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Monday, June 7, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Week 3?! Didn't transfers just happen!? WHERE IS THE TIME GOING!!!?"

Hey Everyone,

It's me, Elda G from Wy-om-ing. Well here goes. Elder Ika and I have had quite the week, full of fun and adventure. Even did some sand bagging, but that can wait until a little later in this e-mail. First of all our second lesson with James Pulver went really well. We reviewed the Restoration then taught the Plan of Salvation. I love teaching the Plan of Salvation. It's just so incredible. I love being able to answer questions that people have had their entire lives, and I'm lucky enough to have been blessed with this knowledge. So it's nice to see people's eyes open as we teach it. James didn't have any really huge things he was concerned with. He just likes what he has been taught and he feels that it all makes sense to his mind and heart. So hopefully he read from the Book of Mormon this week. We didn't leave him with much to read, but we did leave him with a few powerful statements from the Book of Mormon. I think he is still a little shocked that missionaries aren't stuck up, and think that they are better than everyone else. He is a pretty neat guy. Elder Ika and I will be teaching him again tomorrow night. It should be a good lesson and we are going to try to set a baptismal date with him.

Elder Ika and I have been working and working and working and working, and the time is flying by way too fast. However, I think it's because of the effort that we have been putting forth that we are seeing the Lord's hand with us more than before. This week we had 3 referrals from members. One came to church with a member family yesterday. (Who we haven't even taught yet.) Hadn't even met actually. Elder Ika and I had to be a little creative this week for church. We went on splits with priesthood holders. Elder Ika and I went to Lander 1st ward at 9. Church in Fort Washakie starts at 10:30. So...Elder Ika went to the Fort. At 10 he got picked up by Brother Williams and they went to church out there. While I stayed with the Lander 1st ward, ward mission leader, Brother Hart. Then church for Lander 2nd ward starts at 1. So Brother Hart passed me off to Brother Quinton after 1st ward was over, who is our ward mission leader for Lander 2nd ward. Went to all of our meetings before church with Brother Quinton. Then walked into sacrament for 2nd ward and Saw the referral with the Cassidy Family. His name is Bryan Neal. I went to talk to him and he was just a really nice guy. He is about 29 years old if I remember right. He just moved here from Colorado. He played College Football at a school in Colorado and also played Semi-Pro ball for the Colorado Semi-Pro team. Played Linebacker. So we talked about football for a minute...OF COURSE!!! Then I started asking him about his interest in the church and he told me that he tries to surround everything he does with Christ. He said his Football jersey number was 27. Because of his love for Psalm 27. Just seems like a really great guy. I told him a little about the Restoration and the need for one and asked if we could set up a time to visit with him. He said He would love to and Elder Ika and I are meeting with him tonight. :D I am always a little scared to have investigators at church for the first time at a testimony meeting. Why you may ask!? Because some people are crazy. There is one in every ward who gets up every time and says something that makes me embarrassed for them. Like there was this 16 year old kid who got up there to bare his testimony and said a couple of things then stood there and said well...I don't know what else to say. Then picture this. He says "YAY GO LDS" and jumps and claps his hands like a high school cheerleaders. AT THE PULPIT!! Then says in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. " WOO" and sits down. ARG...Haha there are a couple of worse examples that I won’t share due to lack of time. So After sacrament I gave Bryan a Restoration pamphlet and asked him to read it before we came over and write down any questions he had. So I have a feeling we will be explaining what Testimony meeting is. If we don't I'm afraid he will never come again. ;) Elder Ika got back from The Fort right after sacrament meeting got over. So we had to be a little creative with this Sunday so we can go to Du Bois this coming weekend to meet more of the members. They are having a dinner after church and they want us to be there.

Then on Saturday we got a call from a Member in Riverton who was out with a friend from Du Bois and they were talking about the church. They ended up calling us and wanting us to stop at her house to teach her when we go to Du bois this weekend. The Lord is sure blessing us. Now watch I'll get transferred before any of them get baptized. ;) Oh Well. At Least I got to help.

Now about the weather. It's been really nice out. It got to 82 which I think was the hottest. However. There has still been TONS of snow in the mountains. And it's been melting way too fast. So Elder Ika and I spent most of Saturday filling sand bags and playing in the mud. Elder Ika and I didn't even know about it until Saturday Morning. We were just about the leave the house at 10 when our phone rang. It was Sister Alexander the lady we live with. She told us that during the night the river finally went over and people were out sand bagging and asked us to go help. So we got out of our ties, put on my Levis and my sweet ariat Cowboy boots Elder Leslie gave me and went to find people to help. We found one place to help in Lander and only carried like 8 bags. So we went and ate lunch at noon. Decided we had better go to Hudson like we had planned because we didn't get out there last week. We had people we needed to see. So we changed back into our prophet clothes and went to Hudson. We visited with one Less Active lady then found out that Hudson was being flooded as well and they needed help. So we went to help fill sand bags in our Prophet clothes. It was awful. So we decided to drive back to Lander and Change. So we did and Spent the rest of the day Sand Bagging. Boy we are sore because of it. It totally wiped me out. And we are hearing that it’s not getting much better at this point. It's even supposedly going to rise even more until Thursday. We might be in our jeans again before long. I'll send pictures. So that was our week. All is well here...other than the Rivers. Elder Ika and I are having a Ball Down here.

Have fun in Cali. Disneyland will be a blast for Joli. Our Disneyland consists of letters in our local Post Office Box. :D

I love you all, Love,

Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Lander, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder Ika

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