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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "4th week, 3rd transfer, 4th area"

Elder Goff and Elder House

Hey again,

All is well in the town of Wonderful Worland. Elder House still has a large hole in his abdomen, but it's healing little by little. This week we are going to get back after it. We spent this last week laying low after he was re-opened. Didn't want anything else to happen. It has been a pretty boring week. Had some good online lessons this week. A couple good lessons out of the house too. Last Sunday when Elder House was in the hospital again, I called Brother Cady to go with me to an appointment we had set up. HE said he would and came to pick me up at the hospital. We went to the Rasberry's house. Brother and Sister Rasberry are members, Elder Hinton and ran into when we were tracting a while back. Sister Rasberry said she would like to start coming back to church and would like her 2 oldest kids to be baptized. So we started teaching them. It's gone really well so far, they always have great questions. Brother Cady was only baptized 3 years ago, but was married to a member and all their kids have always gone to church. Brother Cady started investigating the church and did a lot of praying and stuff before he joined. So he was able to share the importance of prayer with the Rasberrys. It was a great person to take. I'm glad I called him.

Elder House and I got to watch the Christmas Devotional last night. It was SO good. And the whole time in y head I was saying, "Holy Crap, My family is at this right now. They can see the Prophet speak, and the Counselors! I only saw Aunt Bonita once this time. :) During conference I have a lot more chances to see her. I really enjoyed President Uchdorf's talk. He always makes me laugh. I like speakers like that. He is in the first presidency and still cracks people up...that's my kinda guy.

So, I have been thinking..since I have time to do it. I would love to go to Dixie State, but I have been thinking I will probably be better off going to BYUI. Surrounded by Mormons would be good for me. I hear Dixie is kind of a party school. I don't want to be around that kind of stuff. I'm sure I could avoid it, and I'm sure If I wanted to find it at BYUI it would be around too. Ever since Elder House went to the hospital I have been thinking about going into Pre-Med. I always thought that kind of thing would gross me out, but I have come to find that I'm not grossed out by it. I'm fascinated by it all. I think I will be come an anesthesiologist or a nurse-anesthetist. Both seem like pretty good gigs. Plus I think it fulfills my patriarchal blessing. I still don't know what I'll decide, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to go into the medical field. I'm pretty set on that. Just what school to go to now? UGH...DECISIONS STINK! :D haha

Thought you all would like to know about that recent discovery I made. I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Devotional. I know I sure did. On Wednesday we have Zone Conference in Lovell. Then Thursday we have to go to Billings for Elder House so they can stick a camera up his butt. :) haha He isn't excited about that, but he is happy he will be asleep for it. And I'm happy I'll get to ask him questions when he is coming out from anesthesia again. He is pretty funny when he is high as a kite. :) Love you all. Hope you are doing well. Love you.

Love, Elder Austin Gene Goff

Current Area: Worland, Wyoming
Current Companion: Elder House

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