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Monday, June 21, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "MMT= Mission Mexico Tampico, the best mission in the world!!!!"

This week has been a pretty good week. I’ll start out by telling about a really cool story of something that happened to me and my comp this week. one day after the food an appointment that we had fell threw and we didn’t have anything to do so I asked my comp what he would like to do, he gave me 2 options of what he would have liked to do but I was like lets go visit sister celestina (a less active we have been working with). We went to her house and when we got there and entered the gate outside her house she came around the corner of her house just crying. We asked what was wrong and she said that her granddaughter (Monse) had not made it home from school yet. She said she usually gets home at 2 and this day it was about 3 30. Celestina was worried because she didn’t ride the bus thing home with her sister and she always does. Celestina also heard that there had been a bunch of kid napping taking place lately as well so she was really worried. She was trying to call anyone she could to find out where Monse was at. she kept asking us what we should do and we were both like we don't know we don’t have a car to go look for her we can’t leave our area and we just went sure what to do, we started to think and me and my comp were like well we should say a prayer and then we will know what to do. Celestina was inside but we said a prayer outside the house with a couple others of her grand kids and her daughter in law that showed up. My comp said a great prayer and then not even 5 seconds after we said amen sister Celestina came out of her house happy as can be and told us the school had just called and monse was still in school finishing up a test she was working on. I thought that was great this really helped me strengthen my testimony even more about prayer. It’s something that we have a gift that we have from god to talk with him. Prayer is such a powerful tool and we all have the ability to use it but we need to use it.

We also had zone conference this week which was great. They gave a time for us to share experiences of the past change or anything recent that had happened. I shared this story of Celestina and prayer. The conference was mainly focused on obedience. I also received tree packages which was awesome thanks you guys.

So this week we had a family night with some members in my ward that I think are great. Their names are Robert Leon and his wife Estila. Estila isn’t a member we are working with her though. She is a hair stylist and my own personal stylist to tell the truth. She cut my hair this past week. She and Leon have been married for a year now. Leon was married and was living in Austin TX. He lived up there for 16 years I think he said but things happened and yeah he is back here. But he is a great guy he has been a bishop several times and has a great story of how he was converted and everything. We had a family night with them this past week and talked about love and charity and later in the week we asked them to come with us to another family night that we were having with some investigators. They went and it turned out great. They were in a lot of thing this past week that happened. Because at a fathers day party on Saturday that we were invited to with the whole ward him and his wife showed up with a cake for me for my birthday. I couldn’t believe it but it was great. no one even know it was my birthday but he came in with the cake right when we were leaving and said that I had to go back in so that everyone could sing to me. They sang to me and then after, they told me to bite the cake and then they shoved my whole face into it. I knew it was coming because I have had the opportunity to do it to someone before but there were 2 guys from the elders quorum and my comp that all pushed my face into it.

My comp now calls me elder Roca. He thinks I don’t have a heart cause I didn’t want to do anything for my birthday. I told him that sense we did what he wanted to do for his b day we were going to do what I wanted to for mine and I said I wanted to work. We contacted when we didn’t have any appointment and we went to the party at night so I thought that was enough. It all turned out good though. Yesterday there were some investigators that invited us over for cake as well which was fun so I thought we had a lot of down time but I guess that’s all he wants. Things are getting hard and harder with him but I’m trying so hard to keep things good and not upset him. He is a great guy but he just doesn’t want to be a missionary anymore and doesn’t care what I think but its all good things will get better.

I love you all and thanks for everything

Lotta love S.GOFF

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Alderete

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