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Monday, October 4, 2010

From Elder S. Goff - "A lot of sitting..."

So, this past week I just did a ton of butt sitting. from Tuesday till Friday from 10 till 5 I had training for being a trainer and a district leader, and then on Saturday and Sunday it was conference so I really wasn’t able to get much done in our area but I did learn a ton about just about everything. The training that I went threw was on a lot of different subjects to help me become a better teacher. I think it’s the same training that Austin was able to attend 2 months back. It went really well I was able to see kids from all over our mission and talk to some people I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

While at the conference I and a couple other elders made a deal with president call. We are going to all run the St.George marathon with him in 2012 when he gets home and if we help him qualify for the Boston he is going to take us with him there. I'm stocked because running a marathon is a goal I have always had and I’m going to do it with a bunch of my buddies here from the mission. It should be a ton of fun. I also talked some into doing the ragnar with me because it was sweet when I did it.

So conference was amazing. I really enjoyed it. There was a talk about someone from the 70 that talked on teaching and I think that is going to help me a lot. It like told what you need to do to be a great teacher and that no matter what class you teach it is important. There were a lot of talks that I really enjoyed that I think have helped me and will help me when I have the chance to read them again in the liahona. At conference here we go to the stake center to watch it and the kid from my ward ladis that was with us for a week one time was there in a suite and tie. It was awesome he has got his papers sent in and now he will just wait to see where in the world he will go. Its awesome cause when I got here he didn’t really want to go but he will be out of here pretty soon. I really excited for him. He is 22 years old and he is on his way.

So I was thinking that week that I would really like to know my line of authority. Tiff if you could ask pres. Hafen for that that’d be awesome some other elders were talking about there’s but I don’t even know mine. Thank you.

Well I love you all sorry this is so short but we really weren’t able to do anything this week. This coming week will be my last one here in this area I believe. I have no idea where I will go but I know till be great where ever it is.

I love you all.

Elder Sawyer Garrett Goff

Current Area: Down Town Tampico, Mexico - Unidad
Current Companion: Elder Salazar and Elder Franklin

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