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Monday, June 7, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "6 weeks gone so fast!"

So we just ended another change. I and my companion are staying the same. I was kind of bummed when I found that out but oh well we will continue to see what we can do. I really am trying so hard I just hope that we will be able to have some success this change. I know he will be trying extra hard to pull me down a bit cause it’s his last change and he doesn’t want to do anything but I’m not going to let him. It should be an interesting change but well get stuff done. I really think that pres has got like a trick up his sleeve cause there are 2 groups of missionaries stuck in the mtc in the states and I think when one of them get here something might happen with me and my comp and he will get sent to the middle of nowhere. I guess we will see I think that’d be great. He is a great guy but he just doesn’t want to be a missionary anymore.

So Parley's b day is tomorrow big old 20. Tell his family to tell him I remembered :)

Joli I went to youth conference when I was a sophomore and I loved it. We had it at SUU and it was a blast. I know you will love it as well so make sure that you go don’t miss out bud. There will be a ton of games but a ton of spiritual things that you will enjoy as well.

So the president of México was in Tampico this past week and things were kind of nuts there were a ton more soldiers than usual in the streets and all kinds of air planes and stuff taking off and landing. I live right by the airport here so I always hear them. I guess they did a big show at the beach because it was Marian day here in México.

This week we had a ton of lessons with members present. We sat up in the afternoon for everyday this past week for someone different to go out and do visits with us. We went to investigators and less actives both and it was good. We got a new ward mission leader as well and he is awesome. His name is Paco and is 25ish and is the only member of his family. He is a stud and he is actually trying to help us out. he says that there were some fried elders here in the past so the members don’t care to much about us but that we are making a difference in the way they talk about us so that’s good.

We did a service project this past Saturday for some members in our ward and had all the other elders from the crew come and help out. The lady was so happy about it and shared her testimony yesterday in church about missionaries. I think we are making a bit of a difference in this ward well I hope so. We have been doing family nights with families in the ward and they have been going good. We have been making relationship and trying to be there friends and then we will work on getting references from them. It’s a long process but its better than just knocking on doors. I mean we have found some great people doing that but its best when the members are involved as well.

So I bet Darbin is stocked. He is going to get down there either during the world cup or just after it’s over. It’s in South Africa this year and that place is going to be crazy!!! The people here are more interested in the world cup then voting for governor and stuff that is going on right now haha.

Well everything is good here I love you all and I miss ya

Elder Goff

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Alderete

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