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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Elder A. Goff - "Hey Again My Dearest Family"

Hey Everyone,

So I talked to you on Christmas, but we didn't talk about a whole lot. It was sure nice to see you though, it's been a few days...20 months. Transfers were hectic and busy, we had a lot to organize and get together. So when transfers were complete Elder Heywood and I treated ourselves to some Fuddruckers, a sweet burger place. It was way good and worth the 10 bucks I spent. :) Last P-day we were so busy in the office doing stuff that we only had about an hour of p-day. So that is one thing that really stinks about being assistant. We don't have anytime to go play basketball or dodge ball with all the missionaries. Bummer. It's always nice to dink around for a little while on P-day. So it would be nice to have time to do that.

Picking up the new missionaries was quite the experience. I really enjoyed it. We got to pick them up and drive to the rimrocks over looking Billings and our mission home and see their faces. Then we ate lunch and did some orientation stuff. It was great. Elder Heywood and I went over the White Handbook with them and talked about our mission and how it is a mission of obedience. A mission that has set the tone for many lives and we plan to keep that culture of obedience. After all of that I wished I was training again. :) Oh well..

We also had conference calls with all of the Zone leaders, and one with the New District Leaders and another with all the Trainers. We got to talk about things we felt were important they understand that we had gone over with President previously. It went well.

Christmas Eve and Christmas were all right, but it's still not home. That's where the party is at haha. Next year Sawyer and I will both be there. I tried and tried to get through to talk to Sawyer and it wouldn't work. It just kept saying that it couldn't connect us. So I waited a while and tried again and tried a bunch of different ways. And at last it went through and Sawyer answered in Spanish. It sounded like jibberish to me. The only way I knew it was him is because it sounded like him. His voice..Not the language haha. It was nice to talk to him though. We talked about our missions and the differences and it was way cool. He sounds exactly the same. All is well here. I'm for sure sending you some pics today. Sorry I never did last week. Love you all.

Love, Elder Goff

Current Area: Billings, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Heywood

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