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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Pics from Elder S. Goff

THE CREW - All the elders from the other district, from our zone, and me with my comp...  A great service project!!!!

The Crew again

THE CREW once again, but without Elder Cruz because he was taking the picture haha
In the crew there is: Elder Alderete, Lundstrum, Me (I'm the big white dude, the only one without my name tag), Rodregez, Cruz, Morgan , Macias, and Marcelino

Elder Lundsrum from Tucson, AZ and Me and my comp Elder Alderete

Elder Macias, Goff, Alderete, Rodregez

Lundstrum and me again

Me and Marcelino
Marcelino is from Fresno, Cali and is a stud!

Elder Goff and Elder Rushka
I know I spelt his name wrong but it sounds like that but this guy broke his arm in his sleep. He punched his wall when he was sleeping but he is way cool. He is from Texas and says he is related to Bunkers so I thought that was cool.

Samari Goff at work!  I have a huge arm spand so I could take out a ton at once and the brother that was there was amazed!

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