treat could Elder Goff want you may ask? I have really wanted Tater-Tot Casserole. So you know what we did? We flippin made it. We bought the biggest bag of tater-tots we could find, hamburger, Cream of Mushroom and cheese. We called a member to ask how long to cook it and at what temperature. After we did that we put it together, but we added a special little twist to the concoction. We added Salsa Con Queso. We needed to spice up our lives a little. It turned out pretty dang good! It could have used a little more Cream of Mushroom, but it was still edible. Especially by a couple of hungry missionaries. We ate it for lunch and dinner. Our dinner bailed on us. Good thing we made a large casserole. :D

The next thrilling thing we did was fill holes in Brother Alexander's drive way. Which is dirt, so it gets pot holes easy. We called President Gardner to get permission to drive his 4-wheeler with a small trailer on back so we could fill all of these holes. He let us use it! He said he wouldn't trust most elders on a 4-wheeler, but he trusts Elder Ika and I. I thought that was pretty neat. I just sat in the trailer on top of the dirt when we rode up the road. Elder Ika drove. I drive every day. It was the first time he had operated something with a motor that he could drive since he got into the M.T.C. Anyways. We took the first load and filled in holes and noticed one of the tires on the trailer was kind of low. So we said we would air it up when we went back for the next load. We emptied it and went back and totally forgot to air it up, OR COURSE. Haha so as we were going down the bumpy road with Elder Goff sitting on the pile'o dirt. He thought to himself...Wow this is REALLY bumpy this time. So he looked over the edge and saw that the tire was now completely flat. There was no way we could lift it. So we walked back to the house. Got the car. Used the jack to lift the trailer and took the tire off and went to town to get it doctored back to health. So we spent most of our service time waiting for the trailer tire to get fixed that we should have aired up right when we noticed it. Moral of the story...Don't procrastinate the day of your repentance until the end. It just makes it harder.

Next story...Elder Ika and I have been teaching a less active guy who hasn't been to church in 20+ years. His name is Fred Black. He is an older guy with an oxygen tank and heart and breathing problems. The other elders were teaching him before we took over their area, but they would just visit with him. So we decided we needed to teach him the missionary lessons. Which we like to do with most less active and inactive members. The Lessons have great power. When we first started going over he didn't want to go to church. We taught him the Restoration and Plan of Salvation. Plus we started teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then we asked him again to come to church with us and he agreed. We called and reminded him on Saturday night. Fred Black came to church for the first time in over 20 years. He really enjoyed it. The talks were by 3 dads in different stages of their lives. One who just had his first child born a week and a half ago. One with kids married on missions and younger ones. Then the last one was a grandfather. They were really good talks. Fred liked them too. He said it was nice to reflect on the different stages in fatherhood. Hopefully we can keep him coming. Our ward mission leader couldn't believe he came. He said he has been trying to get him to come to church for years. So like I said, those missionary lessons have power beyond man. Heavenly Father made that happen. :)

It sounds like you guys had one heck of a time in Cali. Joli E-mailed me and told me all about it. Even about her sweet tan. Haha you crack me up sis. You are just as goofy as the rest of us. Never Change. Glad you had a good time at youth conference. ;) If you know what I mean. You Dork. :D haha I’ll send you a personal e-mail baby sis.

I'm happy to know you have gotten a couple new ties. I will have you know that I ruined a very pretty pink one you sent me. I don't remember what I got on it, but man I would rather lose a white shirt than one of my ties. White shirts are all the same, but ties can’t be replaced as easily. Someone should invent ties that can’t stain. That would be super. :D haha Maybe that's the way I will help people in my career someday. Make ties for missionaries who eat like pigs. :D haha ok...maybe just a hobby.

I hope all is well. Keep being awesome family. You should have seen me talking about my dear family with a less-active member last night. I cried for the first time in a lesson in a while. :p Guess that must mean I love you. :D Love you.

Elder Austin Gene Goff

Shoot I almost forgot. We were playing tag last p-day with the West family and it turned into a water fight :D haha Hope you like the pics.

Current Area: Lander, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder Ika

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