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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "Elder Morgan is gone"

Me and Morgan the last time I saw him

So this week my buddy elder Morgan left me. He is now back in his house in Colorado. He was a great guy and I’m sure ill see him once again. We’ll end up going snow boarding or something after I get done.

This week on Monday night it rained like crazy I love the rain and thunder and it was going on all night. The rain here doesn’t smell as good as back home I miss the smell of rain in the desert. It was fun to watch for awhile but the weather in the morning was so gross because it was so humid.

There were a few shootings going on in my area this week on Thursday there were 6 people who were killed and on Friday there were 20 people who were killed. It’s really crazy but we are never anywhere close when things go down. We are always on the other side of our area. On Saturday we were visiting a sister and her daughter was at the super market and called home and said there was a shouting going on outside the store and the army locked all the people on the inside. the sister wouldn’t let us leave her house that night so we could get home we ended up staying for awhile till she trusted that we could walk home safe. And we did just fine :) I had another sister till me to be careful because there are going to be people that don’t like me to much cause I'm from the states because I guess there was some kids that get killed by boarder patrol or something and made all of Mexico mad I'm not sure though I don’t seethe news.

One of the first weeks I was here in Mexico I met a guy who served in Vegas well I found him again. he was on the street waiting for the bus and I just walked by him but then I was like wait I think I know him and I went back to talk to him and sure enough it was him the guy who served in the mesquite stake for awhile. He couldn’t remember anyone’s names from mesquite but I'm sure ill see him around again and get to talk to him more I just think its cool that he was right there.

One night me and my companion were walking home and there is a short cut that we take that goes right threw a grave yard. My comp is very girly I guess I could say and he didn’t want to but I got him to anyway the whole time he was freaking out and thinking he was hearing things. I started to smile a bit and laugh because I thought I would play a trick on him and he saw me smile and knew I was going to do something and got even more scared. I got him to calm down and said it was nothing then I took a dash off the road into the head stones and all I could hear was a girl screaming who was my comp haha. He continued to walk down the street and I was a bit off on the side of him and snuck up in front of him and jump out and scarred him super bad I think he was ready to fight haha. It was great I don’t think he will ever walk threw there again but I had to do it I had to have some fun.

So we are working with a man named Jesus who is into cultural stuff like the Egyptians and Mayans, this past week he told us that he had a dream about us and in it we gave him chocolate and chocolate to the Mayans is really special. It’s something that is expensive and one of the best gifts you could give someone. We tried to explain to him that it’s because we do have a gift for him and a way that he can feel happier then he ever has. We have talked about baptism with him but he wants more time so we will continue to work with him. We will have a family night this week with him and some members that I think will be great for him.

We were also talking with a less active who has a non member wife and three kids who aren’t members. We were talking to him and he told us about when he got married. he got married threw the catholic church but to do so they needed to see his baptism record and he took the one from our church and at first the priest said no but the priest know it was real and excepted. And as well I guess the priest had a book of Mormon and D & C in the deck in his office because they really are more scriptures. The thing I thought was the coolest he told us is that when he and his wife were getting married he asked if the priest could marry them to be together forever and the priest said no only the Mormons can do that. How cool I that. I thought that was pretty sweet some master of another church even knows that we can only do that.

This week was good and this coming week we have zone conference which I am excited for. We have had some changes in the mission and it is making some elders mad but I think it will help out in the end. As of right now we can’t play sports at all on p days now so we can focus more on the work. We also got our district meetings changed from Tuesday to Mondays to take up part of our p day as well. I think that it will all be great and it will all help out in the end but it’ll take a bit of time.

Well hope yall have a good week and ill talk to yall soon

Peace out Elder Goff

Me and some elders together at DQ

Elder Goff and Nephi and his little brother, "Angel" Moroni

Me with my buddy Nephi doing our hand shake
Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Alderete

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